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The Young Ones

The Young Ones (1983) – from – PM productions

Antonio Cintron, Danie Connors, Jose Morales, P.J. Saxon, Pat Johnson, Piper, and special guest stars – Bob Shane and Roy Garrett (misspelled as “Garett”)

“P.J. Saxon, new to the gay lifestyle, wants to experience every sexual thrill possible while he hangs around porno theaters.” Can you imagine wasting away your youth in porno theatres????? After that the plot gets confusing, something something about stealing a film reel, realizing its useless without a projector, returning it, and having sex a lot. Of special interest (to me, anyway) is mustached Antonio Cintron – only one film? What a shame! Anyway, scene 4 (ish) – also with Bob Shane and Roy Garrett!

tunes – Solar Wind, Jamaican Marketplace – Ramsey Lewis

also – which GAGE GEAR t-shirt is Bob wearing?

update: review on letterboxd (w/some brief interesting info on PM Productions)

"vintage" porn stars

wild weekend

you might think this is about Bert Edwards’ lovely huge cock; but you’d only behalf right at best – of course it’s about my obsession with finding pics with this comfy blanket

from the 1978 magazine, Wild Weekend, featuring this photospread, A Stranger from Canada (Bert & Duane)

"vintage" porn stars pornoclips


not him! check out the stills, watch the film – one of 10 found in the Vault Classics 1 2014 compilation – Definitely Dick Trask, but the other guy is just a bit too bulky, too smooth; is that a scar?, and of course the face! And don’t get me wrong, it’s a great film – a bit choppy, which is likely why it wasn’t released until decades later – but I like it!
just. not. Bill (Cable) – Stoner.

Interestingly, they did appear “together” (not perform together) in a different COLT film – the somewhat confusing short found in the first Sex Rated Home Movies Cooling It. I think it’s Bill and Brian Dexter having phone sex? and inter-spliced portions of Dick Trask’s solo film Waterways. As a pornologist (heehee! haven’t used that in decades!) I find these a fascinating look at the days of porno filming – imagine taking all this cool, (and HOT!) footage of these hot men, send the film off to get developed, and by the time you see the results, the models are long gone and you’re trying to put a rudimentary narrative together. Lucky for us, COLT seemed to have not thrown anything away, and kept firm control of his work, unlike most 70’s porn makers.

"vintage" porn stars

Rocco Rizzoli

you might recognize the shirt from a 1984 Advocate MEN photo spread, but this appeared in a 1988 issue of All American Man, uncredited (you know it was Bisonnes).

Elsewhere on BJland – Rocco Rizzoli or Giorgio Canali (which yields more results!)

pornoclips pornstar - videography


who you may remember from such films, well, as: Paul Howell, or Rocco de Vega, or Rich Parsons, or Paul Tischler, or….

who you may remember from such films as:

  • AMG film shorts – T series
  • AMG film shorts – B series
  • Just Porkin’ Around
  • Drive, He Said – (1981) – found in the collections: Drive, He Said , and Big Brother is Watching You
  • Spanking Pairs – (1981) – AMG
  • Wrestling Pairs – (1981) – AMG
  • Muscular Athletes – (1981) – AMG
  • The Wilde House – (1983)
  • Tony’s Initiation – (1983)
  • Therapy – (1985)
  • Move Over Johnny, Here Comes Big Dan – (1985)
  • Faces – (1985)
  • Making It Huge – (1985)
  • What the Big Boys Eat – (1985)
  • Sex-Hunt (Vivid) – (1986)
  • Eagle Pack 2 – (1987)
  • All Grown Up! (OR) – (1988)
  • Wrestling 43 – (1989)

not at all the type of guy I would usually post about, but the Advocate pics were very very familiar somehow; when I started digging, and saw he was in Therapy as some nerdy preppy guy – but then in Move Over Johnny that same year (1985) as a leather bottom guy… I kept going. Alas, the Move Over Johnny clip kept malfunctioning, and here we are months later…

edit: hours after posting, another draft videoclip wasn’t working (frame height was off, and… tech stuff) somehow, after downloading, trying, rejecting, and trying again several programs, I think I got it! that clip is below – it ends abruptly, but 15 minutes of a 40-minute scene, you’ll thank me… plus a 1986 interview from Hot Male Review

anyway, enjoy the clip(s) – and as usual, additions, corrections, etc – always welcome!

who you may remember from such publications as:

  • PLAYGIRL May 1979
  • STROKE Vol 4 No 3 (1984)
  • ZEUS PRESENTS: Rocco De Vega, Clayton McCloud, Cory Gunn (1984) –
  • ADVOCATE MEN Dec 1984
  • ADVOCATE MEN / MEN Sept 1985
  • JOCK – May 1985
  • Hot Male Review March 1986 – pics and interview
  • Hot Male Review – Aug 1986
  • NUMBERS – Aug 1986
  • Hot Male Review – Oct 1986
  • COLT Studio Presents #9 – All American JOCKS – (1987)

photographers Xmas

xmas rock

photo from Michael Rock – Rockshots


xmas variety hour

wishing you, and whoever you bump pouches with, a big bag of dicks!