Pantheon Productions photographers

hold on

Photos by Adam Cadman. From the magazine Fuse, and the film Appliance Repair

Pantheon Productions photographers

stroke this

working on a longer “videography” post on a 70’s pornstar who never got top billing, was supersexy, but alas, pics of him are few and far between – in fact nearly all what i am finding, he is upstaged by a certain even sexier more famous (and yet less prolific, film-wise, star) so meanwhile….

From the magazine Strokes No3 (1980), from PANTHEON Productions, photographed by ADAM CADMAN. Unable to find any corresponding film, nor the names of either of these gulpalicious men.

Pantheon Productions

Appliance Repair

from the Working Men series, but I will be damned I couldn’t figure out which appliance they were trying to repair! more research, of course!

I know I could’ve posted more, but there’s something about jeans and cocks that said this is enuf.

update: from Appliance RepairIS a film – starring Brad & Greg

Pantheon Productions photographers

hard hats and staches

from SPIKE 3 (1980), Pantheon Productions, photographed by Colin Myer – there has to be a corresponding film, right?

Pantheon Productions pornoclips

The Plumbers

Victor Houston & Rob (photographed by Adam Cadman, Pantheon Productions) from the WORKING MEN film loop series – The Plumbers (1979) – “Victor Houston and his apprentice Rob don’t use their tools on the sink for very long before they turn to plumbing each other. “

music – Vangelis’ Himalaya segues briefly at the end into Alan Parsons Project Hyper-Gamma-Spaces – much more fitting track – makes me wonder if Working Men #4 continues with this tune. (I just checked, it does – much more fitting music for porno, methinks)

Pantheon Productions photographers pornoclips socks

impulse #6

“Don’s been helping Carl work on his truck but can’t resist the bulge in Carl’s overalls. Car and Don suck and rim each other in the truck’s cab and over the door before moving to the back where Carl fucks the shit out of Don.”

wait; what? over the door?

Impulse #6 – Garage (1981)

pics from the 1980 Pantheon magazine, REV #2, photographed by ADAM CADMAN

edit/update:“With Peter Gomez autograph. Nice guy. Hot sex.”

Pantheon Productions photographers

hung blonde mustache

fine, fine, he has a name – TY WINDSOR – as does his buddy (Jae Vitale); and we know who the photographer is – Adam V. Mild

and the magazine, a Pantheon publication called LANCE (1980) – don’t know where the magazine title comes from (ummmm), don’t know if these gentlemen ever did any film work.