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have a seat

Mike Morris & Dave Daniels

boots photographers print porn models socks

Ron and… and… and???

for weeks I have been seeing this handsome pair all over interspaceweb, and of course Ron Cameron (who I must’ve mentioned here before – perhaps once or twice) I figured out right away – – but the other guy – the other guy – who the f is he? Don’t think he’s been in any porno films, but photographer Michael Hoare paired these two hotties, and the pics of this duo appear in IN TOUCH 49, ZIPPER #18, HONCHO February 1980, and gosh knows where else. I give up, maybe one of y’all know who this guy is!

90's porn boots porno pet peeves

thighs n stuff


porno pet peeves? yes. look closely

boots socks

tire, why not

ya know, to make him butch

bear boots

plaid in black & white

previously – foreman for men – not to get picky, these are great, but would love some Gunther / plaid / color photos..

did he really first appear in Honcho in 1978, but not in COLT’s own publications til COLT MEN 18 (1987), and BEST OF COLT 7 (1995)?

OK – so while editing – I found the above – not great quality, but it’ll do (do what???)

"vintage" porn stars boots


lick anywhere you’d like

does this tiny ladder make my cock look big?

Look hard, Mike is sitting on his boots

apparently I like boots

"vintage" porn stars boots


apparently, this is not my first boots post

but let me leave you with this one I call “Unfortunate fold”

OKAY one more

the quality of the photo isn’t the best – but the model, the pose, the lighting, the “what’s this guy doing can I watch will he let me” quality… that’s the ticket