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HANDsome (full movie)

LOVE Joe Gage‘s 1981 film, HANDsome; wish there was a way to pull just the soundtrack – Manny Parrish – excellent job!

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Aaahhh….communal showers, circle jerks, BJs, the white swallow, poppers what more do you need!! thank you BJ for airing this cult classic. Fab!

btw have you ever managed to unearth the movie Forbidden Portraits?? – as per your previous entry: If you ever do, it would be amazing to see it here some day.

Keep up the ramblings!!

Agreed about the music on this film, it’s excellent. I too wish that the music itself were available without the distortion and sex sounds, although these lend it an air of eroticism. Like how some of Patrick Cowley’s music has been re-released on CD? That would be cool.

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