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BG Enterprise presents: FANTASY FIGHTS 1

Jake Andrews and Scott Randsome – (1995) – takes me back to when I was selling tons of porn on eBay, and if I didn’t have good images, I’d record one or 2 minute clips, nab some stills, and post them with the auction. Say what you will about Scott Randsome, (that scene in The Olympians with “coach” Phil Bradley! or the disappointing scene in SUNSEX BLVD – solo – yawn) that slab of meat between those strong thighs is quite nice! Jake had a nice bod, too.



Director: (1972) Denny & Ledermeister

“While DENNY is grooving on his stereo headset, the sound and power suddenly go off. Quick, the Yellow Pages. Stereo repair – but DENNY doesn’t know what a wild number he’s about to dial. Lucky him: he’s about to get a lot more than he bargained for… So are you!”
Mr. Fixit on Gay Erotic Video Index – appears to have only shown up on video recently, as part of Sex Rated Home Movies 3

"vintage" porn stars photographers

June 1983 Mandate

Yup, I’ve shown photos of our beloved Bruno many times before, in fact, even from this magazine – like when I sold it in 2017 (NOOOOOOO!); a lovely teaser pic – would you say “no” to Bruno? ; and part of my “beard series” here: beard039… all from photographer Len Tavares. The top one is my fave, but the bottom one might be if it wasn’t spread over 2 pages, which I’m not posting a complete version … but FACE, HAIRY BODY, COCK, FEET, CALF – sigh!

Speaking of the photographer, Len Tavares, I don’t give photo credits enough, but I am trying to remedy that when I can – often the pictures from the sources I use don’t give credit – but I’ve seen his name around Mandates, Honchos, perhaps Drummers, and wondered… anywhere else? Leonard “Len” Tavares was Katherine Hepburn’s private photographer!


make love, not war

heavy training as a boxer…

Jack Wrangler porno paperbacks

hard rider

Occasionally I see porno paperbacks online with cover photos of pornostars – and I click click save, and here’s one. Hard Riders by Mark Scott – not sure if he’s written anything else, but it’s part of the
Surree Stud Series. I’ve bought and sold porno paperbacks (I know some call them “pulp novels, “pulp fiction” or “sleaze” – but the first two really refer to the earlier books – before the mid 60’s and books started to get more explicit – so sleaze is a better term, but that also can refer to those “r-rated” books) – anyway, yes, bought and sold on eBay (I also got a huge amount from our gay library – or rather the NYC one). I think the first breakout explicit paperback was Richard Armory’s Song of the Loon (made into a major motion picture in 1970. I sold my copy some years back (wait, I sold a copy, I am sure I’ve kept one – it’s actually a pretty good read!) Anyway, where was I? rambling about porn stars on covers of pornopaperbacks. OK.

print porn models

blinded by the light


"vintage" porn stars pornstar - videography

Eric Ryan

who you may remember from such films as

  • Adonis Cockplay 16 – (1977?)
  • Dynamite – (1978)
  • The Boys of Venice – (1979)
  • Gettin’ Down – (1979) (Hand In Hand)
  • Just Blonds – (1979) (Hand In Hand)
  • Box Lunch (AKA The Boys In the Back Room ) – (1981?) found in The Bullseye Collection and Bullet Videopac 6 – Target Studios
  • Centurians of Rome – (1981) (Hand In Hand)
  • New York Men – (1981)
  • Better In Bed (AKA Bush Hog) – (1982?) found in Bullet Videopac 4 – Target Studios
  • Tough Guys – (1982) Mac Larsen
  • Leo & Lance – (1983)
  • Xtra Large (Rollo) – (1983)
  • Body Scorcher (1984)
  • Boys of West Hollywood – (1984) j.o. solos
  • Giants 1 – (1984)
  • H.E.A.T. – (1984)
  • Inside Eric Ryan – (1984) solo – (includes Accu-jac Machine)
  • Job Site – (1984)
  • Juice – (1984)
  • Non-Stop – (1984)
  • Screen Play – (1984)
  • Young Yankees – (1984)
  • Century Mining – (1985) Surge Studios
  • Hot Roomers – (1985)
  • Hot Solos (Old Reliable) aka Superior Men – (1985)
  • Sighs aka Lovers & Friends – (1985)
  • Some Old Friends 2 – (1986) – Old Reliable VT-59
  • Stiff Sentence – (1986)
  • Tough Iron – (1986)
  • Bi-Heat 3 – (1987)
  • Bi-Heat 4 – (1987)
  • Bi-Heat 5 – (1987)
  • Eric Ryan’s Grand Opening – (1987) follow up to Inside Eric Ryan – solo
  • Master Hyde – (1987) – (Christopher Rage)
  • The Shaft – (1987) – (Christopher Rage)
  • The Size Counts – (1988)
  • All Grown Up! – (1988) Old Reliable VT-115
  • Bi-Heat 6 (1988)
  • Bi-Heat 8 (1988)
  • Bi-Heat 9 (1988)
  • Days Gone Bi – (1988) (Zane)
  • Texas Size “12” – (1989)
  • Lewd Conduct – (1990)
  • Tightropes 13 – (1990?) Zeus Studios
  • Out of Order – (1992) Old Reliable Solos VT-208

OK – usually I don’t like to post pics with verbiage, but this last one, from Target Studios’ The Boys In the Back Room is one of my all-time favorite Eric Ryan appearances. ought to dig that clip out, eh?

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HA! you got this far! I couldn’t even begin to document his magazine appearances, but here’s one – STALLION 1983 December