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Jack Wrangler pornoclips

a powerful story of love and destruction

there seemed to be more than a handful of shocked (or confused) viewers of the Brooklyn Bridge strangle-fuck scene from the film Killing Me Softly at Nowhere Bar Saturday night (as part of the pornology reel I struggled to put together, and managed somehow to do, and Jeffy & Crew played on the big screen TV). so i’m hoping re-posting this movie trailer will clear things up a bit

Killing Me Softly

“just another visitor from the Bahamas, OR IS HE?”

directed by: Francis Ellie (1978?)

Starring: Jack Wrangler, Stan Richards, David King, Guiseppe Welsh, and John Kovacs . With Kurt Mann, Adam Dehaven, Lance Prentis, Snapper Foster and Derek Thurston.

Jack Wrangler’s new lover has an “uncontrollable need to kill in order to have an orgasm”. So of course Jack is torn between continuing the relationship and risking death (gee, and i thought i was desperate to get a new boyfriend) or turning in his new lover (does he get to keep the apartment?). Highlights include sex (and murder) on the West Side Piers and the Brooklyn Bridge.

(seriously, turn the sound UP on this one, the voice-over at the end is fantastic!)

Click one of the pics to view the movie trailer (you know that if you view the clip in the browser, you can “right click” and view it FULL SCREEN, right?), or here

balls music

who doesn’t love balls?

Happy Gay Pride, folks – Divine’s I’m so beautiful


crisis averted

well, at least the one in my little head. those of you coming to DHD tonight might be pleased to know the VHS to DVD crisis was solved, the disc was delivered to Nowhere this afternoon, there will be new old porn, and it was checked out, and the reviews were, well, not bad! – “we watched some at the bar while we were decorating. AMAZING! The bridge scene made us gasp. The KISS scene was perplexing.”

see ya there, and watch yer calves if you’re wearing tube socks anywhere near me!

"vintage" porn stars music in gay porno pornoclips

for Bernhard (are they saying ‘bend over, bend over again”?)


“i’m gonna catch that bastard, and when i do i’m gonna fuck the shit out of him”

director: Mark Aaron (1980)

Starring: Nick Rodgers, Kip Noll, Lee Marlin, Derek Stanton, Tom Ross, Roger Jones, Noel Scott, Richie Shaw, Stanley Beck

Now, before you get your knickers all in a twist that there’s no “action”, keep in mind that this is not only the opening credits where the 3 stars (Nick, Kip, and Lee) strut down some L.A. street “Stayin’ Alive” style, but they do it to the Pointer Sisters’ Happiness, and I’ve included just enuf to give you the plot outline (the boys work in a auto repair shop, and someone keeps messin’ with Nick’s ride! what happens next?) I promised this to a buddy about 85 years ago, and have finally gotten a round tuit.

Click one of the pics to view the movie trailer (you know that if you view the clip in the browser, you can “right click” and view it FULL SCREEN, right?), or here if you want to download and save for later.


(just about) defeated

you probably can’t quite make out what’s in the pic – a vcr on the desk, a vcr stacked on a dvd burner on a small stand, next to the tv which has a video/dvd player along with the dvr below it.

so, it’s been 3 days, videocassettes strewn everywhere after being dug up from underbedstorage, shelves, overcloset in the kitchen storage; pornvideos screened and synced up; vcr’s hooked up to each other and then the tv – then one noncooperating one abandoned, replaced by biking over to a friend’s and grabbing his throw-away vcr which i picked up late last night; no blank cassette, so recording over some old tv show; then after hours and hours and finally compiling a 2-hour tape staying up late last night and tonight, i can’t find the instructions for the dvd recorder (to transfer the VHS to dvd); took hours to unearth it in this destroyed little apartment; only to discover, after several more hours of search, i no longer have the remote; i struggle to figure out how to record, but alas, it will only let me make a one-hour recording; i let it record, figuring i can make two discs, then realize, i can’t ‘finalize’ the disc without the remote – at 2am, a test in another brand dvd player as well as my computer dvd player confirms my fears – unfuckinplayable!

(sigh) just thought it would be nice for Saturday’s Gay Pride DHD to have a new pornreel this year; but, alas, the gods are against me – no, wait, not against me – they fuckinHATEME!

and toobad, cuz while the quality isn’t great, re-watching at least that first hour that almost got burned onto the dvd, i see i put together some cool shit! the fuck/strangling on the Brooklyn Bridge; the out-of-print watersports scene from El Paso Wrecking; various vegetables up David Gorsky’s beautiful ass (in an elevator); a bit of Bruno, Al Parker, Jack Wrangler, Richard Locke, Myles Longue, Steve Collins, Eric Ryan, Karl Forest, Giorgio Canali – names darling, names

…… must…. sleep….. defeated…….


DHD pride 2010

DJs Jeff Jackson, Pete Money and Disco Connie want you to FEEL IT
at the annual pride edition of DOUBLE HEADED DISCO.

Be on the lookout for the Popper Patrol.
Marvel at BJ’s pornology.
Libate with River and Nate.
Prove you’re gay to Mr. K.
Lose yourself in the Judy Room.

Saturday, June 26
10pm — no cover

Nowhere // 322 E 14th St // NYC


Do it. Use it. Taste it. Hit it. Handle it. Turn it. Love it. Hump it. Bump it. Pump it. Be it. Flaunt it. Swish it. Drink it. Shoot it. Serve it. Touch it. Swirl it. Twirl it. Swallow it. Shake it. Sell it. Move it. Tease it. Kiss it. Slap it. Eat it. Freak it. Funk it. Work it. FEEL IT.