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Director: Arch Brown (1978)

Jack Wrangler is a “madman” who makes a time bomb inside a dildo, then plants it among one of several identical dildos in a dirty bookstore. He has sex with the store clerk, then the two of them get it on with 2 others. Several guys purchase one of these dildos, Jack Wrangler jerks off while watching the clock tick, Jack calls the New York Post to warn them for some reason, and…… With Eric Ryan, Tom Cord, Michael Munsey, Justin Thyme, Eric Hill, Michael Pen, John Meadows

so many questions! Why does the phone operator sound like Lady Bunny? Why haven’t I posted a clip from this before? What’s the music? Where in the West Village is this bookstore and does it still…. hahaha – nope, of course not!

DICK is important. REAL DICK! Not fakes! Phonies!

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I don’t recall seeing Jack Wrangler with scruff before… it’s a damn good look on him. Wonder why he didn’t sport it more often?
And yes, that sounds like Bunny, lol.

Are there full credits either before or at the end of the film? Aside from the cast gevi only lists Arch as the director, and imdb only adds Ron Dorfman a.k.a. Art Ben as a producer, who seems to have been more involved on the straight side of porn:

Just wondering if anyone was credited for the music which is fairly good, leading me to think it may have been stolen as so much porn music was during that era (when they could still get away with it). I also agree with the previous comments that Jack looked pretty good with stubble, maybe he grew that out for a few days to make his character resemble more of a bad guy.

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