this guy is soooooooooooooooooooooo familiar, but I can’t place him. A solitary page in a Chain Males magazine – #3, which also has (3) nice photos of (Big) Bill Eld. The same series, I think it is #4, has some nice photos of Jim Cassidy

I want to see more! (and figure out where else I have seen him, of course)

Paul Barresi

oh, Paul

I know, I know, I know….. not the best set of pics – which is too bad – leather and Paul Barresi should go together like…. um, leather and Paul Barresi –

“Honestly, BJ! How many of these silly photos of Paul, do you have?”

I’ve gathered what I can of Paul in leather, and well, he rarely goes very deep – cap (Colt’s Gallery 13, below), jacket (posing with Target’s BRAND), a vest ( Lusty) cap/vest (COLT 1976 calendar) – except in Falconhead II (which, well, birdhead may have had something to do with the plot – but don’t ask me what that was – but didn’t do a lot for me erotically), and then a pic I found via HIM International, which they credit as begin from Drummer. THAT’s the ticket – final pic below – chaps, gloves, cap, vest – The search continues for more!


other stuff

you remember the other Jeff (now with different cock)

HA HA HA HA HA! A seemingly decent special issue of Blueboy features a bunch of photos from Surge Studios – but but but ….. (previously, another Steve ) But in all seriousness, makes you wonder if Steve was originally planned to be in the movie, and something happened!

was trying to find a better version of this pic, which may have helped me ID the gentleman, but posting without ID.

"vintage" porn stars Griffin International / Magnum Griffin

Brian AND Vaughn

in another context, was trying to think of this furry stud’s name, and came up with …. um, Brian Vaughn. Vaguely thought he might be in a Magnum Griffin magazine or film, and finally hit me – the film – Brian & Vaughn.

Now I have to remember that other context, and see if this furry stud is in fact the furry stud we were ogling at. (at?)

"vintage" porn stars Target Studios


of course I have posted about Brand before, and was going to again now that I have obtained this Playguy from 1977…. but then Doug – dark mustached, dirty blond – caught my eye. I think he may have also posed with Brian Dexter. Can’t (yet) find any good solo pics, and certainly wasn’t going to cut out Brand’s nice cock….

oh, here we go – who’s your friend?

update: Playguy issue is 6 pages, including centerfold, of Doug & Brand – “Lather Boys”

"vintage" porn stars


day post

pornoclips pornstar - videography

Ken Alexander

who you may remember from such films as:

We know him as Ken Alexander – but I have to admit, I can’t quite place my fascination with him – thick slab of meat? “Dad bod”? mustache? combo….. ? Anyway, for the squeamish, the first video is just the first 3 minutes of The Crisco Kids – before the action gets too heavy. I love how Ken is somehow put off, offended (at first) at the customer grabbing at his ass…. but minutes later he’s reaching for the Crisco!

alias TOM KENT / Jim Stewart?

who you may remember from such magazines as:

  • Knights of the Night 1 – The Crisco Kids (1975)
  • Knights of the Night 2 – Brutal Birthday (1975)
  • Knights of the Night 5 – Depth Charge (1975)
  • Heavy Hitters
  • Hard Working Men
  • Hard At Work
  • Leather & Levi Guys Vol 1 No 1
  • Leather & Levi Guys No 2