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I’m OBSESSED with Paul Baressi Barresi

you (and COLT, MANSHOTS, and probably Paul himself) say Barresi, and I (and IN TOUCH #19, Joe Gage, POPULAR MECHANICS) say Baressi; and of course Falconhead 2 has it both ways = BARRESSI! and let’s not forget DEREK!

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Oy! Yet another embarrassing picture of Mr. Barresi!

Honestly, BJ! How many of these silly photos of Paul, do you have? Give me a number, so I can at least, brace myself! LOL!

Wow, with fans like you, who needs detractors? You’re the silly crypt keeper. All of Paul’s skeletons are stored in YOUR closet! LOL!

Still, I take comfort in stating that this photo isn’t as cringe worthy, as the last one you posted. That one really took the poisoned cake. It induced vomiting. : )

If I was advising Barresi, I would have told him, only pose for leather pictures for Jim French. As the old song goes, “’Tain’t what you do, it’s the way that you do it!”

Paul was such a whore! It’s safe to say; he was beyond shame – as long as it paid well. Look at how he betrayed Travolta.

Sheesh! That leather codpiece looks like a diaper! The leather straps and buckles, look like a corset! What was he thinking? : /

He’s still a hot piece of man meat. No matter what I think of him personally, I still want him to look good. : )

He also used the name James Alan, Jason Thorpe, Joe Hammer, and Michael Franco. No matter – a rafflesia, by any other name, would smell just as sour.

BARRESI is how he’s usually identified. So remember, it’s two R’s; one S. ; )

yes, yes, yes. I know the correct spelling, but part of why I get slipped up is because it is misspelled in so many places – and originally, I was going to make a pun, or joke, or something on BARE-ASS-Y or something, but as you know, ass shots of him are hard to come by… WHY OF WHY did I sell my copy of DECKHANDS???


No you shouldn’t have sold your copy of Deckhands. ; )

Not only was there Paul Barresi, there was Al Packer in his first porn film, using his real first name, “Drew,” and in his only film appearance without a beard, just a ‘stache, as I’m sure you know, but there was also “Ken” aka Kirk Mannheim. Pardon the run-on sentence. Talk about porn history. How much did you sell it for?

Brings new meaning to the phrase, “Easy come, easy go!”

Deckhands sold in 2004 – I was wise enough to keep a few scans, but not wise enough to have LARGE SCANS – I probably still had my powerful 10GIG Gateway computer! Oh, and the pornoclips I created fro my eBay auctions so many years ago that i had to delete since there was so little hard drive space!

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