(just about) defeated

you probably can’t quite make out what’s in the pic – a vcr on the desk, a vcr stacked on a dvd burner on a small stand, next to the tv which has a video/dvd player along with the dvr below it.

so, it’s been 3 days, videocassettes strewn everywhere after being dug up from underbedstorage, shelves, overcloset in the kitchen storage; pornvideos screened and synced up; vcr’s hooked up to each other and then the tv – then one noncooperating one abandoned, replaced by biking over to a friend’s and grabbing his throw-away vcr which i picked up late last night; no blank cassette, so recording over some old tv show; then after hours and hours and finally compiling a 2-hour tape staying up late last night and tonight, i can’t find the instructions for the dvd recorder (to transfer the VHS to dvd); took hours to unearth it in this destroyed little apartment; only to discover, after several more hours of search, i no longer have the remote; i struggle to figure out how to record, but alas, it will only let me make a one-hour recording; i let it record, figuring i can make two discs, then realize, i can’t ‘finalize’ the disc without the remote – at 2am, a test in another brand dvd player as well as my computer dvd player confirms my fears – unfuckinplayable!

(sigh) just thought it would be nice for Saturday’s Gay Pride DHD to have a new pornreel this year; but, alas, the gods are against me – no, wait, not against me – they fuckinHATEME!

and toobad, cuz while the quality isn’t great, re-watching at least that first hour that almost got burned onto the dvd, i see i put together some cool shit! the fuck/strangling on the Brooklyn Bridge; the out-of-print watersports scene from El Paso Wrecking; various vegetables up David Gorsky’s beautiful ass (in an elevator); a bit of Bruno, Al Parker, Jack Wrangler, Richard Locke, Myles Longue, Steve Collins, Eric Ryan, Karl Forest, Giorgio Canali – names darling, names

…… must…. sleep….. defeated…….