"vintage" porn stars

Tom decides Barry needs a little help

from the Target Studios magazine Javelin 2, and also the film, Dune Fox (1975), co-starring Tom Fox

"vintage" porn stars pornstar - videography

Jimmy Metz

who you may remember from such films as

  • Afternooners (1982) (solo)
  • Intruders (1984) (2 different 3-ways)
  • Bore ‘n Stroke (1984) (w/Noel Kemp)
  • Hard To Come By (1985) (w/ Tom LeDuc and Glenn Steers

who knew? AKA Larry Young

Sometimes he had a mustache (see below) but I’ve been unable to locate a bare butt pic – this will have to do

"vintage" porn stars

leather master

photo is from Fox Studios’ Leather Masters, #212 – wish I had a better version of Tex Murdock in these glasses!

edit: update – this is better quality, but smaller file size

"vintage" porn stars

Zeus Collection

The Zeus Collection series featured on it’s cover Merek Flint, Joe Paducah, and yes, Mickey Squires – but Mickey had to share the cover with Merek, for some unknown goddam reason! I wish I had better quality images from these magazines, but alas, they are all nabbed from eBay. Examining who posed for Zeus, the various pseudonyms (Joe Paducah = Pat Webb, for example) will take another post, or two, or three.. but for now, enjoy Mickey Squires.

"vintage" porn stars


(AKA Ron Zale, Ron Barker) – from Arena MEN #2 – published early 80’s(?) Why have I not done a videography on Lee? he does seem to be in a lot more print than films…

more Lee Brubaker on BJland

"vintage" porn stars music in gay porno pornstar - videography

Jeff Stone

who you may remember from such films as

  • The Subway (1980)
  • Oil Rig #99 (1981)
  • Tough Guys (1982)
  • Cum and Get It (1983)
  • In the Name of Leather (1983)
  • Red Ball Express (1983)
  • Trisexual (1983)
  • Juice (1984)
  • Mind Games (1984)
  • More Mind Games (1984)
  • Cherokee Station (1984)
  • Hard Disk Drive (1985)
  • The Punishment of Gary Wilde (1985)

These last 3 I have some doubts; was he really in them, and are these dates accurate?

  • Cocks & Throbbers (1994?)
  • Grunts (BIC) (1994?)
  • Drill Me Sir! (2003?)

who you may also remember from such magazines as

  • Mandate, August 1981 (centerfold)
  • Blueboy, December 1981 (cover)
  • HONCHO, February 1982 (cover)
  • HONCHO, April 1983
  • Stallion, January 1983 (cover)

and how about a little promo from one of my favorite Jeff Stone films – Joe Gage’s (Mac Larsen) Tough Guys; where “leatherman” Jeff Stone is working out, pumping iron in his leather chaps (yes, in leather gear!) as a burglar (Bob Shane) is in the loft attempting to crack a safe. Roy Garrett sneaks up on him with a gun, and foils his attempt.

and yes, that was Giorgio Moroder’s – Pauls’ Theme (Jogging Chase) from the Cat People Original Soundtrack!

you can see Jeff Stone at GEVI

"vintage" porn stars

Laid Back

from the Target Studios film, Laid Back (AKA Lovers) – Bruno & Jeremy Brent; also appeared in Javelin 4