P M Productions pornoclips


Rushin’ (1976) – one of many titles from PM productions – previously posted, but, but, the narrator!

directed by: Fritz Gemeiner (1970’s); Starring: Casey Schwergel, Duncan Hard, Duncan Hines, L. Modiewark, and Richard Coulhouns

P M Productions pornoclips VHS cover art

Room 328

preview clip from – Room 328 (1970’s?) (WARNING: very xplicit) one of many titles from PM productions

“Kinky stuff in a bathhouse.” from director Mother Goose – or, as the narrator in the preview clip says “this bizarre sex mad hotel, where you can get anything you want, from a game of pool to whatever you can think of”

"vintage" porn stars balls

Kelway Pollack

I’m perusing an old Drummer magazine, and this pic just above catches me eye – woah!! who’s that stud on the right next to Val Martin? who the heck is….. google, add “gay” don’t forget to enclose the name in quotes and… thank you very much Homodesiribus!! I immediately knew it was Scott Butcher – and then went to try to find some more pics to create a post – OMG – the one below – not just BALLLLSS! – but he’s got ballshadow!

3 pics – good post – now just…. noooooo! don’t search the harddrive, you’ll never get your chores done! OK, add this, you’ve used this one before, but ballllllssss! and…hmmmm.

who likes balls? who doesn’t like balls? who’s actually enjoying SCOTT’s ballllsss? – TOBY! good man!

Please sir, I want some more. (MORE?) Please Sir, I want some….. more.

can Fred Halsted help out?

from the 1979 COSCO publication, Rough Trade – I imagine these pics were taken well before 1979, as some of the others in the magazine are images from film releases of 1978… who knows, and I don’t think there are any Scott Butcher films… so these pics will have to do – and they do!

P M Productions pornoclips


preview clip from – Discharge (1970’s?) – one of many titles from PM productions – starring Giorgio Rocca, Eric Mudd, Al Paine, Ben Dover, Joe Daze, Kami Kazi, and Jon Salsa

really? that’s the name of your movie? I immediately think of VD when I hear “discharge” and anything about sex. Oh, and none of the model/actor names are fake.

PM productions



Todd & Gregg, photographed by ADAM CADMAN, 1980

apparently, I like this pair


Macho Grande

Macho Grande (1977) – you can imagine the mood this voiceover set cruising while in a dark porno theater –
“Coming soon to dis theatre”