who dis?

it’s killing me – he doesn’t look like a typical COLT model, but he appears in COLT SPURS 10: Special Leather Edition – but he looks more like a Catalina star, and I just can’t put my finger on his…. name….

"vintage" porn stars

The Carpenter ?

Long John

This cover photo from COLT’s Gallery 3 (1971) had me intrigued, but all I could come up with for who was in this issue was – Jason, Dakota, Ledermeister, Bill Eld, “various others” – “various others” seemed to include this super hung man, so I tried to figure out who he was…. and was this close to posting that maybe he’s “The Carpenter” knowing full well if I was wrong I would get a lecture from you-know-who…. but then found a pic of “The Carpenter” – apparently AKA Daniel DiCicciom and they were obviously not the same person. Then I came across some Bill Eld photos with this guy, who is apparently known as “Long John” (how do they come up with these names???) and was in perhaps only one film – HANDSPRAY – then I see he’s likely been in several, and has another name – Enrique Nieves – more research to do, but here’s some Bill and John…..

and below, some Daniel DiCiccio…… 20-second COLT clip from What The Carpenter Saw (1972)