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Gordon Grant going green

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Strangely enough, this is one of the rare Gordon Grant pictures, which I don’t really care for. And it has nothing to do with His Majesty. All of his other pictures with “Man’s Image” are perfectly fine.

I can’t stand porn pictures that have obviously been “enhanced”. I railed against them for years. Gordon was hung, but he wasn’t THAT hung. I wonder how they were able to do this in the 70’s, when Photoshop didn’t exist. Did “Man’s Image” do this, or was it done by some other person or studio?

I found porn examples of this constantly, when viewing Tumblr sites. At least this photo isn’t as bad as a crude, amateurishly altered photo of Gordon Grant, with a mustache!

Here’s a perfect example that really gets my goat. What they did to gay porn star, Rob Nelson, was truly appalling and ridiculous! He’s already well-hung!

Here’s the original, untouched version:

(Scroll down #4) – This is my comment to Joe Gage on December 18, 2014. Not that I have an opinion. Unfortunately, Joe Gage doesn’t mind fake photos. He actually enjoys them. Go figure. (!)

: / : ( ; )

while I agree with you – I don’t like those “enhanced” photos – and yes, GAGE does it alllllllll the time! but I don’t agree that this is one of them

and I think this is a Roy Dean, actually. He just got him at a good angle… a lovely, encouraging angle!

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