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too hot to handle

IN TOUCH magazine published a Too Hot To Handle series – with the tagline: “THE PHOTOS In Touch COULDN’T PRINT” – implying they were racier, naughtier, or something – and while they usually weren’t any of that, they were still good quality pics, “leftovers” from the earlier sessions from the original magazine’s issue, and often on better quality paper if I remember correctly. First isue appeared in 1978, and ran through 1985, maybe? I’m sure you recognize some of these men.

IN TOUCH also did at least one other magazine series, IN HEAT, same era, also often better quality print than the newstand regular issue of IN TOUCH.

bear Mickey Squires

Mickey’s ass

work. busy. enjoy

Mickey Squires pornoclips

So I’m a cocksucker

Director: Jason Sato (1982)

The last clip from this film got kinda poo-pooed, and that’s OK! But let’s try another – “Rammed” with Mickey Squires and Ryan Kilgore – interesting to see these in 8MM format as late as 1982! And Mickey as “trade”! Two quick observations – Mickey getting rimmmed is always good, and did someone say “facial hair mishap”?

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"vintage" porn stars Mickey Squires pornoclips

Come On

The Come-On (1979)

“New in the neighborhood, JACK HACKER is adding to the scenery by working in his garage stripped to the waist. Our new discovery, bodybuilder MICKEY SQUIRES drives by, knows a come-on when he sees it and buys it! While they shoot the breeze JACK zeroes in on the inviting split in MICKEY’S tight jeans. One friendly gesture leads to another and the encounter that follows proves that satisfaction can be found in your own front yard – or back!”

of note – a fave Mickey/Jack pic from Colt Videoview issue #1, published in 1986, and doesn’t look like there was an issue #2

"vintage" porn stars Mickey Squires


did Confessions ever get released commercially? – in any case, never too much Mickey . photo “borrowed from Raw Uncut Video

cowboys Mickey Squires

Cowboy Mickey

wow! J. Clinton West, who directed Dreamer (1974) then disappears from porn (as far as I know) for about 10 years, returning for Chip Off The Old Block (1984) and here he is credited for these great Mickey Squires photos from IN TOUCH magazine #53 (1981)!!

“mature” Mickey – wish I had more from this photo shoot!

can’t imagine how many cowboy Squires pics are out there, but he’s in In Touch #53 (1981), Too Hot to Handle #12, Bunkhouse 1-5, (1981) and of course Zeus Collection

"vintage" porn stars Mickey Squires Zeus

Zeus Collection

The Zeus Collection series featured on it’s cover Merek Flint, Joe Paducah, and yes, Mickey Squires – but Mickey had to share the cover with Merek, for some unknown goddam reason! I wish I had better quality images from these magazines, but alas, they are all nabbed from eBay. Examining who posed for Zeus, the various pseudonyms (Joe Paducah = Pat Webb, for example) will take another post, or two, or three.. but for now, enjoy Mickey Squires.