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Al Parker pornoclips


Director: Al Parker (1984)

Starring: Nick Rodgers, Chris West, Kevin Hunt, Mark Edwards, AL Parker, Daniel Holt, Chris Allen, Jesse Koehler, Gregory Girrard, Shawn Easton, and Brad Peters

Okay, just the preview is reminding me how much I loved watching Nick and Chris West together – and then when Chris gets it on with furry fuzzy Brad Peters (who you may remember from such films as Nova’s Neighborhood Watch, Surge’s A Few Good Men, Higgins’ Brothers Should Do It, and an odd little compilation called Singlehanded ) and it’s supposed to be a 3-way but who’s paying attention to Shawn Easton…. dig out your VCR and check for yourself!

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20 years of porno-crazed rambling

APRIL 2001

somehow I made it! 20 rambling years! click the link above to see those first few posts, broken links, missing images and all… or just sample a few snippets below (or both, I highly recommend both)

ah, got my morning whack off out of the way, thanks to a vid called RAMROD – Cole Tucker does his standard (but oh-so-sexy) whack-off-with-guy-sitting-on-his-face thing as the finale….

and DAMN! if I didn’t just step in my own cum while trying to refill my coffee…gotta go…

sometimes standing in line at the post office is a drag, but sometimes, well, you just gotta enjoy the chance to take a close look at another person…

oooooooh! Giorgio Canali, and I think the Cade Cousins ….I remembert that Giorgio does it with Jim Bentley, and despite that, its still a great flick

hanging around the park yesterday with you-know-what between my legs

horny again
yeah, i know, what else is new? maybe its the spring air, or maybe its this DEVO E-Z Listening Disc I borrowed; or perhaps one of several porn flics i’ve skimmed thru in the past 24 hours. Like El Paso (one of my favorites) I was watching to get 2 of the actors names – damn, i forgot to get the names!!

the str8 folks upstairs seem to need to have VERY NOISY morning sex, so I decided to work on my PORNO WISH LIST – after all, christmas is only 278 days away! – so, creating my own background noises….Bullet Videopac 6…Bruno slurping away at Will Seagers……

one of those AOL hook-ups with a guy with one of those AOL names like biggusdickus… but he turned out to be a real sweet man…. not for dating, of course, but a great afternoon romp… i mean, who wants to date someone who meets strange men online to have sex……

“Through Being Cool” probably annoying the neighbors (or maybe thats the bassline bangin’ on the walls….). today’s porno note: how do I get a copy of Daddy Dearest, 1984 film starring Daniel Holt, Dean Johnson, and of course, one of my PORN HEROES Richard Locke (his last film). just got an email thanking me for the anonomous pic I sent to Dean Johnson – a still I found in an old porn mag of Mr Locke fucking him! well, as long as no one sees me dancing to this song , i guess i;m still cool!

"vintage" porn stars


despite all these magazines containing pics from the 1984 Al Parker directed film Rangers , I have few good pics, and not many postings, either (see below). I’ll have to scrounge up at least a clip, right? Nick Rogers, obviously; but also Chris West – blond mustached partner of Nick who’s only known filmwork is this one – his scene with Nick watching the 2 campers, and at the end with fuzzy Brad Peters – YUMMMM! Jesse Koehler doesn’t do much for me, but Greg Girard, on the other hand… and of course the 3-way with Al, Daniel Holt and Chris Allen…..

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This is from a Surge Studios spread in the July 1981 issue of Numbers – called Basic Plumbing. I’m pretty sure that is Al Parker’s arm helping out (somehow); speaking of Surge Studios – arrrrgggghhhh – why are BOTH links at my Mr. Parker post from 2014 broken??? arrrrgghhhh


photographer Joe Tiffenbach; Al Parker and Paul Underwood (who, under that name, doesn’t seem to have done any porn film work). It’s actually quite an extensive photospread – 23 pages – I just haven’t scanned the magazine yet, and alas, the quality of the print isn’t so great, which is not unusual for Numbers Magazine. Also of note, you see Al’s partner Steve Taylor later in the spread, so I think the cock in this pic may well be his.

"vintage" porn stars


you can either say that like Superintendent Chalmers or like Lee’s an action hero…. so after responding to the previous post, I realized I had probably TWO blonds who’ve done it in a magazine with BRUBAKER! and needed more time to sort it out

probably not THIS blond from Fuck Buddies

but definitely THIS guy, from Take It All, Jeff Andrews

now the question is – is Jeff Andrews a slightly younger Colt Thomas – or is there no BRUBAKER!/Colt Thomas connection?

"vintage" porn stars

blond in yer ass

I think we determined who the blond is before, but I ferget. Too lazy too look through all the Brubacker posts!