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Eddy Calhoun

who you may remember from such films as:

So of course I was working on another pornstar videography, but got interrupted by a hijacking, er, interesting set of questions over here – one of which was whether Ed Calhoun is in fact Tom Ross, seen in only one film, Jaguar’s The Grease Monkeys, in a very hot, but likely chopped/mangled scene with Nick Rogers.

Alas, my video editing software is on the fritz, so I can’t submit a clip, or even a still – I was hoping to get at least a still of the back of his (balding) head, but notice all the COLT photos have him with a hat on! But back to Eddy. I’m wondering if his work (for COLT, anyway) was limited to one photoshoot – 1977-ish, as he’s not featured in any of the early publications but for one or two pics, before the 1990 COLT STUDIO PRESENTS 14: Men of the Wild West, where he’s finally featured in 5 full pages, 2 of which include the mystery (tattooed) man see above.

who you may remember from such publications as:

  • MANDATE (Dec 1977)
  • 1978 MANDATE Calendar
  • 1978 COLT Calendar – February
  • HONCHO (Sept 1978)
  • COLT STUDIO PRESENTS 2: Denim Edition (1980)
  • COLT STUDIO PRESENTS 14: Men of the Wild West (1990)
  • photoset F34 / slides S132 – w/unidentified partner (tattoo!)


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from an advert in HIM magazine from 1981, you know who these boys are, right?

clues / answer, here



maybe run this feature in color, Honcho?

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one more minute

The Grease Monkeys (1979) – this scene – Nick Rodgers, Kip Noll, Lee Marlin – fair warning, this is NOT a sex scene, but just a fun portion of the movie, where you get to see the guys goof around with each other, “dance” and of course someone will notice something about Lee Marlin. Enjoy

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Brian Michaels

AKA Bobby Madison (mostly the Higgins films), I prefer Brian, as I most clearly remember noticing him in The Bigger the Better, as he was such a bossy bottom, really took the lead in the scene (as he did in other scenes, like in A Matter of Size , if I remember correctly – but my digital copy is kinda mangled – I digress). I thought the group scene from Hand In Hand might be fun, as it’s not seen very often – scroll down for that, and scroll down further to get the scene from Something Wild

who you may remember from such films as:

  • Brother Load – (1983)
  • Leo & Lance: The Good Times Are Here – (1983)
  • A Matter of Size – (1983)
  • Pipeline – (1984)
  • The Bigger the Better – (1984)
  • Something Wild – (1984) – (Nova)
  • The Master of the Discipline – (1984)
  • French Lieutenant’s Boys – (1984)
  • Below the Belt (CalifDreamMach) – (1985)
  • In Heat (HandInHand) – (1986)

A “short” directed by Robert Alvarez, Noon with J.D. Slater and others, this was part of the film from what was likely Brian’s last film, In Heat, (1986) . Hhhhhmmm. What do you think? Well-shot, but I miss Brian’s vocalizations – imagine him bossing JD around ? I think there was a lost opportunity here – not that the other guys didn’t have nice bodies – they all did – but Brian and JD just didn’t get the chance to really go at it, with all of Brian’s commands… notice that the last seconds, post-cum, has more passion than the previous 20 minutes!

who you may remember from such magazines as:

  • Something Wild – from the film Something Wild
  • PRIVATE FIRST CLASS from the Higgins film – BROTHER LOAD
  • ROADSIDE CHERRY – Leo Ford, Bobby Madison, Aaron Gage from the film Leo & Lance
  • LAVA FUCK – from the film Brother Load – 80% same magazine as Hot & Juicy
  • COCKSURE – from the film French Lieutenant’s Boys
  • Hot & Juicy from the film Brother Load – 80% same magazine as LAVA FUCK

Pantheon Productions

in there?

from the Pantheon magazine Spike 3, photograph by COLIN MYER, 1980

NOVA films pornoclips

very liberal

“Tell me Glenn, just how liberal are you?”

from a film I’ve written about several times before – Something Wild