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Where Joey Lives

Director: DeSimone – – – edit: actually, Jason Sato (1977)

(I actually don’t have this title on my DESIMONE DIRECTOR page, but GEVI does – and I am re-editing this post with JASON SATO as director, but I don’t have a source, but am reasonably confident)

Starring: Tim O’Brien, Kurt Williams, Dick Trask, Joe Gage (narrator); others unknown (no actual credits for anyone)

OKAY – first, the BIJOU boxcover art just above does NOT show anyone from the film (although I would LOVE to know who this is!); one of my many pornopeeves (inaccurate boxcover art; missing scenes, the list goes on…). Nor do I think the one below, from an earlier release on VCX – but again, would love to know where it is from – seems to be 2 guys maybe going into a basement apartment somewhere in NYC, maybe? Oh, still working on a DICK TRASK videography, and thought this scene would be a nice part of that.

Previously on BJland – Where Joey Lives

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I think this is the other sex scene involving Joe Gage, not as a director but as one of the performers. Joe’s performer page on gevi mentions that he gave an interview with Stallion magazine where he said he acted in two straight porn films and two gay ones before making KCTC in 1976, and he said the same thing in an interview he gave to Butt magazine/website in 2007:

“You acted in one gay porn film before you started making your own. I’ve seen it.”

“Two actually. I decided just before I started shooting that I should see what the demands are, put myself in that situation and see what it’s going to be like, because there is no other way to do that, to ask somebody to do something, unless you’ve done it.”

One of these films was Morning, Noon and Night from 1975, where he plays a chef and shoves a gourd up a guy’s butt, and maybe receives oral, but I never saw definitively what the second gay film was that featured him performing. Of the three guys in this scene, the one with a mustache but no beard, who talks to the camera after the sex is done, looks a lot like Joe did at that time – he’s the one who provides the only two cumshots I saw in the scene from your clip.

And that’s not including any group scenes from films he directed that he may have snuck into as a faceless dick, like L.A. Tool and Die (possibly) or either of the first two Closed Set movies (probably).

This could account for some of the changes, missing scenes and rereleased videotapes for Where Joey Lives too – maybe Joe’s scene was what was edited out in some of these videos when different companies like VCX folded and Bijou took over the distribution rights to the film? Gevi gives 1979 as the release year but it was advertised as early as 1977 in ‘Michael’s Thing’, whatever that was, and seems likely it could have been filmed in 1976 or even 1975 and just held off for release.

Lots of unanswered questions remain, like who was the guy on the box cover for one, but I’d be curious what you or others think about this theory. Since I definitely could be wrong about this. Still, the shots where you can see non-beard guy’s face in this clip looked like Joe to me.

oh jesus christ! how embarrassing!

see what happens when you don’t WATCH what you post?? Of course that is JOE GAGE in the “3-way” at the end – I had watched other scenes, thought he was just the narrator, and wanted this scene for Trask, so the two versions of the “bearded” guy, but stopped watching as the fireplace comes into focus… one minute, 20 seconds, JOE GAGE

and he has sex with DICK TRASK!!!!! so envious!

I haven’t seen all of Morning Noon & Night, that’s one that has been on my to-watch list for a while now. The clip I saw a long time ago somewhere didn’t feature Joe, but I read something about him and his appearance in that movie recently.

So you agree that it was Joe here too, not only in the narration segments of your clip but also in the threeway with the two bearded ghosts. The way it’s (beautifully) filmed for the first few minutes in front of the fireplace, the bearded apparitions swap back and forth making out with Joe, one kiss will end and they pull back, then the next one with the other guy fades in and starts right up. Joe stays on the same side during these cutaways so if you notice the length of the hair on who Joe is kissing you can distinguish which bearded guy it was on the other side.

But it’s also possible to kind of zone out during these minutes and assume it’s one long, romantic scene with the same guy, before it eventually becomes a threeway with all of them.

So bearded guy with the shorter hair is Dick Trask, right? Then the question ‘who was the other bearded guy in this scene’ becomes another riddle for us to solve. Is Tim O’Brien another alias of Dick? They kinda look alike (another unknown maybe).

The gevi page needs to be clearer, I’d bet that has led people to be confused about Joe’s role in this one. Because it only lists Joe as being in the first scene, and indicates it was non-sex (so likely his monologue parts to the camera as he did at the film’s end too). But clearly he was in the last scene too, along with Dick and someone else who isn’t named. Since this Kurt Williams (Kurt the Elder?) had sex with somebody in his scene, but that name isn’t listed either.

There’s a lot of gaps or misinformation online about Where Joey Lives, imdb for example gives a release year of 1970??! But I see you changed who you think directed this from DeSimone to Jason Sato, so you must have found something yourself.

I did a quick online search before I left my comment earlier, I ran across somebody who wrote an imbd review back in 2011 that says … “The copies I’ve seen of WHERE JOEY LIVES on VHS (even legitimate copies) were mysteriously missing any opening and closing credits. Just a sudden start and end. I’ve never been able to find a cast and crew listing anywhere. However, Joey is none other than porn director Joe Gage…” the rest of that review if you want to see it:

So a full director / cast list and the identities of the performers in each sex scene becomes another mystery. As was the various years that this was released and in what formats, whether just for the big screen or else 8mm film spools, VHS or Betamax, DVD etc. and how these versions differed. Curiouser and curiouser.

in the final scene – it is definitely DICK TRASK as one “half” of the beards, and JOE GAGE, the narrator, who has sex with each, then them (3-some) – Johnny L – you taking notes?

but Tim O’Brien is not in this scene.

Funny – my VHS spreadsheet says I have TWO tapes, one in the VCX box, and then another (which I didn’t mark whether it has box) – version; my digital copy comes out as 53 minutes, and appears to be the VCX “version” with a 1983 copyright! that is probably when they put it on VHS.

and we have more unidentified men in the film! first scene, after Joe Gage’s full-clothed narration/introduction, we have Tim O’Brien (1st pic) and a mystery bearded man (2nd pic) in a scene.

but we also have Kurt Williams and a different bearded man in the next scene

and the finale, as shown in the video in the post above, with a 3rd unidentified bearded guy.

to review – for those trying to keep track:

Tim O’Brien (beard, scene 1), Kurt Williams (mustache snake tattoo, scene 2), Dick Trask (bearded, scene 3), Joe Gage (mustache, narration, and sex scene 3); unidentified bearded man #1 in scene 1; unidentified bearded man in scene 2; unidentified bearded man in scene 3.

3 scenes, 4 identified actors, 3 unidentified; 5 beards, 2 mustaches – 7 actors/models total.

I love this scene, but it doesn’t really begin for me until the three of them are together. The switching back and forth between Trask and Williams in the first part of the scene frankly annoys me. I think I understand what he was trying to say, but for me the scene doesn’t get hot until it’s a real 3-way.

Also, I love how Dick Trask’s first act is to lick Gage’s forehead and eyebrow. Interesting choice! Of course, he follows it up with a typically intense performance, but odd to start with the forehead.

Great clip though and great screenshots!

Wait, Kurt Williams is not in that scene is he? Who’s the curly-haired, bearded guy with Dick Trask & Joe Gage? I guess one of the uncredited others. Oh well. Still a very hot scene, just takes a few minutes to get going. Thanks!


So to recap, the bearded guy with the longer wavy hair in the 3-way with Joe and Dick wasn’t Tim O’Brien either, I didn’t think it looked like the pics of Tim on gevi. If anything I thought that Tim pic looked more like Dick from another film, but that’s where I tend to get confused comparing what guys looked like in one film versus a later one, esp. if something like hairstyle, facial or body hair, etc. has changed.

And also unknown is the guy Kurt the Elder is fucking in his sex scene, and the other bearded actor from the first scene who somewhat resembles Max, the guy Julie married on One Day At A Time (though I’m pretty sure it wasn’t him):

Joe has a nice thick cock in his scene, and it looked like Dick may have swallowed some of Joe’s first load before allowing the rest of it to spurt out (around 16:00 in your clip). I can see why Joe wanted to experience porn as a performer before directing films of his own, and still wish there was some kind of master cut identifying any headless dick shots in his later films, but solving the mysteries of Where Joey Lives is a higher priority since I don’t think anybody has ever dug into this before (that I’ve seen anywhere).

I’m gonna gently chide you BJ, had you taken twenty minutes and rewatched this clip start to finish before uploading it and adding it to your post, I feel like you would have noticed that it was Joe. The excuse you gave for not rewatching Getting It was that you’d seen it so many times in the porn theatre back in the day (and I said something about seeking volunteers to tie you up and force you to rewatch them before making posts about them) … ok if I were Obsessed I’d be talking about hauling you over my knee and saying things like ‘spanky spanky!’ :D

I’ve enjoyed rewatching lots of films from the golden age and sort of relaxing into them, not necessarily with the same urgency I used to have when I’d watch porn, and that allows my mind to notice things I am sure I missed before. Plus with all the different versions of a lot of these films floating around, it’s possible to pick up on edits, rearranged or missing scenes, etc. Of course that assumes that the person watching has the time to devote to it but that’s the way to solve some of these riddles, when the time is available. Because these films were always looked down upon even at the time, and rarely taken as seriously as they always should have been for material that was such a part of our development as gay men.

OK, I’ll await the upcoming exam on this topic, going to have to bone up because I’m sure it will be long and hard, you’re really gonna stick it to us good (I’ll stop now lol)

Man this was so beautiful! If I could have one porn wish granted, ok maybe two, is first, to have whoever invented that replacing the moans, sounds, noise and words men make when they fuck be replaced with ‘music’ be erased from history, so that we could enjoy these works as they should be. It’s bad enough that porn deprives us of three of our senses, but four, that’s just cruel. Second, if we could have kept this simple masculinity and sexual versatility at the core of our porn and sexual culture. Over the two to three graveyard decades when AIDS and condoms and the very different infection rates attributed to the whole ‘top or bottom’ straight sex-roles nones has forced the porn industry to attribute fixed and rigid roles to not only the gay porn performers themselves but also to many of us, even as the vast vast majority of gay guys are versatile. Which in turn let to the import of other straight gender roles into gay porn. Toxic and obnoxious as they are. It took for the introduction of PrEP and the new bareback age to remove this toxic cultural effect and allow vers men to come on top again. But since time-travel is not possible and if it were people would not use it to fix gay porn, it would be amazing if somehow we could get the original sound back and erases this annoying music from all of these older flicks.

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