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Kirk Mannheim

who you may remember from such films as

  • Challenger. pt 1 (1976) – with Al Parker and Mark
  • Please Knock Before Entering (1977) found in the Bronc Rider (Falcon) collection – with Ken Orsini and Don
  • Loft to Let (1977) found in the Badlands (Falcon) collection – with Holtz and Jack Egan
  • PE-627 (1978) found in the Help Wanted (Falcon) collection – with Jeff Turk and Vince Clark
  • Flashback (Al Parker’s) (1981) – with Al Parker

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I’m not familiar with him, but he’s gorgeous. But…he is not recognizable (to me anyway) as the same one in the various photographs. In 2nd one (by the lockers) he has the same stunning face as in the last one. I wouldn’t have recognized him in the Flashback one with Parker. In the Playguy 1980 he already looks quite different from the PE-627 and ‘Loft to Let’. Is he the one standing getting sucked without face showing in the sacond PE-627? In the locker picture, I can’t tell for sure if he’s got a mustache or not, but he looks the same as he does in the last photo. Such a pretty boy in the last one and in the locker picture.

I would never know he was the same as the one in the Flashback, or maybe he just didn’t photograph well–does not look at all beautiful there as he does in the others. His GEVI photo is recognizable as the first photo you’ve posted.

Very interesting collection, I am not familiar with him, and there are 3 different looks to my eye. The only one I don’t like is the one with Parker, but the first and second ones, for example, I don’t think I’d recognize as the same boy.

The Flashback photo isn’t as good quality, but he is scruffier in that movie ( I like it!!) The Playguy photo is a SURGE photo, the same studio that did Flashback; 2nd photo, Kirk is “man in the middle”; locker pic, he definitely has mustache. I don’t have great shots of him from the Flashback film; most of the magazines photos focus on Al Parker and Kip Noll.

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