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Sometimes I feel like a cowboy on a lonesome desert drive

Cruisin’ The Castro
directed by: Michael R. Newman (1981)
Starring: Dick Fisk, Don Talon, Holtz, Johnny Harden, Mark Majors, Richard Locke, Rick Zane, Tony Natali, Will Seager
y’all know by now that i am horrible – HORRIBLE – about answering my emails. But this one got me to work, cuz it’s a hobby of mine, figuring out the source of music in porno films. A reader writes (or is that a writer writing?): “I was wondering if you had any info on the song / singer / title of the music in scene 2 of Cruising the Castro, the scene with the hot truck driving blond stud that picks up and royally fucks the the hot 20 something after showing him around a home he is renovating. It’s an all time favorite scene and the song haunts me.” And after 5 or 6 watches/listens, and a bunch of googling, I’m just stumped – and now it’s haunting me, too!

Anyone know who does the tune (it starts about 3+ minutes into this 10-minute clip)?

Target Studios


Rod Mitchell + Kyle Hazard, Houseboat, AKA Below The Bayou,1979



Fred Halsted

halsted plays

Whaddya mean, “this title has not yet been released”?




Occupy Balls Street

on our visit to the Wall Street Occupiers last weekend, it was disturbing and amusing to see that the NYPD feels they have to protect the Charging Bull (AKA Wall Street Bull)


biophilia – manual edition


Mutual Core


i got the new album in the mail last week, but hadn’t had a chance to really sit down and listen to it on the ol’ stereo, immersed in the cool cool package – (limited edition) – so nice to have actual stuff to read that’s not a teeny tiny CD – and while not 12 inch vinyl size, funny how the Manual Edition of Biophilia is practically the same size and shape of an iPad. Very fun to go to the apps on the iPad, back to the packaging, to see what instruments are being played, then just lying back and just listening, her beautiful voice and odd, intriguing, magical new instruments filling the room – taking it all in. By the way, the above tunes are NOT from the special 2nd disc that came with the special edition, but more recent live recordings from her show October 16th in Reykjavík – she’s got a half dozen more shows there over the next 10 days – tickets still available – oh if only i could…. sigh. Anyhoo, Moon and Cosmogony are still my faves, but coming up a strong 3rd is Mutual Core – can’t wait to see that live!

So, after 4 days of non-stop loud loud loud, annoying the neighbors with Biophilia, I think I have successfully broken in the new album.