biophilia – manual edition


Mutual Core


i got the new album in the mail last week, but hadn’t had a chance to really sit down and listen to it on the ol’ stereo, immersed in the cool cool package – (limited edition) – so nice to have actual stuff to read that’s not a teeny tiny CD – and while not 12 inch vinyl size, funny how the Manual Edition of Biophilia is practically the same size and shape of an iPad. Very fun to go to the apps on the iPad, back to the packaging, to see what instruments are being played, then just lying back and just listening, her beautiful voice and odd, intriguing, magical new instruments filling the room – taking it all in. By the way, the above tunes are NOT from the special 2nd disc that came with the special edition, but more recent live recordings from her show October 16th in Reykjavík – she’s got a half dozen more shows there over the next 10 days – tickets still available – oh if only i could…. sigh. Anyhoo, Moon and Cosmogony are still my faves, but coming up a strong 3rd is Mutual Core – can’t wait to see that live!

So, after 4 days of non-stop loud loud loud, annoying the neighbors with Biophilia, I think I have successfully broken in the new album.

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You certainly make it enticing to want to crawl onto your dinosaur bedsheets and snuggle up and listen with you. Glad you are enjoying it so much!

ps. Love the, ah, shall we say, sneak peek!

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