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"vintage" porn stars NOVA films pornstar - videography

Jeff Scott

who you may remember from such films as

  • Little Brother’s Coming Out (1981)
  • The Main Attraction (1982)

oh, just two films? but also some magazines, based on the films:

  • The Main Attraction (from NOVA Starline)
  • Little Brother’s Coming Out, No. 1 (a NOVA publication)
  • LOADS! #5
  • place holder
  • place holder

"vintage" porn stars

up the down staircase

So many NOVA stars wind up in these “compilation” magazines, like Super Star Studs, and JOCK SHOTS – Gym Nasties #2 – but it’s fun to figure out who, and when

more Lee Marlin

print porn models


I was looking at a COLT magazine from 1990, and BAM! I see this gorgeous man who I am certain is not a 90’s model! digging digging digging, and I think I’ve figure it out… then, I see a similar looking guy, from an entirely different magazine/photographer, and I wonder (that’s him above)…. anyway…. trying to build up my “print model” posts… and I think this is one.

"vintage" porn stars

COLT MEN 5 (mystery man)

alas, another magazine that I should not have sold – from my eBay notes at the time – first 17 pages are of BIG MAX solo;
there are also 20 pages of Tony Regalia alone; plus 4 pages of the men together; and 3 pages of BIG MAX with another, unidentified man (you don’t see the stud’s face) – WHO IS THIS LUCKY MAN?

It’s got to be Chuck Stewart, right?

"vintage" porn stars

Tom Howard – ahhhhh, ahhhh

AKA Flex Gordan

I’m sure I’ve posted about him, Fox Studios, there’s a “bear” video from the late 90’s with Hank Hightower, I think, – and one from Palm Drive Video….and I’ve seen his name in all sorts of credits for… .editing? I ferget..

"vintage" porn stars Target Studios

Mr M

more Rod Mitchell

and yes, I know I’ve posted a version of this photo before