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sox (etc)

OK – I admit – was supposed to be sexy 70’s sox, but I got tired and lazy and heck – they’re all still good quality NOVA pics!

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No comments? Alright, I’m not super familiar with Nova, I think I can fill this void.

Photo 1 – I can’t seem to figure out which of the 6 parts of Something Wild this is from.

Photo 2 – Hmmm, “I Ferget” is the film/model/mag/date I reference most often. It’s a hot 69 though, isn’t it?

3 – Jock Itch 2. I think I see Giorgio Canali. Hot 3-way.

4 – Hot John Towers sitting on Clay Russell’s face!

And no5 is possibly the hottest – because Zack Morgan! And I barely recognized Jim Rogers who I know from “Dangerous.”

Nice assortment, sox or nox.

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