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I was looking at a COLT magazine from 1990, and BAM! I see this gorgeous man who I am certain is not a 90’s model! digging digging digging, and I think I’ve figure it out… then, I see a similar looking guy, from an entirely different magazine/photographer, and I wonder (that’s him above)…. anyway…. trying to build up my “print model” posts… and I think this is one.

"vintage" porn stars

COLT MEN 5 (mystery man)

alas, another magazine that I should not have sold – from my eBay notes at the time – first 17 pages are of BIG MAX solo;
there are also 20 pages of Tony Regalia alone; plus 4 pages of the men together; and 3 pages of BIG MAX with another, unidentified man (you don’t see the stud’s face) – WHO IS THIS LUCKY MAN?

It’s got to be Chuck Stewart, right?

"vintage" porn stars

Tom Howard – ahhhhh, ahhhh

AKA Flex Gordan

I’m sure I’ve posted about him, Fox Studios, there’s a “bear” video from the late 90’s with Hank Hightower, I think, – and one from Palm Drive Video….and I’ve seen his name in all sorts of credits for… .editing? I ferget..

"vintage" porn stars Target Studios

Mr M

more Rod Mitchell

and yes, I know I’ve posted a version of this photo before

"vintage" porn stars Jack Deveau pornoclips

Just Blonds

“Filmed in the exciting new screening process, Supercruiserama!”

Director: Jack Deveau (1979) 72 minutes running time

Starring: Luke (from Falcon Studios), Lee Marlin (from Nova Studios), Scorpio, Hugh Allen, Damien III, Ken Carter (from Nova Studios), and Eric Ryan

“This is the very first porno I ever saw. The summer after I turned 18…..”

"vintage" porn stars print porn models Target Studios

Ted Brennan

publications: Ramrod #4 (1979); Honcho Nov 1979; and probably Hot To Pop – one of those Bullet/Target magazines from the 1980’s (I’m still having trouble with the tattoo and scruffy beard!); and a B&W Photo Set (PR-01) and Slide Set (SR-01) – 1979 seemed to be the only year for Mr. Brennan, except for subsequent appearances from those same photo shoots

"vintage" porn stars


am working on some fall plantings, on our deck, and in a community garden/meadow I work at…. and this lovely pic of Bruce Morgan appeared on eBay! and another with him and a buddy!

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