"vintage" porn stars

Lockner n Squires

Hard to understand why these men hadn’t made a film together – Lockner made just the 4 below, the first 3 for COLT, of course. In fact, Lockner’s scene in Face to Face is nearly the same as what is portrayed here, from COLT MEN 5; Highway Patrolman Lockner nabs Squires and forces him into sex. The in COLT MEN 8, Lockner, Rutter, and Squires pose like Lockner, Rutter, and Mike Davis do in Moving Violation! Each man, in fact, does a film with Jack Hackner, and I’m thinking was there a scheduling conflict with one of them, or the film crew? Sigh. And within all of that, you’ve got these two awesome COLT magazines where those 2 mustaches never actually mingle – you see Mickey’s dripping with sweat ( I think that’s sweat) and Lockner’s mouth, well it just seems to open to bark orders! The tease of those 2 mustaches is almost more than I can handle. I wonder if Lockner kisses in any of his films? (Class, that’s an assignment). Meanwhile, I just had to throw in a bit of Rutter at the end there.

Lockner’s Key – with Bruno
Playing with Danger – with Jack Hackner
Moving Violation – with Mike Davis and Mark Rutter

Steve Scott’s Face to Face – with Scott Anderson

maybe just a bit more facial hair in the mix, please? That’s better!

"vintage" porn stars


from the 1977(?) Colt film, Chute

from the 1983 film Gold Rush Boys

from the 1978 Falcon film, Full Service

this is NOT from the 1979(?) Colt film, Moving Violation, but from the Colt photospread in Colt Men 7

from the 1979 COSCO film, The Paul Seton Story

NOVA films

sox (etc)

OK – I admit – was supposed to be sexy 70’s sox, but I got tired and lazy and heck – they’re all still good quality NOVA pics!

"vintage" porn stars Joe Gage porno pet peeves pornoclips

Where Joey Lives

Director: DeSimone – – – edit: actually, Jason Sato (1977)

(I actually don’t have this title on my DESIMONE DIRECTOR page, but GEVI does – and I am re-editing this post with JASON SATO as director, but I don’t have a source, but am reasonably confident)

Starring: Tim O’Brien, Kurt Williams, Dick Trask, Joe Gage (narrator); others unknown (no actual credits for anyone)

OKAY – first, the BIJOU boxcover art just above does NOT show anyone from the film (although I would LOVE to know who this is!); one of my many pornopeeves (inaccurate boxcover art; missing scenes, the list goes on…). Nor do I think the one below, from an earlier release on VCX – but again, would love to know where it is from – seems to be 2 guys maybe going into a basement apartment somewhere in NYC, maybe? Oh, still working on a DICK TRASK videography, and thought this scene would be a nice part of that.

Previously on BJland – Where Joey Lives

Clay Russell El Paso Wrecking Corp. Richard Locke

opposite top, and our coverman

Have I ever made a “tag” for “El Paso Wrecking Corp.”?

probably not a bad idea, but exhausting! and this teaser pic, where I haven’t included the actual cover pic, or inside pic, of Mr. Halsted? An experiment, as I keep forgetting that the wordpress program automatically resizes images, so I can leave larger file sizes for folks to right click on and view, or save, bigger. Or if on your phone or tablet, you can do that 2 finger thing. No, not THAT 2 finger thing! dirty minds!

Actually, I really liked looking at Richard Locke and Clay Russell – and seeing how much taller Richard is! Is the text saying the 3rd man (with clothes on) is Same Gage?

porno pet peeves


was gonna be a placeholder, but thought I’d take advantage of one of my pornopetpeeves – box cover art that doesn’t come from the pornovideo. Worse, or #1 pornopetpeeve is videos that are missing scenes from original version (I’m looking at you, HIS Video!). I am sure I have others – what are yours?

and then, you still want to know where you CAN find the guy on the box cover!

pornoclips pornstar - videography

Duff Paxton

who you may remember from such films as:

  • Taking It Straight (1972) – in the Falcon collection Stud Me FVP14
  • Muscle, Sweat & Brawn (1976) – in the Falcon collection Muscle, Sweat & Brawn FVP10
  • Track Meet – (1976)

  • Kansas City Trucking Co. – (1976)
  • Twelve at Noon – (1976)
  • Head Trip – (1976) – aka Glory Hole (Bart Studios)
  • Performance – (1976) – (Bart Studios)
  • Caution: Men at Play – (1977) part of the House of Milan film loops

  • Muscle, Sweat & Brawn (1976) found in Falcon’s Muscle, Sweat & Brawn , Bijou Video’s Male Stampede ;
  • Lifeguard – (1977)
  • Gemini (1977)
  • The Kid from L.A. – (1977)
  • Two Days in a Hot Place – (1977)

  • Big Men on Campus: The Fraternity – (1978)
  • Flesh and Fantasy – (1980) scene Special Delivery
  • Three Day Pass – (1980)
  • Wanted – (1980)
  • Thrust – (1980?) – Blade? – I supsect this is from mid 1970’s, but nothing to back that up (yet)

Of course, above is the Desert Rat scene from KCTC, with Kurt Williams and Bud Jaspar

DUFF PAXTON on GEVI – anything you see past 1980 seems to be a compilation with stuff from 1980 and before

who you may remember from such magazines as:

  • Rock Hard – from the film Muscle, Sweat & Brawn
  • Action Male Vol. 1 No. 2 Spring 1977 (Cover) ()
  • “Duff Paxton’s Back!” Skinflicks Vol. 1 No. 2 1981 pg. 38 (Essay)
  • “Flesh and Fantasy” Skinflicks Vol. 1 No. 5 1981 pg. 34 (Pictures)
  • “Thrust” Skinflicks Vol. 2 No. 2 1982 pg. 40 (Pictures)
  • “The Big Men on Campus” Skinflicks Vol. 2 No. 5 1982 pg. 6 (Review)
  • MEN OF ACTION Photoalbum #3
  • where is bearded Duff Paxton? – OK, that’s not a magazine, but a question~
  • That’s the final (sex) scene from Gemini, with Jack Wrangler

  • WANTED pt 2 (1980?) from the film
  • Big Man On Campus – from the film with same title (1983)
  • School of Hard Cocks – pics from the Big Man On Campus movie