F troop

The Boys of Company F. (1984?) – directed by Raymond Goodwyn (his only film)

Starring: Rick Donovan, Jeff Richards, Bob Carson, Jim Higgins, Joe Reeves , Charles Hammond, Tom Dreyer, Rick Evans, Sam Powers, Jim Highland, David Gilbert

I’ve always thought the date 1984 seemed late, given the look of the film; and my old cassette actually has 1985 as the date. But maybe it was produced only as early as 1982 or 1983… ’83 being the year Rick Donovan first came on the scene in Sailor in the Wild (in the scene where Leo Ford does all the work, and makes the scene work!). You’ll notice this promo says this is Rick’s first film – so something delayed the release. Anyway, while Donovan is the sergeant barking orders, and he’s in the orgy finale, he’s barely in the film, and scene 3 is arguably the best scene – with hottie Joe Reeves and Bob Carson, where Joe barters sex for a chopper part he desperately needs.

hmmmpf. Actually re-watching the scene, meh! I guess it was the setting / setup that seemed hot (army barracks, bare mattress, Joe Reeves look as his face is buried in the mattress), but I think our resident reddit reviewer is correct – “so rote” – the “top” was just so uninterested in what/who he was doing – and it’s Joe fuckin’ Reeves! Stills are much hotter. The promo, I still like the promo clip.

music by Richard Kinner

pornoclips pornstar - videography

Max Montoya

who you may remember from such films as:

  • Gayracula – (1983) – as Max Cooper
  • Manplay – Foreskin Fantasy 2 – (1984)
  • Outpost – (1985)
  • Modern Men, Modern Toys – (1985) – (see clip below)
  • Private Pool Party – (1986)
  • Dock 9 – (1986)
  • S.F. Packing Co. – (1987)
  • Max Makes It Big! – (1987) – (see clip below)
  • Rod’s Raiders – (1987)
  • Black Magic, White Heat – (1987) = ???
  • Uncut Gems: Diamonds in the Raw – (1988)
  • Foreskin Fever -Uncut Fever 2 – (1990)
  • Stud Search (Adam) – (1990)
  • Uncut Fever 1 – (1990)
  • At Skinner Jack’s – (1990)
  • Hoods and Helmets – (1990)

Max Makes It Big! – scene 5

who you may remember from such publications as:

  • STUDFLIX vol2 No 3 – (1983) – Gayracula
  • Welcum Wagon – (1984) – from the 1986 film DOCK 9
  • Night LustGayracula
  • INCHES August – (1985)
  • Stroke Vol 5 No 2 (1985)
  • Outpost – from the 1985 film – OUTPOST
  • UNCUT Vol 2 #1 – (1987) – September
  • THRUST vol1 No 1 – (1987)
  • INCHES: Gayporn Star’s Annual – (1991)
  • TOY 115 – cover

Modern Men, Modern Toys

MAX, elsewhere on BJland

Cadinot directors pornoclips

cadinot promo

Y’all know I prefer Cadinot’s still photography to his movies? Basically the films are invariably very young men, not my taste – but I do recall fondly watching some of these films in Chicago’s Bijou Theatre, and then of course New York’s Jewel / Bijou Theatre, downtown on 3rd Avenue. Despite not particularly enjoying his choice of models, the films are well done, big cocks, lots of thrusting motions, good cum shots, and of course the occasional cum shot that is NOT CUM – but makes me giggle. Can’t recall if the voiceover/dub was also in the films themselves. Includes promos from films released on videotape through Marksman Productions

enjoy snippets from – Harem – (1984) AKA Sex Bazaar; Aime… comme Minet (1982) AKA All of Me; Les minets sauvages (1984) AKA Tough & Tender; Age tendre (1984) AKA Coming Soon; and Hot on the Trail AKA Scouts II – did I miss any?

El Paso Wrecking Corp. pornoclips

come with a grown-up

As is often the case, I am working on a post, get sidetracked (or fall down a rabbit hole) and hours, possibly days later, that post hasn’t yet been published but a new one (or 2, or 3) appears in the drafts folder, to work on later, and set the same potential derailing in motion again. All that to say, noticed that this version of the El Paso trailers (there are at least 3, I think) hadn’t gotten much attention. This is with a female voiceover, (Gage mentioned once she’s a famous soap opera star from the time), kinda going for that “porno chic” feel from the early 70’s when allegedly mixed audiences were found at some theatres more for the fun of seeing an X-rated film, and less so for the sex going on all around you. (I suppose that’s where we fall today, whenever an old classic gets the remastering or gay film festival treatment. sigh.) And of course, watching this several times I am reminded of this one moment, seen above, that I don’t think is actually in the film! It may have been extra footage, something that didn’t fit the narrative (my take, based on nothing, is that it was to be part of the finale – which more or less takes place indoors, before the particular “wrecking” of a property, and they baptize the place with an orgy) – but I have seen no trace of this anywhere in the full film, and I have watched it dozens of times (likely more). So, enjoy – less that 90 seconds, but packed with man-on-man sexiness.

El Paso Wrecking Corp. (1977) – “It’s rated X, so come with a grown-up”

"vintage" porn stars pornoclips

… and cough

..and cough from Class of 1984, pt 2 (1981)

initially it was the photo of nice ass and freckled back that got my attention, and I ASSumed this nice ass belonged to Karl Hansen – but, alas, comparing feet (actually, sox versus bare feet) I realized my mistake, it’s his partner, and “patient” Derrick Stanton

"vintage" porn stars pornoclips

oh, Max!

So I’m working on a Max Montoya videography post, but once I re-watched this scene from Gayracula (and looked at a few publicity stills that oddly never made it into the Supernatural Studs magazine based on the film) I knew I had to make this it’s own post. Y’all know how much I love this film – check out more Gayracula on BJland – and I know many of you get into Doug Weston, Max’s co-star in this scene from the 1983 film. I mean, my god, Max – those dangling balls are awesome! Enjoy!

"vintage" porn stars pornoclips

security guard

Arcade (1984) – Director: Jim West (1984) “precondom” – full movie is 65 minutes running time

Starring: Eric Stryker (AKA Noel Kemp, Mike Kelly), Nick Rodgers (as the Security Guard), Kevin Hunt, Jose Castiore, Phillip Todd, Joey Roma, Chip DeLorme, and Zed Michaels

We’ve all been there, doing nasty stuff in a sleazy porn video shop, when the knock on the door comes – and in this movie, it’s mustached and hairy killjoy Nick Rodgers, the security guard, patrolling the area in order to prevent any hanky panky from occurring. Suspecting something might be going on in a (rather spacious) video booth, he pounds on the door. (Or sometimes we hear the less intrusive barking mantra “more quarters, gentlemen” at the politer venues – but I digress.) Here, the 4 men have had enough, so they confront him, ripping off his shirt, then using a knife to cut him out of his jeans! I had forgotten just how menacing Eric Stryker is here with the big knife! – and where in those tight jeans did he stow that? And the menacing music! Knife going up the jeans, towards his…. I can’t watch! Don’t hurt Nick’s gorgeous cock!

….cue: Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s Relax and Eric and Nick get it on.

Meanwhile, the other 3 have sex nearby. Why? Don’t get me wrong, I like the pairing of Eric and Nick, but why have the 4 guys “get back” at Nick, only to back off and let Eric have all the Nick-fun? Finale involves Eric on the porno arcade’s floor (you’d think it would be Nick, but Eric is the star of the movie, appearing in all the scenes!) as all them men finish up around him.

“Arcade”, original theme song, performed by Jake Coletti, written by Jake Coletti and Jim West (scroll down to last video clip / promo)

and don’t forget to check out this reddit review – he digs the theme song as much as i do!