Christopher Rage pornoclips


i am 98% sure this clip is from Christopher Rage’s Outrage, one of the few he recorded on film. I am also pretty sure this clip is NOT on any of the DVD or later VHS versions of the movie (I clock those in at 69 minutes, but I once had a fuller version that came in at 88minutes – why-o-why-o did i sell that??! – have i mentioned recently how i f*ckin’ loathe HIS VIDEO?? – that’s pronounce H-I-S ). Finally, I am also 98% sure that you’ll be frustrated viewing it, as it’s pretty dark, only lit by candle, and while it looked cool on my 30-inch TV, doesn’t have the same impact on the 17-inch monitor. Nonetheless, it’s worth a go, and i like that Rage takes risks.

Click the pic to view the movie trailer (you know that if you view the clip in the browser, you can “right click” and view it FULL SCREEN, right?), or here if you want to download and save for later.

Christopher Rage (1984)

this scene: J.D. Slater & Christopher Rage

Starring in the film: J.D. Slater, Jason Daniels, Jesse Fairweather, Rick Peters, Scott Morgan, Michael Thomas, and Christopher Rage

oh yeah, for my 4 or 5 remainder readers who have managed to find their way over to the new location of the blog here on wordpress, I am “open to” suggestions on future clips – my personal preference is 3-10 minutes, pre-1984, on film (and of course i have to actually have the movie!). Check out my hasn’t been updated in at least two years pornolist

update: changed the “wmv” file to “mp4” – noticed the length on the digital version I have is 69 minutes, GEVI lists it at 65 minutes (!!!?), but I found an old auction file where I sold a bootleg of it, coming in at 88 minutes – I suspect that must be the complete version. Alas, don’t know if I ever attempted to get the original length version back, which no doubt would’ve been in an earlier, heavier, larger VHS package.

REDDIT review here

music in gay porno pornoclips

Hard Money, original music and score by Garth Evans

Hard Money

Director: John Christopher (1983)

Starring: Steve Collins (as Mr. Jackson, the attorney), Brian Hawks (as Taylor), Rick Taylor (as Samuel Warren); featuring: Tony Cariso, Danny Combs, Alain Ve Charriere, Donald Davison; with Tony Kidd, Dayn Kristofer, David McNeil, and Adam Winston

original music and score by Garth Evans

i will readily admit that this is not the hottest scene in the film, far from it. but you know me, i go for plot, and silliness. Here we have a millionaire who dies while having sex with a hustler, then all his friends are gathered for a reading of the will. Of course, the will is the dead guy on videotape, and the way to get the money is to prove your love of the dead guy by submitting to various gay sex acts! Sweet guys must do rough sex, arch enemies must have tender sex together, and – E-GAD! a top guy must bottom for attorney Steve Collins!

so there you have it – a campy plot, filmed in 1983, so just before videotape took over the industry, original music and score by Garth Evans, Steve Collins (some guy in NC loves him), and of course, it’s on my list of WHY I HATE HIS VIDEO (you can’t find the full version of this movie anywhere – 10-20 minutes have been cut!)

Click one of the pics to view the movie trailer (you know that if you view the clip in the browser, you can “right click” and view it FULL SCREEN, right?), or here if you want to download and save for later.

Target Studios

Mr. Winner

we know little about this man, Boyd Winner. He modeled for Target Studios, did at least one spread with fellow Target model Nick Poulos, but I can’t tell if he did any films.

"vintage" porn stars

TeaRoom Twosome

from a magazine called TeaRoom Twosome, Sonny Scott & Joe Markham, i’ve seen it for sale on eBay many times, but have yet to get a peak inside, nor do I know if it comes from a film, or just a photoshoot.

music in gay porno

“original music and score by garth evans”??

Shocking! If you google “original music and score by garth evans”, guess what you come up with? Yup – Nada! I mean, he did it for Hard Money (a film with a fun plot, but alas, a scene or two is cut from the DVD version, arrgghhh); we know he did the theme song for Something Wild, Brian’s Boys,and Best Friends as well. And then it appears he went on to direct several gay pornos in the late 80’s/early 90’s.

"vintage" porn stars

Joe Markham

AKA Joe Markhum, Joe Markum

Damn this man is handsome! and his cock ain’t so bad, either. (just ask the this other stud enjoying it here!) You may remember him from such films as First Time Round, Tuesday Morning Workout, Male Stampede, Four, More Than Money, and Round Up (where these shots are from); someone really needs to put together a good webpage/filmography on him, eh?

Al Parker

sleeping beauty

damn! had no internet connection at home yesterday, and it won’t get repaired until Tuesday! Luckily for me I can borrow the wireless thingee from work, as I may be working from home Tuesday while I wait for the cable guy (did i ever tell you about the time he WASN’T ugly?? – later) enuf about me – this here is such a great shot from the Falcon magazine/film Weekend Lockup, which, by the way is not only hot – it begins with Al pissing by the roadside, then he gets arrested – hence the Weekend Lockup. But it also reminds me of how much I loathe most pornographers and pornography sellers. Three hot men have great hot sex in a classic late 70’s porno, produced by Falcon. Do we know the cast? Well, this part of “we” does, but try finding the info online – Falcon Studios vaguely mentions one of the non-Al Parker studs on the page, but doesn’t put his name with the actual clip; this site includes Mr. Seagers, but – ahem! – WhoTheFuck is Roy???? Even my beloved Gay Erotic Video Index, which I rely on heavily for researching this stuff, doesn’t have the 3 men’s names!! How about Al’s mediocre biography, CLONE: The Life and Legacy of Al Parker Gay Superstar??? Nope, in fact, while Edmonson spends a good amount of time discussing Al’s partner, Richard Cole, not once in the book does he even mention his porn-star name, or that he appeared in front of the screen in several of the films Al directed, as well as Weekend Lockup!

grrrrrrr! anyhoo, a tad more of my ranting on this topic over here, where yes, you get the 3 names.