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Brad Peters

Brad Peters

who you may remember from such films as

  • Brothers Should Do It (1981)
  • Deep Thrust (1982)
  • Neighborhood Watch – found NOVA’s The Main Attraction compilation (1982)
  • Singlehanded (1982)
  • Skin Flix – – 3-Way Orgy scene (1982)
  • These Bases Are Loaded (1982)
  • A Few Good Men (1983)
  • Midnight Special 1: Longhorn Cowboys (1984)
  • Rangers (1984)
  • Bait (1986)
  • Good Sex (1986) Keith James
  • Man O’ Man (1986)
  • Squirts 1 (1986)
  • Uncle Mike Meets Howard (1986) Keith James
  • Bullet Videopac 10: Hot Latinos (1987) Keith James
  • Bullet Videopac 11: Battle of the Bulges (1988) Keith James

Lots of movies, but alas, not a lot of magazines – couldn’t find anything in Honcho, Mandate, Drummer for example. Sidenote (for future post/investigation) – BAIT he’s in several scenes, but alas, there is a 64 minute version, and an 82 minute version (wonder what’s missing). But I digress – thicker, hairy build, definitely my type, and love him in Rangers and the NOVA 3-way Neighborhood Watch – see clips from each, below. Also, found an interview (which I have yet to read), posted at the bottom on this post. Oh oh! I almost forgot the orgy scene with “Dr. Brad” in A Few Good Men…. So….

you may also remember Brad from such publications as:

  • These Bases Are Loaded (1982)
  • STROKE vol 1 No 3 (1982)
  • STROKE vol 1 No 4 (1982)
  • Cum! Again!! – Nova publication
  • Ready Rangers – from the film Rangers
  • Trailblazes – from the film Rangers, and Longhorn Cowboys
  • Torso April – (1986) – “Jeff Woodward”
  • THRUST Vol 1 No 4 (1987)
  • Advocate Men Jan (1988) – Keith James
  • Hot Rods: Men of Driveshaft Videos Vol 1 No1
  • MEN of ARENA 12 (1988)
  • MANSHOTS October (1993)

Neighborhood Watch


A Few Good Men

additional “reading” – vint70s-lvr

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Wow, I bet this one took a while. Outstanding post with lots of pics, clips and info. I liked him also, you do see him in These Bases Are Loaded but there’s so much action all around the room it’s intermittent. The interview looks interesting, will have to read that too. It sounds like Al Parker had pretty unrealistic expectations of him in A Few Good Men, sometimes in vintage porn it’s hard – wait, make that *difficult* enough for a guy to have gotten erect to fuck one guy, let alone a whole lineup of asses, as the note on his gevi page seems to indicate. Nice face, nice fur, nice ass and nice dick, yeah he was a standout.

Excellent profile! Brad/Keith has always been a turn-on.

To add to the mags list:

There is a hot Torso pictorial from the April 1986 issue. They called him “Jeff Woodward,” which apparently was his real name.

Also, Cum! Again!! a Nova compilation mag published after Nova went away. Maybe mid-80s? He appears with Buddy Preston & Jon King in stills from the film “Neighborhood Watch.”

Advocate Men Jan 1988 as Keith James, and it’s the same photo set that appeared in “Men of Arena.”

Finally, the Surge mag “Ready Rangers” with photos from “Rangers.”

That’s all I know.

Thanks for the yummy video clips!

EXCELLENT! I was wondering why I wasn’t finding as much as I thought he deserved in terms of magazine appearances!

Oh, wait! I missed a mag:

Hot Rods: Men of Driveshaft Videos Vol 1 No1. Date unknown, but it’s that same set of photos from Men of Arena. Photographer Joe Tiffenbach.

Damn, that is one heavy cock.
Thanks BJ!

Great interview! But I think it’s missing a page (page 78). Says “continued on page 78 but jumps mid sentence to 79)

thanks for the heads up – the file names were screwed up, hence me missing a page – should be fixed now

Brad Peters was trouble for directors; it may be why he vanished from the films after awhile. They refused to work with him.

He had issues having gay sex on film since he was supposedly “straight.” I think he was just in deep denial. A straight guy wouldn’t have gay sex.

Brad Peters started getting a bad reputation in the gay porn industry because he could not perform on command; he changed his porn name from Brad Peters to Keith James.

Al Parker’s Surge hired him as Keith James & Brad Peters.

I still think he has deep issues having gay sex. Straight men don’t have gay sex.

Brad Peters was cast obviously due to his big dick. He was a top in almost all of his films, yet when he couldn’t perform, he should have been cast a bottom, but I doubt he refused to bottom (on film).

Great body & dick, but he still had gay issues had work out in his head.

Can I just add – I can go days or weeks without a comment, and within hours of a post going up with ONE missing page from an article, 6, 7, 8 comments???!! fixed. (as far as I can tell)

You certainly are getting a lot of comments on this post, so what the heck, here’s another. How many images total are there in the Manshots interview? Because I think when you added the last one, it messed up the two surrounding it. On my desktop I see pages 67-71 fine, page 71 says ‘continued on page 78’ and the last sentence is ‘And had offered to fly me to Texas to do…” Then right below that there’s an icon for a broken image, a small box. The last image I see in full doesn’t have a page number but it starts out “going?” It was rekindled…” and then at the bottom there’s another broken image icon. That’s what I see anyway, just wanted to let you know I think you’re now missing one if not more images late in the interview.

Those pics from Manshots were great though, I think the response to this post is in part because you took the time to include the whole thing. And if you have more you could even combine them into one larger image so you wouldn’t have to add so many in a post. Like these which I constructed in Paint just by lining them up and making them all the same size:

I also did that to the Costello interview you sent me and posted it before. Just a thought.

Also, this is Brad, right? It’s two pages from a Thrust magazine I saw on adonis male, with the header Latin Lovers. It’s not a full spread but he’s notable in a few of the pics, blowing his load onto his fur in the lower right. I’m pretty sure these are stills from the Hot Latinos movie he says in the interview was the last one he made, anyway. They can be released irregularly as we both know but anyway check this out:

OMG! i thought i had fixed the interview pages…. now, I think they are done! And good catch with the additional magazine, THRUST – definitely from Bullet Videopac 10 – OK, I’m really, really really done with this post, now!

p.s. good suggestion about using PAINT – which i just did with the subsequent post – but I have a hard time using it for larger images, and I wanted these pages to be legible, without having to click to make larger.

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