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…and Tim’s throat

Not a Tim Kramer fan – at all – but this scene intrigues me because Tim is “taught a lesson” or some such nonsense by having 8 “cowboys” assault his throat – and one is supposed to be Greg Strom – but I don’t see him!

Men of the Midway – Roger Earl (1983)

Usually my posts regarding Men of the Midway (more here: Men of the Midway ) is about Paul Baressi’s scene with Chris Burns) – but now I’m kinda intrigued with this guy – Jim Strider (or Jack Strider?) seen above on his knees – and he’s the guy who grab’s Tim at the beginning of the scene above and gives him to the “cowboys”

Surge Studios

leather squat

I was surprised to see no mention of Loading Zone in my videography of Steve Collins – then I realized I posted that well before I started including publications. Loading Zone was a Surge publication, with no corresponding movie. I read in Al Parker’s biography that Al realized the real money was in magazines, so he put a lot of attention there.

I’ve posted at least one image of Steve and partner Jim Preston – Jim may well have not done any movies.

"vintage" porn stars

dick, head

oh, Rod – does a mere hefty cock on your head get you hard?
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wet Shawn

From the 1978 magazine, Shawn, 48 pages of SHAWN SHAWN SHAWN – published by EROS – the above pic also appeared in Hunks Annual #1, as did most of the other photos – published 1979 by Quality Publishing

I’m not obsessed with Shawn/Gregg – you’re not obsessed enuf!

ZEUS Studios

greg(g) strom

I have to accept that it is summer, and we are just not spending as much time looking at our fave porn blogs…. so you’ll get to my post on porn malpractice when you get to it. Meanwhile, just a few BETTER pics of this man, and the contrast will really stand out. Or just dig out your old copy of Colt MEN 4, or maybe Shawn (1978), apparently one of his modelling aliases (oops – I’ve never posted pics from that – not even the strained swimsuit pic????) The top and bottom pics are from ZEUS, and this middle pic, just below, from a slightly earlier In Touch magazine, #57. WTF?

"vintage" porn stars

porn malpractice

“remember Gregg Strom?” the text from the SKIN TIGHT photospread from IN TOUCH 81 asks.

– yes, yes I do – and what have you done to/with him???? It ain’t Gregg’s fault, he models these “painted on jeans” rather well – and if you look at the ad later in the IT issue, that pic is much better – it’s all in the production of the magazine – cheap ass someone didn’t know what the f&ck they were doing! OUTFUCKINRAGEOUS – here out to be a law – maybe there is – has the statue of limitations passed????

I may need to dig out issue #57 and see what THOSE pics look like, right?

print porn models

direct this

from the 1979 Minotaur Press publication Spectrum No. 2