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Director: Joe Gage (1976) Starring: Richard Locke, Jack Wrangler, Steve Boyd, Duff Paxton, Kurt Williams (“Desert Rat”), Dane Tremmell, Skip Shepherd, Bud Jaspar, and Maria Reina (Boyd’s girl – non-sexual role). Plus, the truckstop guys: David Fairman, Fred Baker, Jay Romero, Mark Davis, Tony Hill, and Joe Gage

Nick Elliot (directory of photography) Al Steinman (music, including the haunting theme), Glen Nathan (sound)

Locke pulls into the garage and immediately opens his fly for Wrangler. Meanwhile, young lad Steve Boyd is showering, showing off his lusciously soapy asscheeks for the camera as he prepares to embark on his first cross country trucking expedition with Locke. As country tunes warble in the background, Boyd’s girlfriend drives him to the garage while Wrangler and Locke climax setting the stage for Boyd and Locke’s departure in the 18 wheeler. Wrangler is down to his jockstrap, jeans pulled down as Locke tops him.

As the trade paper Variety summed up at the time of its release, this one is “overt and unashamed… a male sex drama that is artful, refreshing, commercial and erotic!”

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Jack Wrangler pornoclips

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Director: Jack Deveau (1977) – starring: Roger and Jack Wrangler; with Jayson MacBride, Garry Hunt, David Hunter, Eric Streiff, Joe Dellasandro (uncredited), and in a non-sexual role Tray Christopher (Chris Rage’s voice as M.J. Stunning, a radio D.J.).

the trailer features C. J. & Company’s Devil’s Gun (1977) – click back there to play tune, here for background on Devil’s Gun

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Occasionally I see porno paperbacks online with cover photos of pornostars – and I click click save, and here’s one. Hard Riders by Mark Scott – not sure if he’s written anything else, but it’s part of the
Surree Stud Series. I’ve bought and sold porno paperbacks (I know some call them “pulp novels, “pulp fiction” or “sleaze” – but the first two really refer to the earlier books – before the mid 60’s and books started to get more explicit – so sleaze is a better term, but that also can refer to those “r-rated” books) – anyway, yes, bought and sold on eBay (I also got a huge amount from our gay library – or rather the NYC one). I think the first breakout explicit paperback was Richard Armory’s Song of the Loon (made into a major motion picture in 1970. I sold my copy some years back (wait, I sold a copy, I am sure I’ve kept one – it’s actually a pretty good read!) Anyway, where was I? rambling about porn stars on covers of pornopaperbacks. OK.

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