"vintage" porn stars

Tom decides Barry needs a little help

from the Target Studios magazine Javelin 2, and also the film, Dune Fox (1975), co-starring Tom Fox

"vintage" porn stars pornstar - videography

Jimmy Metz

who you may remember from such films as

  • Afternooners (1982) (solo)
  • Intruders (1984) (2 different 3-ways)
  • Bore ‘n Stroke (1984) (w/Noel Kemp)
  • Hard To Come By (1985) (w/ Tom LeDuc and Glenn Steers

who knew? AKA Larry Young

Sometimes he had a mustache (see below) but I’ve been unable to locate a bare butt pic – this will have to do

"vintage" porn stars Fox Studios

leather master

photo is from Fox Studios’ Leather Masters, #212 – wish I had a better version of Tex Murdock in these glasses!

edit: update – this is better quality, but smaller file size

"vintage" porn stars Mickey Squires Zeus

Zeus Collection

The Zeus Collection series featured on it’s cover Merek Flint, Joe Paducah, and yes, Mickey Squires – but Mickey had to share the cover with Merek, for some unknown goddam reason! I wish I had better quality images from these magazines, but alas, they are all nabbed from eBay. Examining who posed for Zeus, the various pseudonyms (Joe Paducah = Pat Webb, for example) will take another post, or two, or three.. but for now, enjoy Mickey Squires.



(AKA Ron Zale, Ron Barker) – from Arena MEN #2 – published early 80’s(?) Why have I not done a videography on Lee? he does seem to be in a lot more print than films…

more Lee Brubaker on BJland

"vintage" porn stars music in gay porno pornstar - videography

Jeff Stone

who you may remember from such films as

  • The Subway (1980)
  • Oil Rig #99 (1981)
  • Tough Guys (1982)
  • Cum and Get It (1983)
  • In the Name of Leather (1983)
  • Red Ball Express (1983)
  • Trisexual (1983)
  • Juice (1984)
  • Mind Games (1984)
  • More Mind Games (1984)
  • Cherokee Station (1984)
  • Hard Disk Drive (1985)
  • The Punishment of Gary Wilde (1985)

These last 3 I have some doubts; was he really in them, and are these dates accurate?

  • Cocks & Throbbers (1994?)
  • Grunts (BIC) (1994?)
  • Drill Me Sir! (2003?)

who you may also remember from such magazines as

  • Mandate, August 1981 (centerfold)
  • Blueboy, December 1981 (cover)
  • HONCHO, February 1982 (cover)
  • HONCHO, April 1983
  • Stallion, January 1983 (cover)
  • ZIPPER 1983 (cover)
  • (cover)

and how about a little promo from one of my favorite Jeff Stone films – Joe Gage’s (Mac Larsen) Tough Guys; where “leatherman” Jeff Stone is working out, pumping iron in his leather chaps (yes, in leather gear!) as a burglar (Bob Shane) is in the loft attempting to crack a safe. Roy Garrett sneaks up on him with a gun, and foils his attempt.

and yes, that was Giorgio Moroder’s – Pauls’ Theme (Jogging Chase) from the Cat People Original Soundtrack!

you can see Jeff Stone at GEVI

"vintage" porn stars

Laid Back

from the Target Studios film, Laid Back (AKA Lovers) – Bruno & Jeremy Brent; also appeared in Javelin 4