Director: (1972) Denny & Ledermeister

“While DENNY is grooving on his stereo headset, the sound and power suddenly go off. Quick, the Yellow Pages. Stereo repair – but DENNY doesn’t know what a wild number he’s about to dial. Lucky him: he’s about to get a lot more than he bargained for… So are you!”
Mr. Fixit on Gay Erotic Video Index – appears to have only shown up on video recently, as part of Sex Rated Home Movies 3

2 replies on “MR. FIXIT”

I could cum billion times to this hot vintage stuff. Sad that i dind´t live then and looked so hot like them – i wouldt had sex all the time^^

Ledermeister has a nice body but I was especially impressed with Denny in this clip, he was good looking all around (especially his butt). A little disappointing that even the little bit of sex that was shown was likely simulated, I would rather have seen more in that regard but for an early 70s loop it was still erotic.

And although there was no live sound in this clip, and the background music was nothing special, both the picture and sound quality of this clip are great. You’ve talked before how sometimes when you have converted files to digital the sound takes a hit, I have heard that on some of the clips you’ve posted especially those from a few years back. Not sure if you’ve got a better set-up on your end now but this was really good from that standpoint.

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