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here’s another pic from Drummer 39 that convinces me it’s Mike Drumm

but I can see the furrrrsemblance to Michael Braun



Forced! – 1971 – starring
Rod Derringer, S. Granger, S. Morrison, Vince Bruno, and Carl Ford- this scene Rod & Vince

I am working on a “pornstar videography” of Vince Bruno, (hubba hubba!) but as I was working on this clip, I thought this should be a stand alone post. No particular reason, other than the videography was (as usual) taking longer than I hoped, and this is a cool scene. Not a lot of info on Vince (AKA Vic, Victor, and more), nor about his apparent gap in movie-making from early 70’s to late70’s/early 80’s – more on that later.

Francis Ellie P M Productions pornoclips

Death of Scorpio

The Death of Scorpio – (1981) – Francis Ellie

Story of a jealous artist’s (Shawn Gregory) revenge. He lures his ex (Michael Stone), and 2 friends separately to his home to have sex, then poisons them. Filmed in Soho (NYC).

Starring: Scorpio, Shawn Gregory , Michael Stone (AKA Michael Munsey ), Ron Flash, Bill Williams, Rick Hades.

I was never much of a Scorpio fan, so it’s fitting that the finale from this film, scene 3, doesn’t have him in it, but Shawn Gregory, and Michael Stone (AKA Michael Munsey)

from Casey’s letterboxd review“Shawn Gregory and Michael Munsey, the gorgeous mustachioed stars of IN SEARCH OF THE PERFECT MAN, are reunited and again have electric chemistry. Gregory is an artist distraught over the dissolution of his relationship with Munsey, which he blames on mutual friends Giuseppe Welch and Scorpio. He hatches a plan to murder them and Munsey with poisoned drinks (how poetic), but of course not until after he’s had one final bang with them as a send-off.”

YorjYefferson’s VintageGayVids review

Surge Studios


from the generous 8-page photospread from Surge Studios that appeared in the January 1982 issue of HONCHO – with Al Parker’s bearded partner Steve Taylor and another hot stud (Jack Hudson and Brad Scott were the other names in the magazine, but don’t know who was who – blond/mustached or brunet/mustached – this is “brunet/mustached”) – from the magazine SURF’S UP (1980 publication date).

this last pic was likely taken from inside the famous Al Parker van – note the phone!



more Porcelli

Richard Locke vintage gay t-shirts

Stallion knight

forgot to note the year, from Stallion magazine – “Stallion night at Studio 54”