i’m about ….. approaching 60ish (or probably beyond, depending on updates!)
i’m about ….. 5foot7
i’m about ….. 175 pounds HA!

email me, baby!

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Just realized Jon King’s 50th Birthday would have been happening next month (Jan 2013). It;s odd, he’s not my ideal “type”, i like older hairy, burly guys. But i have always had a fondness for him. Maybe it’s because i was born in 1963 too… i don’t know. He just always seems to be enjoying what he does on film and I have always been able to “put myself in his place” maybe? I don’t know what it is and i’m rambling now… I just feel some sort of connection to him. Well anyway, Happy Birthday Jon, I love and miss you.

Jon was my ultimate bottom-boy and wished he’d been around longer. I relish all the videos I have of him. The best ones, of course, are those when he was paired with JW King (no relation). They seemed to always connect in all levels.

Hi, BJ!

I’m a fellow porn collector, albeit on a much smaller scale. A friend has asked me for pics of David Browers, who evidently died at the beginning of the epidemic. I don’t have any, and the name doesn’t ring a bell. Do you have any pics of him?



Bud Clark

sorry man – have never heard that name, and some quick searches don’t show that name, either.

I have followed you for years now but I finally came up with a question for you…

What did you think of the remastered, uncensored whatever Joe Gage Trilogy? Did you get it? Did it do things right or wrong or just not much to write about?
Anyway, will you ever review it?

Have loved your site for years, keep up the great work. Who played the Dad in Al Parker’s Head Trips. Was his name Ryder and what other films can I find him in? I have a mag with him and a Daniel Holt look alike in a gym.

Yeah, that’s him. Guess he also went by Jeff Staller. Now I’m off to find that Wilde House DVD and anything else I can find him in. Thanks.

Hi bj,

I wonder if you can help me find a vintage movie.

I stumbled across your blog while searching for a movie I used to have on tape (beta I believe, yes, beta). I’m trying to find it somewhere and it’s become a slight obsession. After much searching, I was finally able to piece together bits of information from my memory and google and this is how far I got:

The name of the movie: Revenge of the Nighthawk (1983). The IMDB site says it was directed by Joey Yale.
The scene I’m mostly interested in is with the actor “Donkey Daddy”. It’s a short scene, but beyond hot. There’s very little reference to Donkey Daddy I could find on the internet. Supposedly he was in another movie in 1995 called Sleazy Dick Pigs. I can’t even find him on the gay-lounge file sharing site.

If you know where I can find the movie or point me in the right direction, please let me know. I’d very much appreciate it.

Take care. Steve.

ahhh, Donkey Daddy! he was also in the film Alley Cats – made in the same year. I haven’t seen it out on DVD, but it does come available on VHS form time to time on eBay. I also saw a listing for it on, believe it or not – Amazon! Also, I found this site that seems to have it available for streaming – goodluck!

If I remember correctly, Donkey Daddy also appeared as the paying customer who tops a roped up bondage boy who is pimped by his father (played by Paul Barrisi) in the flick “Midway Men” or something like that (maybe Men of the Midway)? Memory is very fuzzy, but there is NO mistaking the girth of Donkey Daddy…particularly in the pre-injected silicone days.

Just verified my suspicions…not Donkey Daddy but listed as “Donkey Dan” in “Men of the Midway” as listed in the gayeroticvideoindex dot com.

I have followed you for years, and occasionally, when I change computers, I lose you, and when I find you again, I’m always pleased. I like your blog a lot, and when I get back, I go through it again. Thanks for doing what you do.

Just wanted to say the same, thanks for doing what you do! I also found your blog many years ago and it’s always in the back of my mind up there with brief magazine :)

Where can I get a copy of Catalinaville? Saw it soooo many years ago, but
the other day when I watched it on Youtube, with sex scenes cut, I was interested
again, but nothing on any of the sites.

You are doing a great job, keep it going.


Just discovered your website. Well done. I see you are currently posting pictures of men with mustaches. My all time favorite porn star is Bosch Wagner. He sported a beautiful mustache. Wish he had done more films.