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who you may remember from such films as:

Target model Branch Lester (AKA Al Foshe, and Clyde when he modeled for Blueboy Magazine) – one film, solo, and all solo pics – but one set from – 1997????!! – is the only I’ve seen with him partnered. WHO IS THAT??

Anyway, when I wanted to add the video, it took forever to find the VHS tape down in the pornbasement, then realized I’ve got a new computer without the software conversion – ugh! But if you look down at the bottom of this post, you’ll see the quality of the tape probably wasn’t going to yield a god result – remember SP, LP, and EP speeds, are y’all too young? Alas, the internet saved me, and we have the nearly 9-minute film.

who you may remember from such publications as:

  • BLUEBOY Centerfolds – Vol 1 No 3 – (1980)
  • THE TARGET ALBUM #1 (1981)
  • THE TARGET ALBUM #2 (1981)
  • RAMROD 4 ???
  • BLUEBOY – 5th Anniversary Issue – October 1980
  • BLUEBOY July – (1980)
  • BLUEBOY October – (1980)
  • BLUEBOY July – (1981)
  • In Touch #62 – (1981)
  • HONCHO July – (1997) ???
  • HONCHO Aug – (1997)
  • HONCHO Sept – (1997) – 6 pages
  • INCHES Apr – (1999) – 2 pages
  • INCHES Feb (2005) – ??

NOVA films

Young and Ready

If I told you I bought this magazine just to get better images of the white pants, would you contribute to my bjlandbettermanfund gofundme? Anyway, there’s also a film, Young and Ready, starring Rusty Evans and Dino D’Angelo. Neither young man particularly appeals to me, but the great crotch access pants I could not resist. Then, paging through the magazine, I spot tattoos –

tattoos – including Dino’s wonderful COCK tattoo!!

pornstar - videography

Brad Peters

Brad Peters

who you may remember from such films as

  • Brothers Should Do It (1981)
  • Deep Thrust (1982)
  • Neighborhood Watch – found NOVA’s The Main Attraction compilation (1982)
  • Singlehanded (1982)
  • Skin Flix – – 3-Way Orgy scene (1982)
  • These Bases Are Loaded (1982)
  • A Few Good Men (1983)
  • Midnight Special 1: Longhorn Cowboys (1984)
  • Rangers (1984)
  • Bait (1986)
  • Good Sex (1986) Keith James
  • Man O’ Man (1986)
  • Squirts 1 (1986)
  • Uncle Mike Meets Howard (1986) Keith James
  • Bullet Videopac 10: Hot Latinos (1987) Keith James
  • Bullet Videopac 11: Battle of the Bulges (1988) Keith James

Lots of movies, but alas, not a lot of magazines – couldn’t find anything in Honcho, Mandate, Drummer for example. Sidenote (for future post/investigation) – BAIT he’s in several scenes, but alas, there is a 64 minute version, and an 82 minute version (wonder what’s missing). But I digress – thicker, hairy build, definitely my type, and love him in Rangers and the NOVA 3-way Neighborhood Watch – see clips from each, below. Also, found an interview (which I have yet to read), posted at the bottom on this post. Oh oh! I almost forgot the orgy scene with “Dr. Brad” in A Few Good Men…. So….

you may also remember Brad from such publications as:

  • These Bases Are Loaded (1982)
  • STROKE vol 1 No 3 (1982)
  • STROKE vol 1 No 4 (1982)
  • Cum! Again!! – Nova publication
  • Ready Rangers – from the film Rangers
  • Trailblazes – from the film Rangers, and Longhorn Cowboys
  • Torso April – (1986) – “Jeff Woodward”
  • THRUST Vol 1 No 4 (1987)
  • Advocate Men Jan (1988) – Keith James
  • Hot Rods: Men of Driveshaft Videos Vol 1 No1
  • MEN of ARENA 12 (1988)
  • MANSHOTS October (1993)

Neighborhood Watch


A Few Good Men

additional “reading” – vint70s-lvr


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"vintage" porn stars

lock me up!

I guess I like Eric Ryan locked up! Happy t-day, folks.

porno pet peeves

uncut club of deceit

I doubt it will take you long to figure out why this is in my “pet peeve” category – not as annoying as missing or chopped us scenes from vintage films, of course, but… a cover model who is NOT in the film??? And a hot and desirable one at that?

That’s the cassette of the video I sold back in 2006 – and from my notes:

  • Starring: Terry Long, Chris Allen, Court Michaels, Ken Rogers, Dane, Billy Riff, Benji, Lucien Garnier, Buck Brannan, Tonie Shapiro, Jon Hall; + “presenting the Big Black Meat of” Al Hudson (AKA Al Copeland), Bones, Shy Box Richard Ford, Sven Larrin, Al Copeland.
  • – Any mention of sexy Rocco Rizzoli (AKA Giorgio Canali )?
  • “this video opens with sex at a private club for uncircumcised men. The script relates a new member (Terry Long) to the club for uncut guys getting an evening-long lecture by the club clerk on foreskin, guys who enjoy foreskin, other members, and life in general. The monologue allows for the various action to be fraweworked into the film. With a video screen of anonymous penises (both excellent and real) flashing by to the clerk and the new member, the flick has ten separate sex scenes: seven are solo masturbation sequences, the other three are brief couplings. The cast is a mixture of older and younger, Caucasian and black, and some who are really hung. The videography and editing in U.N.C.U.T. are above par – an obvious fetish video for skin fans.” – Bijou Video
  • “U.N.C.U.T. gives you foreskin by the yard.” – Studflix.
  • “If providing the viewer with a wide range of ‘natural’ men was the sole aim of the producer, he has succeeded admirably.” – Advocate Men.

And another thing!! (old man yelling at cloud) – I miss the days when the IMDB completely ignored gay porn, I mean, really!

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