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slab of Rodney

How come I never noticed Rod Garetto‘s tattoo?

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HANDsome Dad

Some weeks back, I stumble upon a comment that I missed/neglected on a Clinton Coe postThis was not Clinton Coe’s only porn film. He was also the “dad” on the phone with his “son” in the first sex scene in Joe Gage’s “HANDsome” (1981).” – which puzzled me, as he is not credited. But, its Joe Gage, and who knows who winds up in orgy scenes, and maybe he was part of “THE GAGE MEN” – so let’s go to the videotape. Then I realized, that I had always assumed the Dad figure, at least the shots of him on the phone, were Joe Gage himself. But now I think it must be Ron Clayton, no?

Director: Joe Gage (1981)

with an awesome Man Parrish soundtrack (we’re looking at you, Dark Entries Records for a soundtrack release!)

The pic on left, Gage, no? HANDsome at GEVI (note the more extensive cast listing, which might be from the DVD release, which ain’t necessarily accurate). Keep scrolling for full movie link. and a mish mosh of cast listing, as even on my own pages it’s not consistent.

or is it Ron Clayton – who’s done only one film???? Or maybe it’s Joe’s face, Ron’s cock? or someone else’s cock!!?? Notice you don’t get full face, nor do you get face WITH body

HANDsome (full movie) – maybe afterwards, we can go out to the garage, and you can get your hands on those tools you’ve been wanting to……

Roy Garrett, Ron Clayton, presenting J.D. Slater, and THE GAGE MEN

Starring J.D. Slater, Ron Clayton, Roy Garrett, Bill Geary, Robert West, Rick Youngblood, Joe Gage, and others not credited.

"vintage" porn stars

wet edwards

For some reason, when I think of Bert Edwards I think of shower scenes. Seeing if I have any back up for the idea that he mostly appears in the shower, I poured through my files, and I came to realize it may have been 2 or 3 photo shoots at most, regurgitated across several publications over the years…. but…. probably also his appearance in Wakefield Poole‘s 1974 film, Moving! – that made me associate him with getting wet and sexy. Check it out, he’s somewhere in the promo below. Remind me to find the complete 15 minute “loop”

a few Bert Edwards mentioins here on BJland

or, Burt Edwards, Bert Edwards, or Jean Cardin

Gordon Grant


“The hottest gay movie palace in New York: orgy in the orchestra, ball in the balcony, or make-out in the men’s room.”

oh, what the heck – If we’re gonna mix our Gordon with our Jack, let’s do a Jack promo:

Jack Wrangler

nice equipment!

without looking at this link, do you know where (movie) this pic is from?




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