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All American

scenes 2 & 3 from (3-way [Oral] and 3-way [Anal]!!!) All American Boys (1982) – starring Bob Wade, Lee Ryder, and Jacques Chalon (interesting that Lee was the only one to go on and do more porno films); sorry for the quality – I downloaded it, and am deleting after posting – I’m sure some of you recognized the previously posted pic – campus posters

Reddit review – which includes a list of pop songs used on the soundtrack

pornoclips VHS cover art

load after load

Preview clip from yet another video that puts me back in that basement of the porno theatre on 3rd Avenue as the voiceover for the previews carries on – “You are there as eleven good looking young studs shoot load after load of white hot cum across your screen” – oh my! Seriously, this guy takes his job very very seriously – YOU ARE THERE…. – every word, every syllable… I’m on the floor as I type this and listen to this guy – !!

As I said when I posted this clip nearly 20 years ago, if you’ve ever seen a porno video that uses Frankie Goes To Hollywood’s Relax so relentlessly, you’ve seen a Kennith Holloway movie. I don’t (yet) have a Director’s page for Mr. Holloway, but I need to reconsider that – I fear I have not fully appreciated his contribution. This movie – The Spirit Is Willing, (1986) – is one of several where Holloway uses the amazing talent of Mark Edwards – who you all must remember from Job Site, if not others as well.

pornoclips Tom DeSimone

The Model & The Masseur

I’d forgotten how much I love this Tom DeSimone film from back in 1975 – Catching Up. Sexy and with a plot! Dennis (Keith Anthoni, in his first role, I believe) and Frank (John Farrel, his only porno role?) are two lovers – and Frank wants an open relationship – which pisses Dennis off, so he leaves, only to find solice in….. a porno theatre!!! That’s this clip here, the second scene. I love love love the voiceover, and the filming of this scene – for you youngins – this is how us old gay guys back in the 70’s met each other – groping in the dark in movie theaters!

On the screen you’ve got Paul Strand (Take a Chance, Greek Lightning, Six Card Stud) and Bob Perry (his only porno role) – Keith Anthoni, of course, with Scott Heith (mustached) and Tim Christy who proceed to grope, and turn Keith on. I love this sort of gay coming-of-age – Keith is the younger man in the couple, is content with monogamy, staying at home, but once his lover announce he’s “suffocating” – Keith hits the road and sees what’s out there for him.

"vintage" porn stars

not this DOUG

working on a post with a lesser known Doug, thought Doug Weston might keep you occupied for a bit – link is to other Doug Weston posts here. I like the sweatshirt with spooge stain pic above best; the one below, we’ve seen a million times (NOT complaining!)

music in gay porno pornoclips

pinball wizard

“When Pat wins at pinball, Jerry has to pay up on their bet. It seemed a good idea before the game began, and Pat certainly turns Jerry on, but Jerry finds the idea a little scary – at first. Soon, however, both young studs are lost in a sex world of their own and steely hard cocks make their demands of passion in a game that no one loses.”

Pat Fulton, and Jerry O’Brien – from the cute short film – Pinball Wizard (1982?) – one of 6 parts from the the Heat Waves collection.

music from Giorgio Moroder, Chase – right? (Originally from the Midnight Express soundtrack) – I think the first 15 seconds-ish may be something else

Gordon Grant

crotch watcher

Tell me that pic above isn’t one of the best of Mr. Grant? I love that he never fit into the COLT wooden-God mode, but that he actually was shown enjoying sex, and was filthy and nasty and had a good time – like here in Crotch Watcher. (You’ll note that the GEVI link erroneously uses an ad for a similar, t-room film he did, Dirty Words – a solo whack off in a men’s room as he contemplates all the filty notes scrawled on the walls.) Here, he is looking for action, and gets it.

wash that filthy face, you filthy dirty fucker!

OK OK OK – a clip from the film, but not the entire episode – below, he’s already whacked off at home, but all the crotches and bulges he sees on his way to work – he’s still horny as fuck, so he pops into the nearest men’s room for another whack off, and….

music in gay porno pornoclips

lazy day video post

found online, of course, and downloaded as I was intrigued to figure out which films these clips are from, and the music – the music! cover versions of Elton John and ???? I see Clay Russell, and Dave Daniels (must be Snowballing); is that Ernie Langeberg? oh, and more from Snowballing. Ok, the idea is to post, and delete the video from the hard drive….. and… done

have at it – 45ish minutes