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The Devil and Mr. Jones

First Avenue Screening Room opened in 1973, but by March of 1975 it was renamed Byron Theatre when it began showing gay porn, opening with The Devil and Mr. Jones. This is cover art for my copy of the video, but, alas, I don’t have a “BETA cover art” category (I don’t have a BETA player; but nabbed this and perhaps 3 or 4 others over the years as the word was that BETA was better quality than VHS.), so shoving this into the VHS, and of course the “pet peeve” category – just check the cover, there’s a large version of the front if you need help with what the pet peeve could be in this case.

previous post, including video clip – The Devil and Mr. Jones – not for the squeamish, if I remember correctly.

VHS cover art

Interludes – VHS

Interludes, a collection of 6 films – I have this VHS! (but no, not (yet) digitized).

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VHS cover art

Trick Time (hair edition)

You can see from the box cover why I can’t ever get rid of this original box and VHS – Look at the lovely hair styling! Starring: Michael Christopher, Jon King, Johnny Dawes, Clay Russell, Danny Bliss, Danny Combs, Matt Craig, Shawn Thomas, and Tim Kramer – Trick Time (1984) – forget the sex, the interviews with Dawes, Christopher, and Kramer are great. Well, maybe not the Kramer interview!