"vintage" porn stars


not sure i like this pic, with the arrow of sorts going into his neck!

Jack Wrangler pornoclips

Jack Deveau’s Hot House

director: Jack Deveau (1977)

Starring: Roger and Jack Wrangler; with Jayson MacBride, Garry Hunt, David Hunter, Eric Streiff, Joe Dallesandro (uncredited), and in a non-sexual role Tray Christopher (Christopher Rage’s voice as M.J. Stunning, a radio D.J.).

The set-up: Roger and Jack meet while playing racquet ball, and Jack invites Roger home with him, but they are constantly interrupted by neighbors, repairmen, etc. In this scene, Jack has gone upstairs to help neighbor Jayson MacBride, and they smoke a joint and exchange blowjobs. Meanwhile, a neighbor drops by to show a hot film he just acquired, but finds Roger and painter Garry Hunt (Garry having just finished blowing Roger in the bathroom after watching him piss) there instead of Jack. They watch the film and jerk off, until Jack finally re-appears. I think it’s a great sequence, and director Deveau owes a lot to his lover Robert Alvarez for once again doing an excellent editing job (the original music is great, too!)

"vintage" porn stars COSCO Studios

Mike & Dave

I’ve probably posted this pic before – anyway, I like it. Here’s a clip from Desert Fox


Hommes Entre Eux (1975)

story of a French Legionnaire who uses his wedding as an excuse to get home to see his male lover

from what I remember, Karl Forest, who of course went on to write and star in Le Beau Mec (1978), is in several scenes: one 3-way (above), one brief fantasy tease (in a leather outfit, I think), and another scene posing in the sun while another man watches, touches, but they never actually get it on together. All a bit foggy, and I can’t remember IF, or where, I night have stowed the VHS tape. If only I could silence that damned, what is it, a harpsichord? and the guy getting f*cked is a bit too noisy, but Karl looks fantastic, don’t he?

Paul Barresi pornoclips socks

What The Big Boys Eat / Barresi in his tube socks

director: Jim West (1985)

The set-up for the film is the production of a TV commercial, or series of commercials, about a “hot stud” who does all sorts of butch things while eating his favorite breakfast cereal. After that I’m not too sure how each scene fits in. Like this one takes place at a trucker hotel. Paul Baressi is enjoying a dirty magazine when he hears noise in the next room, and discovers a little peep hole. He then proceeds to whack off while watching J. D. Slater get it on with mustached partner Judd. The sound quality isn’t so good, but other than some music and a few decent grunts and groans, there’s nothing much to listen to – – just enjoy Slater pounding Judd, and Barresi in his tube socks.

and Paul’s ass ain’t so bad, either!

Mickey Squires

Mickey S

and another pic, and more Mickey on

"vintage" porn stars

Pool Service