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HUGE RYDER (for men only)

(note: this clip is the 4th segment, For Men Only: – below are credits for the entire video)

Director: Bill Clayton (AKA Matt Sterling) (1982) pre-condom

Starring: Lee Ryder, Joe Reeve, Mike Welden, Mark Hunter, Steve Rossi, Brian Spence, Rick Jensen, Matt Stoker

52 minutes running time; shot on FILM, pre-condom

  • Hot City Streets – Part 1: Lee Ryder and his buddy bump into another pair, and go into an alley.
  • Hot City Streets – Part 2: Lee and 2 of his buddies retire to a clubhouse.
  • Take It Like A Man: Mark Hunter watches Joe Reeve work on his motorcycle; soon they are taking a break.
  • For Men Only: Lee Ryder stops at a Service Station, and goes into the men’s room; Rick, the tall blond attendant, as well as a third hot looking guy also go to the rest room.

I almost posted the same clip as years back (only 11 minutes), until I previewed it and saw it didn’t show the “set up” – Lee arriving at the gas station, then going to the restroom – so the clip above is the clip 16-minutes – previously, this is what I posted years back – Lee Ryder in HUGE (old archives)

and we also have some excellent work from some youtuber named tymatzz – check this out! Music from Huge / Huge 1 – (don’t forget to subscribe and like!)

more Lee Ryder discussion – “big ears”

Jean Luc Ponty – AS shows up in Hot City Streets Part 2 as well as VALLEY BOYS, directed by Sid Roth.

Gordon Grant pornoclips

Dirty Words (pt 1)


Oh My! I haven’t watched this is like forever – nagging wife turns man gay! Just look at the look on Gordon’s face at 2:20 into the film, his wife telling him not to take too long in the Men’s Room! But in all seriousness, once Gordon is sitting on the toilet, puzzling over the graffiti, the camera just loves his face. It’s a nice chance to just enjoy how handsome he is… “make date. make date? hmmm, make date?” It’s nearly 5 minutes in before he unbuttons his shirt… the teasing! the torture! Please note this is only the first scene, so you are teased with Gordon, who then fantasizes about Big Bill Eld whacking off.

This is where I linked to at GEVI back in 2003 – Dirty Words – it has the right ad (black and white) and a correct reference or two, but it does not describe the correct film!

But this is the correct link to Dirty Words listing on GEVI, the first ad shows the correct pic, and the first description is this film, “A car is seen driving around a rural road and a whiny woman’s voice is heard bitching at her husband who is driving. The car pulls up to a rest area and Gordon Grant steps out as the wife’s voice continues bitching at him. He heads inside the rest area and starts jacking off while reading the dirty words and sexual gay graffiti on the walls, and the words lead into the following four loops, finally coming back to Gordon jerking himself to climax.”

this is my even MORE on Gordon Grant post from back in 2003

"vintage" porn stars Gordon Grant

Gordon Grant going green

more, so much more, Gordon Grant

erotic art

tulipus blowjobus

can’t recall where I nabbed this from

"vintage" porn stars vintage gay t-shirts

kirby scott

who you may remember from such films as

  • Gym Nasties (1978) w/ Gunner Hyde

oh, just the one film for COLT? and of course the 10-page photoshoot, Planning Ahead, (& cover) in 1981’s COLT MEN #9. (And there’s COLT STUDIO PRESENTS 14, BEST OF COLT MEN #3, and likely some Mandate & Honcho appearances) I’ll admit readily that Gunner Hyde is much more my type (much, much more – the 70’s mustaches, the hairy body, I could go on) but I haven’t posted a “Vintage Gay T-Shirt” in awhile… should I do one on ridiculously tight shorts, too?

"vintage" porn stars porn blogs

Collectors Realm 3

“Home of Jack Drago, Vintage Gay Male and Bob’s Guys”

I only pay attention to the Vintage Gay Male portion of the website (big surprise) – which is still HUGE! Seems to have a lot of 60’s muscle boys, but also some great stuff from the 70’s and 80’s.

If you wanna hear Eric Ryan explain where “disco skating” got it’s start – go right here. Or a nice spread on Hawk Morgan? Maybe some Campus Cocks? Or how about some Gordon Grant – he’s got at least 3 posts on Mr. Grant, and a portion of a Jim West interview that touches on his work with Gordon (although I admit to being confused with him tagging Man’s Image photography as Man’s Age – maybe it’s the same photographer, maybe it’s Jim West???). Give it a spin, but promise to come back!

"vintage" porn stars men in suits

suited Roger

the trouble with those uni-named pornstars like Roger is searching your harddrive, or even your own website, you get many, many non-ROGERS. But have at it – Nick Rogers, Jim Rogers, Clint Rogers, Frank Vickers once appeared as a Roger in TORSO, of course COLT had a Roger……