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Director: Richard Morgan (1985) – shot on film

Starring: Lance, Leo Ford, Shawn Michaels; introducing: Ty Cashe, Mark Sheldon; with: Chris Carns (AKA Chris Thompson), Brandon Wilde, John Tracey, Christopher James

Leo Ford and Lance, on their way to Bear Mountain, share stories in the car (not always with blonds); then, as if to prove the title right, Lance and Leo pull off the road and go into the woods. They find a nice spot on the mountain, spread a blanket, and have a hot time.

trivia note – title “theme song” and sound track score by SOLVERIN

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I’m not sure I’ve ever heard of this Solverin before, do you know if he scored many other films from this era? This is pretty good, certainly better than a lot of the background muzak that would play in films made later than this.

Of course Costello Presley was the workhorse, creating original music that was for the most part very good for dozens of porn films in the 80s and into the 90s if I’m not mistaken. I was just watching Cousins with Matt Ramsey, and Costello had some great musical selections in that film as he did with many others, a lot of the William Higgins films. Two other names who actually achieved some mainstream success outswide of their porn music endeavors were Patrick Cowley (so glad that most of his Fox Studio porn music has been released this decade, he was a synth genius and way ahead of his time) and Man Parrish, who did Heatstroke as well as some other music that wound up being used in porn settings.

Leo never did much for me but Lance on the other hand … wow I fantasized about him and that uncut meat of his many a night.

Lance was definitely the ‘Southern California Beach Boy Surfer’ look. I was trying to think of the other big blonde name of the time, which came to me–Kip Noll. Just saw that Lance and Kip Noll did something onstage at the Follies on 8th Ave. here. I went to very few of those, they were usually disappointing, especially seeing Bill Eld at the Gaiety, so reduced just after ‘Adam and Yves’.

I had seen this and some of the Kip Noll ones at the time which, for me, is more or less the end of the period B.J. specializes in (although he may see it differently.) It was no more than a year before Jeff Stryker started turning them out, and that was the new style. He was purely mechanical, but probably is the major figure who marks the end of the period most here at this blog are focussed on (Stryker and a lot of 80s and 90s porn bored me, although I have to admit I like some of the very new ones fucking right now on film.) I’d liked the Leo and Lance ones and one of the Kip Noll things, but that seems to be the end of all that. Plus, the Bijou on 3rd Avenue in Manhattan continued to show a few more actual films, but not much longer, and the once-rambling fuck-rooms were cut down during the 90s. Other than that, most theaters would literally just prop up a big video screen and show Stryker and the rest of the new breed like Rick Donovan, etc. I guess this new, more mechanical style started about 1985, and then fetishy stuff in the late 80s by Surge, and it’s mostly gotten more so. Although when it’s really athletic, it sometimes works better than when they were getting started back in the mid-80s.

But I do remember feeling rather wistful at those ‘blonde movies’ at the end of the ‘extended 70s’.

Aside from Lance and Leo, Kip Noll was another of the blonds from this time — a few other names I thought of were Buster who was blond-ish anyway, and had that same kind of shaggy hairstyle that Kip had. At least before he made Night Flight when he got a haircut and looked more preppy (oh that scene where he sits down on OG Johnson’s cock in the airplane lavatory, goodness that’s a hot scene). Also Jim Bentley who was among by first porn crushes when I started seeing porn films in the mid 80s, once I was old enough to rent them or visit the few theatres near me. I watched Getting It a few months back, the scene with Joe Gere (another blond, at least n that film), Jim and the other guy smoking a bong in a van and then, well getting it on, that’s another of those scenes. I can see why they recruited some blond guys, or dark haired guys and convinced them to dye their hair, because as you said that California surfer look was quite popular, especially in contrast to the older and/or darker haired or skinned guys. Good to show a variety of types of guys and cast as wide a net as possible.

I feel like I caught the tail end of the porn theatre era, I visited one or two in NYC when I went there but by that time it was the late 80s and from everything I can tell they were a shadow of their former glory. Also the Bijou in Chicago, I had some fun there but mostly up the spiral staircase on the 2nd floor where it was just cock for days — and nights — that was eye opening for me in my first coming out and realizing all this stuff going on phase. The others I went to were in smaller cities closer to the places I lived. And bookstores with booths were not the same kind of setting, more one on one and less voyeurism.

Yes, some of the NYC ones were still active in that they still had rooms for sex, but I don’t think there were any more actual movies shown in them, just vhs screens. I had a 9-5 job on 7th Ave. South in 1989 (very south part of the Village), and would go to Westworld on my lunch hour and get sucked off a lot–once even had a buddy line-up, hot damn! The balcony at the Adonis had collapsed, and it moved to a nice place on 44th Street that became filthy in no time. I got some action there before it became too disgusting.

By the early 90s, Giuliani had gotten all the B’way area porn theaters closed, traffic was run out into the outer boroughs and was mostly dvd glory hole stores, or just those glass partitions which were always totally unsatisfying. Around 1999, I heard that there were two remaining real theaters, one in Queens, one in Brooklyn, but these were mostly squalid affairs (they still exist and I go to the B’klyn one maybe once every 2 years thinking I’ll find that Puerto Rican with the gigantic balls and huge uncut prick I sucked off the first time–and I never do, goddammit.) A few of the dvd stores now have huge glory holes and action can sometimes be good; I most often use one half a block from my place, where I’ve sucked off some fabulous Prick there, but even most of these have been closed because of high commercial rents.

i do not know – i know that when i was selling videos on eBay, i would check cast, director, and other tidbits like if music was credited, like it was here. GEVI also lists Solverin, but it’s not a link, so would have to look for it manually – checking out other videos from same director, Richard Morgan, I don’t see Solverin again, but these others: Cooltoones, Inc., and Rutherford Sound

Thanks for checking. I know that the credits listed on gevi are almost always as they appeared at the begining or end of the films, and not all of them would bother to list these people or have any credits aside from maybe the cast and director/producers.

I’ve been interested in the music porn films have used for some time, both the original creations as well as those from the era when filmmakers would just take whatever music they wanted from anywhere, popular or not. And I know from some of your posts that that interests you too, like the detailed post you did a long time ago about all the music in A Night At Halsted’s.

Trying to keep it short this time, re: Patrick Cowley there’s a soundcloud mix of the songs he made that actually appeared in the Fox films School Daze, Muscle Up and Afternooners, all of which were included in those albums that came out recently along with other music of his that was never released. If you or anyone wants to reminisce here’s the link, some terrific and memorable instrumental synth music:

I’ve come to the conclusion decades ago, that the demand for “hotties” far outnumbers the ones for “hunks” or “daddies”, in all-male porn. Queers notoriously, worship youth.

Each year, there always seems to be a fresh new batch, which gay porn introduces. It’s like a seasonal harvest.

What’s great about slang is that you can appropriate it for your own personal use.

I use the word “hottie” to describe a cute, yet hot looking young man, who’s matured to at least a college age, or a little older (definitely legal!) level. Their main attributes are warmth and charm.

In general, they tend to have a fresh open face, warm eyes, and a sweet, boyish smile. They also tend to be of short or average height. Their appearance may run the continuum from cute, handsome, or beautiful. Sometimes even all three at once!

The ‘80s were definitely the decade of the hotties – especially with the advent of videotape. Just look at the roaring success of William Higgins, Nova Films, Falcon Studios, Catalina Video, and others.

It continues today with studios like Randy Blue, Bel Ami, Cocky Boys, Corbin Fisher, etc.

I remember especially enjoying “Blonds Do It Best”. I agree with you that the title is slightly deceptive. My preference is with the “bull-studs” or “beasts”, but I also love “hotties”. Who doesn’t?

Some “hotties” films that I’ve also enjoyed are “Something Wild (1984)” and “Take Down (1992)”, among many others.

The main thing I remember about “Blonds Do It Best” is the one hit wonder by the name of Mark Sheldon. Leo and Lance, spit-roast him.

He was such a cute, little, beefy stud-muffin, with an ample rump. Thank God, he was versatile! Bless his beautiful hide! How I wish he did more films!

I could imagine he must have matured into quite a handsome young man. I just learned that he also modeled in Playgirl, under the name Philip Anderson. I wish I could find the pictures. Maybe you can. Be on the lookout!

This now brings me to another personal slang word that I use.

Within the category of “hottie”, is a subdivision under the title of “stud-muffin”. I describe a stud-muffin, as basically a hottie with muscles; a junior size bodybuilder, a cute looking hunk.

“Blonds Do It Best” had a number of stud-muffins, besides Mark Sheldon.

“Get ‘em while they’re hot! Get ‘em while they’re fresh!” : P

I would say that Eric Stryker was the quintessential stud-muffin: hot, sweet, and scrumptious!

I was surprised to learn, that he was actually four years older than me. He looked so young! So, nothing is written in stone, especially in gay porn. But I digress…

As you already know, most of the young performers, in very early gay porn were not especially well built. They tended to be skinny, hippie types, or twinks. Stud-muffins were rare. No wonder I was hungry!

It’s not like the basic standard today, especially with websites like Sean Cody – delicious!

By default, all stud-muffins are hotties. But not all hotties are stud-muffins. Porn stars like Leo Ford, Jack Burke, Ben Barker, Bobby Madison, Scott Anderson, etc. were all too slight in build, for me to call them stud-muffins.

However, one can evolve into the other. I think both Lance and Kevin Williams, actually got more beautiful, as they got older. They later became more muscular.

I saw Lance in person right before he died, and he was even more built than he was in “Giant Splash Shots II (1986)”. He looked considerably different, than he was in his early films.

Leo and especially Lance, have many fans, me included. I pretty much enjoyed all their films. Reading the internet porn comments, you’ll conclude, that many viewers thought that Lance was almost magical.

For the record, I would never describe a porn beast, daddy, or bull-stud, (Ledermeister, Gordon Grant, Ed Dinakos, Jake Tanner, Fred Halsted, Bull Stanton, Frank Vickers, Cole Tucker, Jack Dragon, Cannon Lee, etc.) as a “hottie” or a “stud-muffin”. : /

Boy, this was fun! Sorry for the length, but I still expect you to remember all of this! Take notes if you have to. Just kidding! : )

This is in preparation, for a future response, to a picture that you’ve already posted. You wouldn’t want me to go through all of this again, would ya? Class dismissed! ; )

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