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tulipus blowjobus

can’t recall where I nabbed this from

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This is very hot, although I think the teddy bear could have been omitted. Guy reading the botany is super-hot somewhat Tom of Finland style, and I had almost forgotten that style of wearing shorts, and used to do a lot of it myself into the mid-late 80s, although I think I always zipped the fly. Not only does this era make such High Style impossible, it makes so you can barely remember it ever existed.

Reminds me of some of William Burroughs drugged fantasy-fiction, with forests huge tree-trunk size penises you could and hug and frig off and make them come huge floods of cum.


(Hope these links work!)

I have to agree with Parisian (where is he?)! This is very hot and appealing – both muscular studs!

It has an immediacy that yes, does recall the masterful, Tom of Finland – eye candy! : 0

“KINSMEN” isn’t on daddysphere. I can’t find his work anywhere! : (

Such a shame, since the drawing looks so stylishly professional – delicious lines, curves, and color! I may have seen his work in gay magazines, but I just can’t recall. I didn’t really start collecting new and used magazines; seriously, until the 90’s. : |

In 1985, I was super horny and impatient – very! : P

My main focus was seeing porn at the Century Theater, and on VHS – everything! Yeah, I would browse through monthly magazines, at gay book stores. But I would do so frantically; turning the pages quickly!

Something had to capture my attention, immediately – so impatient! I got better as I got older! Tom of Finland was the only porn art, which I would specifically buy. : )

As I’ve said before, nothing is as subjective as porn; photographed or drawn! I have high standards, as to what I enjoy. A lot of “erotic” art, I don’t find sexy or amusing. Too much, is just plain gross or weird!

I’ll elaborate later on. This drawing meets my standards and appetite, completely! It’s both hot and amusing! One reacts with an erection and a smile! It shows genuine sensuality and beauty! Warmth, charm, and personality, are very important to me!

Anyway, let me use this example, to segue into a similar artist and style! BJ and zephyr, studiously mentioned; the usual, famous gay erotic artists, and cartoonists. : 0

I wonder if either of them; is familiar with the work of Michael Broderick! Like Tom of Finland, he initially uses pencil. Hence, the name of his work is titled, HOTTLEAD! : )

Compared to the other famous ones, he’s rather recent. He deserves to be as famous, as they are – Bravo! I don’t think he started until after 2000.

He became a favorite, instantly! Like Tom of Finland and KINSMEN, his work also has a hot immediacy – more eye candy!

“Broderick” definitely has my number – BUDDY! For me, he pushes all the right buttons! We’re both on the same wavelength – FUCK YEAH! LOL! : D

It’s hard to pick a favorite picture! I love them all – horny! Like me, he’s into hot, masculine MEN! Aside from his own work, he also works for others. Let me tease you, with a rather tame, example! : )

This book of “erotica”; has his illustration on the cover – beautiful, rich color and depth! : 0't-know_cover.jpg



He’s pretty much conveys, the usual porn scenarios; of daddy/son types, engaging in butt sex – works for me! All his figures experience ecstasy, with an open mouthed, expression of “Ah!” : )

Fortunately, he doesn’t have a pervy angle to his drawings, like “Julius” and “Harry Bush”. I can enjoy his work, without queasiness. All the “bottoms”, look of age; not barely legal! : \

LUV all his work, in b & w and color – fabulous details! Notice, where he painstakingly applies hair, in this vivid picture below! Merry Christmas – Ho, Ho, Ho! : )

Not ALL his work is anal – variety! As I’ve said before, there’s nothing wrong with “raunch”, as long as it expresses genuine sensuality, and warmth! No matter how awkward or convoluted!

Without it, porn becomes cold and clinical – just vulgar. : |

Here’s another, nasty image in b & w – hot, messy fun! Once again, the details! Notice how the top’s nut sack, rests on the bottom’s, nipple – just wonderful! Love it! : D

Kinky sandwich – Ouch! The middle guy is greedy, gritting his teeth! : P

Yeah, of course porn is clichéd. The trick is to redeem it, with humor and skill – spice it up!

I like this color one below – the contrast! Broderick has imagination!

His familiar “tops”; are usually some sort of authority figures, like teachers, doctors, coaches, priests, cops, gangsters, etc.

Or they’re service or delivery men – Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Pool scenes and threesomes – more porn cliché! But this one features kissing – Ah! I love how his “bottoms”, always seem so amazed and grateful! “Wow, this is really happening to me – two daddies!” LOL!

What awesome details – water dripping, sweat, tan lines, and semen! Once again, the contrast in color!

Hope your readers, enjoyed this, BJ! Love sharing! Wish I could post all his drawings!

Also hope, I added more fans to Michael Broderick – appreciation! : O

I’m continuing! Until the next time! Thanks to you and your readers!

Ah, BJ! So many great, continuing, aesthetic, discovering, and joyful posts! : )

So little time, I’ll never catch up! : (

But there’s always a horny tomorrow! : D : P

; )

Hey obsessed, I see you’re still running with the gay art theme. Nice! Better than running with scissors, for everyone’s safety ;) not that you would do something that dangerous.

I have hundreds of art images saved on an external drive, I wish I had a way to share them. But since imgur (which was my default image sharing site of choice) has taken to immediately removing anything NSFW as soon as it’s uploaded I’m stumped. Luckily BJ devotes some time to erotic drawings on occasion.

I’ve stopped visiting anything within the ‘blogger’ sphere which is a shame, there were a few blogs there (retro studs for one, as well as some others with full scans of vintage mags like one called ‘acervo Brazil’ or something like that which I mentioned to BJ once before). I don’t do anything with google if I can help it, and for a long time you just had to click the nag message ‘yes I’m 18 or older and wish to view this’ but then they required signing into google as a secondary step to view them, so I quit going.

Anyway I remember there being quite a few erotic art blogs I used to have bookmarked, many with just lots of images but no exposition. But at least a few that tracked down the artists and provided some additional info about them.

I checked my folder where I keep erotic art and don’t have any Kinsmen, whoever he was is a mystery to me as well. His art (based on BJ’s post) does remind me a bit of T of F as well, not copying the style but inspired by it perhaps. If I had to guess I’d say BJ snagged it from a magazine or maybe one of the Meatmen collections even.

But I do have seven images by Michael Broderick — well, eight now since I liked that last one of the three guys in the pool enough to add it to my collection. Very hot, his style is slightly more modern than a lot of the gay art magazines in the 60s through the 90s would show. But not all computer generated which is so much of what’s out there now, gigantic dicks aside a lot of it feels very impersonal now.

Broderick had a way of conveying the erotic through what he drew, I can see that pretty clearly (when I have my reading glasses on anyway, showing my age there!) I can describe a few of the ones I’ve saved by him even if I can’t share them, there’s one drawn from behind a guy with a gorgeous ass, fucking someone who is laying back on a pinball machine (looks like it says Lost Planet).

Another black & white sketch has two guys in a phone booth, the bottom wearing a kilt while the top fucks him from behind, and a silhouette of someone in a hat walking by in the background. Even without the penetrative proof these drawings convey a sexuality as well as sensuality and connection, he’s quite talented.

My folder is alphabetized, Mr. Broderick falls right after the 10+ images I have of Michael Breyette. Are you familiar with him too? Both seem to fall between the primary drawing of art and the computer stuff of the past few decades. My favorite image by Breyette (I even had this as my desktop image for a time) has three hunky naked guys on a beach, mountains in the background and a massive stone statue of a naked uncut Adonis guy looking out onto the ocean, it’s truly beautiful.

Always love reading your detailed comments here, you not only express your thoughts but ‘bring receipts’ which my post today lacks, but maybe there are enough clues you can find what I’m describing.

Ok so a basic web search led me to Mr. Breyette’s website, lots more of his art can be seen there. But the beach shot I described is titled ‘Gay Mecca’ and can be seen here:

I think everything about this is outstanding, the scale, the use of colors, and of course the hot guys especially the statue protecting the nude beach goers. If I had an extra four thousand bucks I’d snap up that last copy and hang it on my wall ;)

(Hope these links work!)

zephyr – My little williwaw of fresh air! ; )

Sorry for this late response. But as usual, I’m always pressed for time, and sleep. ZZZzzz…

I’m such a pushover for attention – a real whore, actually. It’s no mystery as to why you, Johnny-My Pet-Llama, and mon ami, Parisian (where is he?), are my favorite commenters!

Not only, do all of you tolerate my bloviating, but you actually enjoy it! Too often, I simply MUST, reply to your replies. You always bring up an interesting side note, or detail – irresistible!

BJ’s a saint, for tolerating my self-indulgence! He has endless generosity, and graciousness!

It’s interesting that you brought up Michael Breyette, after I mentioned Michael Broderick. I admit; I’ve confused their names together, more than once – though their styles are completely different.

I have a vague recollection that I discovered Breyette’s work, in one of those swanky magazines like Details, Blue, or Out. Or maybe it was just Advocate Men.

He’s a rather a curious bird – a little hard to pinpoint. Especially for me, since I love categorizing!

Until you mentioned him, I wasn’t going to bring him up.

Because of time and space, I’m doing my best to edit, organize, curate, and consolidate; only subjects that segue, into what I originally want to talk about.

In regards to “Erotic Art”, what I think BJ is really referring to is “Porn Cartoons”. At least, that’s what I intend to cover. Homoerotic drawings of an abstract, stylized, exaggerated nature. Daddyshere calls these “Gay Toons”. : )

I can’t bring up everything. I intend to cover QUAINTANCE though, because his work was so influential. He was more suggestive than intimate, because of the forced censorship.

I agree that Breyette’s work, is very beautiful and above all, sensual. : )

He’s obviously very talented. Most of it, you can’t really say is hot and heavy – the quiet storm. He’s mostly into celebrating casual nudity, as opposed to frenzied lust.

I would imagine; he really values foreplay and afterglow. : )

There’s a lot a bedroom scenes, of beautiful men laying back – languorous. I like this one below: the tan-line. Like all gay artists, he definitely has a physical type – young and buff.

Here’s his self-portrait – no prude. He obviously works out to be on the prowl.

He even explains his work. He’s more into being tasteful, than raunchy. Though, he’s not above being “dirty”.

These two links below, I would describe as being “dirty”… : P



There will always be the controversy, of what constitutes “erotica”, as opposed to “porn”.

When asked the difference; Gloria Leonard – porn actress/magazine publisher/feminist (!), replied, “The lighting”. Parisian would probably back me up, in saying that she resembled actress, Polly Bergen. : )

I’m certain, that all “erotic artists”, enjoy porn! Even here, Michael’s being tasteful. : )

daddyshere is incredible! Every artist is on it – known and unknown. At least, to my eye!

Yes, I agree that “Gay Mecca” is indeed, quite beautiful, and an amusing fantasy. The usual watering holes of gay men, isn’t enough for him. He wants an entire island of beautiful men!

I like Breyette’s imagination! I often describe myself as an “androphile” – a homosexual who is distinctly attracted to the masculine. I first learned this description, from writer, Jack Donovan.

I’ve never really been comfortable, using the word, “gay”. But I do so, out of laziness and convenience.

Breyette describes this fantasy island as “Androsinia” – absolutely love it! I wonder if he got the idea, from the ancient poetess Sappho, who lived on the Greek island of Lesbos.

I don’t know the extent of your knowledge, of Greco-Roman mythology, zephyr. Most queers are aware, because it’s homoerotic. I have to correct you, about the giant statue, protecting the island. I’m such a schoolmarm! : |

Just looking at the size, and the way the feet are positioned, I knew it wasn’t Adonis, or even Apollo. Remember, Adonis became immortal, by being turned into a flower. But he wasn’t a god, or a demi-god.

This giant statue was obviously patterned after “The Colossus of Rhodes”, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. It actually existed, though later destroyed. Evidently, it was about the size of the Statue of Liberty.

I’m glad you liked the last drawing, of M. Broderick, of the three men in the pool! : D

It’s obviously a fantasy! It’s probably impossible to have three-way sex, while staying afloat, in deep water! I just love the details! : 0

He almost creates a 3-D effect, with the blue water, just below their heads – amazing! Notice also, the bathing trunk sinking to the bottom – wonderful!

I totally agree with you, regarding computer generated porn – cold and impersonal! I’m also not a fan of porn “Anime”. I just think it’s freaky. I do like the porn cartoons of Animan, however – funny! It’s great that one can view it for free! Maybe he’ll be on daddyshere, eventually, as well.

Like you, I also hate the way Google censors and tracks you down – very intrusive! : /

I finally relented and got an e-mail account, so I could view the “blogspots”. There are websites, that I simply MUST have access to, like Brutos Eros and Retro Studs.

In this internet age, it’s probably a bit naïve, to expect real privacy. What, with all the cell phone and surveillance cameras, everywhere! I may be on YouTube, and not know it! Once way or another, the government can track you! “Google wants to know you location.” NONE OF YOUR DAMN BUSINESS!

So glad that wasn’t the case, when I went to porn theaters and bath houses, back in the day! Whew!

Remember when Tumblr, was easy to view? I was like a pig in slop – so happy! It’s harder now, to “appropriate (i.e. steal)” links!

On a side note, I still find it funny that you thought, I was the owner of “Gay Porn Obsession”! LOL!

I love the French website, “Brutos Eros”, especially the name – so masculine! If I had a porn website, I would call it “Androphile Eros” – my copycat fantasy! Hey, I thought it was clever! : )

But I could never compete with BJ! I’m such a dunce, when it comes to anything technical. How does BJ do it? – Awesome!

Here’s to our next discussion, zephyr – cheers! Stay cool and breezy! : )

Ah, BJ! So many continuing, self-indulgent, compelling, aesthetic, and wonderful posts! : )

So little time! I’ll never catch up! Especially, if I MUST reply to replies! : (

; )

A quick reply back to the always knowledgeable Obsessed, in regards to Breyette and his artistic inspirations – first off as soon as you mentioned Colossus of Rhodes I knew instantly that you were right. I meant ‘adonis’ in a general way, but as usual you provided the detail that my comment lacked. Although from the looks of it the ancient statue wasn’t firmly planted on the beach, instead he seems to have had one foot on a pair of pedestals, with water in between his legs. Wonder if he was anatomically correct, giving ships sailing beneath him a view up his robe? ;) Glad you appreciate Breyette’s art as I do, and thanks for the extra pics.

I do love Animan, he’s fantastic. I think I’d like his clips even more if he just had men of around the same age fucking and sucking each other, he delves into the ‘young man as top’ territory often as a theme, though it’s undeniably hot. Internet archive to the rescue!

This clip (on my end) has many subclips found just below the video player, of varying lengths. You can also click the hyperlink to his studio name to see some of his drawings, I have a whole sub-folder of images I snagged from either his art or the clips he’s made. A true genius as his world is so idealistic 60s and innocent on the surface, but with plenty of sperm and gay sex lurking just beneath. Cheers buddy.

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