vintage gay t-shirts

For the man who doesn’t have to prove who he is

A= James Dean, B= Al Parker?, C= Richard Locke, D= Casey Donovan

Do you think they ever produced the warmup jackets, sweats, gym duffles or sox?

(love the image search for “hot talk tapes”)

3 replies on “For the man who doesn’t have to prove who he is”

I LOVE Eric Ryan wearing Casey Donovan. Perhaps even more than I love Casey Donovan wearung Casey Donovan.

B looks like Big Al to me as well. What year was this?

I used to have one of those audio cassettes, can’t remember anything much about it. It seemed pretty expensive when I saw it at the adult bookstore, but I splurged. I do remember picking the one with the hottest looking guy on the front (this would have been 85/86 or so). I could barely hear it so I had to turn it up really loud, I don’t think it was a high quality recording at all. Loaned it to some guy I fucked around with and then never saw it again.

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