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lazy day video post

found online, of course, and downloaded as I was intrigued to figure out which films these clips are from, and the music – the music! cover versions of Elton John and ???? I see Clay Russell, and Dave Daniels (must be Snowballing); is that Ernie Langeberg? oh, and more from Snowballing. Ok, the idea is to post, and delete the video from the hard drive….. and… done

have at it – 45ish minutes

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My all-time favorite ski-themed gay porn film is that other one on the Other Side of Aspen. It’s just personally iconic to me, but Snoballing comes in at a close second. The two films are so similar in many ways, but also different.

This video clip is just awesome. But I had to wonder who put these all together this way.
Starting with the 2nd scene 3-way from Snoballing, then the Ernie Langeberg solo, then the Eric Ryan & Justin Thyme scene from Dynamite, and then back to the same exact scene from Snoballing again (why?) effectively bookending the compilation. Still, definitely worth watching.

Great stuff! Thanks BJ

I know – crazee – and that’s how my harddrive gets filled up – ooh, that’s cool, download, check out later…

*long message alert*

The clip is interesting, do you know what it was called? Gevi notes that the scenes from Snowballing also appeared in a Le Salon collection called Wintertime from 1991. Not sure if that’s what you uploaded though, as I’m not sure why Le Salon would delibeately include stolen music that late. The music in this clip is not the same as Snowballing anyway, which had a great soundtrack. I detailed that in the review I just put on reddit:

So if you watch the original Snowballing I took these notes:

4:35 to 6:28 — I Get Around (Beach Boys)
7:13 to 21:42 — Only Women Bleed (Alice Cooper) [looped a few times obviously]
23:32 to 32:04 — Young Americans (David Bowie) [also looped]
32:12 to 36:28 — Across The Universe (David Bowie) [Beatles cover]
43:55 to 45:00 — Speak To Me (Pink Floyd)
45:01 to 47:55 — Breathe (Pink Floyd)
47:56 to 51:41 — On The Run (Pink Floyd)
51:42 to 57:12 — Time (Pink Floyd) [so the first four songs from side A of Dark Side Of The Moon)
57:13 to 58:34 — Silver Threads & Golden Needles (unknown male folk singer)
58:35 to 59:30 — Beach Boys again

I also heard Bowie’s Rebel Rebel at about 8 minutes into this clip which I’m only about a third of the way through but again, someone replaced the music from the original films. Snowballing for sure anyway. So far it’s been all Snowballing and not the other scenes you mentioned.

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