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George Conover

who you may remember from such films as

  • Special Delivery (1977)- found in Hot Rods (Nebula/NOVA) and Close Encounters film loops collections
  • Hot Property (1978) found in the Manhandlers Collection
  • End Play (1978) found in Lockerroom loops
  • Backfield in Motion (1979) – found in the Beached! and Backfield in Motion collections
  • Basket Practice (1979) found in the His Little Brother and My Guy collections
  • Doin’ Their Homework (1979) found in the House Calls collection (1980)
  • Mr. Teenage Barbell (1979), found in the Pieces of Eight – COSCO – collection (1980)
  • The Diary (Toby Ross) (1982)

"vintage" porn stars


it’s been awhile since we’ve had some Ledermeister


blond torrid zone

I think I may be able to figure out what movie this comes from, but thought I’d throw it out to readers fro some guesses. Additional hint (full cover pic) in the comments. Magazine called Torrid Zone.

MAN'S IMAGE photographers

Physical Man, blond edition

from Physical Man 2 – Man’s Image (1977) – model is Don, photographer is Brent Rogers

more from Man’s Image

"vintage" porn stars


someday I should do more on Lance and his beautiful cock…. but as that gets added to “the list” – check out a handful of previous posts – BLONDS DO IT BEST clip, there’s pissing Lance, box cover art for Student Bodies – wait, what? I sold this? did I keep the outtakes portion?

"vintage" porn stars


who you may remember from such films as

  • Loft To Let (1977) – Falcon film #629
  • Ramcharger 3 (1978)
  • Cruisin’ the Castro (1981)

not a lot of films, I think i got the dates correct, but Falcon/Jocks video collections usually have previously released short films thrown together (I am pretty sure Cruisin’ The Castro was shot late 70’s, but not released til 1981, (from info on Richard Locke’s career)for example). The stills with him and Ed Wiley (AKA Myles Longue) are amazing; but the stuff with Bill Adams and Michael are pretty hot, too! But as usual with most posts, it leads to me adding another “draft” post – this time a closer look at Cruisin’ The Castro – as I thought I had posted about it, but alas, no. Interestin, it takes place in Holtz’ loft, but it is not the same as the Falcon Film that also takes place in a loft – Holtz wearing a cowboy hat comes to mind…..

who you may remember from such magazines as

  • Collect Call – with Ed Wiley
  • Falcon File #5 – Loft To Let
  • New Man – with Ed Wiley

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Jack Wrangler


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