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Of course, you know that this is Paul Barresi and Tony Romano.

That bastard, Barresi, doesn’t really deserve all the assets he was endowed with. I insist I’m not a size queen, but what a pretty dick!

I rather like dick heads, where the top outer edge or corona, curl up to form a helmet, as compared to a mushroom, door knob, or rose bud. It’s sort of like a stylized arrow. LOL! ; )

It’s like the porn (and of course adult) version of that scene in Sixteen Candles, where Jake finds Ted trapped under the coffee table after the party:

Or at least my fantasy of how a porn version of that scene could have played out, Michael Schoeffling was super hot in that movie and I would have paid double the price of admission to see him whip his dick out, assuming he was old enough. I think that movie mostly appeals to other Gen X-ers such as myself and tends to be dismissed by most other generations, I know I loved it and saw it a bunch of times when it first came out.

Speaking of glass coffee tables, wasn’t there some kind of table mishap during the filming of the original The Back Row with Casey Donovan? The scene where both Casey and George Payne are in the theatre passing a joint between them, onscreen in the theatre is a scene with two other guys smoking pot above a table like that, and the guy you see in that scene keeps switching back and forth between whoever he was and Casey, if that makes sense? The actor steps over the table so that he’s straddling it, and I thought I read somewhere that that was as much of the scene as they could show because he tripped or lost his balance and the table broke beneath him.

Yes! John Hughes’ movies were extremely influential to me and my friends in my teens. Lived and breathed The Breakfast Club. Oh, and then I wanted to be Madonna in Desperately Seeking Susan. Wait, were there any movies that didn’t influence me heavily in my teens?

Madonna has long been a huge influence on me, her music mostly but the film roles she did like Susan where she wasn’t bad were notable to me, and shaped how I saw myself as I was getting older then. And the John Hughes movies, esp. 16 Candles and the Breakfast Club (to a lesser extent, Pretty In Pink). In the 80s we all had more of a shared experience still, not nearly as fractured and flooded with every conceivable style of niche content available, so you had to create your own storylines around the edges. Like with Jake in 16 Candles, part of me wanted to be friends with Samantha, and then at the end when she finally got him, another part of me started writing the sequel in my brain, 17 Candles maybe, where I heroically steal him away from her and convince him that guys are so much better lol. War Games with Matthew Broderick and Ally Sheedy is another one I watch every once in a while, for similar reasons.

The Baressi /Romano shoot was very hot; some nice scenes with Baressi and Romano embracing. wish they would have shown the ‘ real MCoy ‘ since Baressi always shot a big load

What is going on in this picture? Why is the one man under a glass coffee table? Or was this done as some Master/slave type sex scene, or something?

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