Gordon Grant

crotch watcher

Tell me that pic above isn’t one of the best of Mr. Grant? I love that he never fit into the COLT wooden-God mode, but that he actually was shown enjoying sex, and was filthy and nasty and had a good time – like here in Crotch Watcher. (You’ll note that the GEVI link erroneously uses an ad for a similar, t-room film he did, Dirty Words – a solo whack off in a men’s room as he contemplates all the filty notes scrawled on the walls.) Here, he is looking for action, and gets it.

wash that filthy face, you filthy dirty fucker!

OK OK OK – a clip from the film, but not the entire episode – below, he’s already whacked off at home, but all the crotches and bulges he sees on his way to work – he’s still horny as fuck, so he pops into the nearest men’s room for another whack off, and….

music in gay porno pornoclips

lazy day video post

found online, of course, and downloaded as I was intrigued to figure out which films these clips are from, and the music – the music! cover versions of Elton John and ???? I see Clay Russell, and Dave Daniels (must be Snowballing); is that Ernie Langeberg? oh, and more from Snowballing. Ok, the idea is to post, and delete the video from the hard drive….. and… done

have at it – 45ish minutes

print porn models


who you may remember from such films as:

No films!!??? Figured I’d start this with a rare butt shot, as most of his pics show that gorgeous slab of meat – and even here, it’s peeking through his thighs! Still, luckily for us, he made it into a “handful” of magazines….

Tony, previously on BJland

who you may remember from such magazines as:

  • Target Album No1 (1981)
  • Numbers July (1981) – cover, Target
  • MANDATE June (1982) – cover, photographed by Len Tavares – 11 pages, 9 photos
  • Target Calendar (1982)
  • HONCHO December (1982) – fashion layout?
  • HONCHO January (1983) – Special Equipment (Usher)
  • HONCHO August (1986) – “Uncovered” (Usher)
  • Advocate Men August (1986)
  • MANDATE February (1987) – Usher
  • Drummer 159 (1992)
  • Hot To Pop – Target Studios

  • TONY NERO Color Photo Set (CPV-03) (1981)
  • TONY NERO Slide Set (SV-03) (1981)

scroll down (like you need me to tell you to keep looking!) for the only pics I could find of Tony WITH someone else!! Target Studio photos that are from the Hot To Pop magazine. Who would that be? Another mystery to solve!


really want

I’m referring to the handheld 8MM film viewer, of course!

and did I really sell my David Warner magazine???

"vintage" porn stars pornoclips

Forbidden Portraits

full film, at last! Forbidden Portraits (1982) director: Enrico Montenegro – Starring: Darren Duke (as Sebastian), Jesse Jones, John Fell, John Schaft, Jack Anthony, and Bosh (as John Bolton – huh?); special appearances by Bob Shane and Roy Garrett. Runs about 72 minutes. After all that chatter, hope it was worth the wait!

one result for Richard Rogers, the actual artist? sheeesh!


The Longest

The_Longest_Day (1971, or 1972, 0r 1974??) – Ray Fuller and Joe Markham – click that link to see how many different titles this little film has, and how often it got sold to so many distributors. The BIG COCKS and sloppy action, no doubt, helped! This clip is actually from a compilation of sorts, Variations of the American Male – Dr. John Williams is helping his partner Charles study for his psychology masters, a paper on the sexual habits of the American male, so they watch a series of gay loops.

"vintage" porn stars pornstar - videography

Tom Quinn

OK, OK, he was only Tom Quinn for that one Falcon solo film….. but we all know him as Tom Hartung

who you may remember from such films as:

or, who you may remember from such magazines as:

  • Hard Men #1
  • Chevron #1 (1979)
  • STRAP #1 (1979)
  • Buckeroos 2 (1979)
  • Hard On #1
  • Target Album No1 (1981)
  • HONCHO (January, 1981)
  • Mandate (March, 1981)
  • HONCHO (September, 1981)
  • The Men of WESTERN MAN (1981)
  • TARGET 1982 Calendar
  • JOCKSTRAP (1981) Le Salon
  • HUNKY & FUNKY – cover
  • STALLION (April 1982) – cover only?
  • TITPLAY! Le Salon
  • 100 HORNY BUTTS (1982) LeSalon
  • STALLION (August, 1988)
  • HONCHO (August, 1990)

  • CPU-1 – Target color photoset
  • PU-1 – Target black & white photoset
  • SU-1 – Target slide set

JLLama – “photographer Colin Meyer was aka Charles Overmeyer. He appeared as a model in Western Man’s “Strap No1″ with his then-BF Tom Hartung.”