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…and Tim’s throat

Not a Tim Kramer fan – at all – but this scene intrigues me because Tim is “taught a lesson” or some such nonsense by having 8 “cowboys” assault his throat – and one is supposed to be Greg Strom – but I don’t see him!

Men of the Midway – Roger Earl (1983)

Usually my posts regarding Men of the Midway (more here: Men of the Midway ) is about Paul Baressi’s scene with Chris Burns) – but now I’m kinda intrigued with this guy – Jim Strider (or Jack Strider?) seen above on his knees – and he’s the guy who grab’s Tim at the beginning of the scene above and gives him to the “cowboys”

pornoclips pornstar - videography

Vince Bruno

(furry, on the left) who you may remember from such films as:

  • Peter the Peeker – (1971) – AKA Gay Pride???
  • Deadly Blows – (1971 or 1975)
  • Boys of Barabas – (1971)
  • Forced! AKA Forced Entry – (1971)
  • Inmates – AKA Confessions of an Inmate ?
  • “The Boxer, the Trainer, the Biker” found in Palace of Pleasures – (1981)
  • Head Boss found in The Boys of San Francisco – (1981)

Vince Bruno (AKA Duro Sudd, Vic Bruno on Letterboxd) – nearly impossible to find good solo still shots of this furry beast. And the movies listed above, will likely need a good edit. That VINEGAR SYNDROME has remastered Boys of Barabas has me intrigued, plus a bit pissed that I missed the limited release. sigh

clip from Deadly Blows

clip from The Boys of San Francisco

who you may remember from such publications as:

  • SKINFLICKS Vol 1 No 2 – (1981) – Palace of Pleasures feature
  • Big Boss – from The Boys of San Francisco
  • Palace of Pleasures

Brentwood pornoclips

Big Parade

Big Parade – 1977 Brentwood (or 1978?)

Two things – I posted mainly for the San Francisco parade footage, as I have yet to sit down and watch the entire 28 minutes! and silly me, I actually purchased the 8MM film you see scanned here just for a good copy imagery!

“S.F. Gay Parade is in full swing. I’ve never seen so many hot fucking dudes in one area at one time. In Levi’s, shorts, tank tops, some shirtless, all exposing their warmth, sensuality and love for one another.

I couldn’t believe the hunk of a man in the miner’s helmet who was dancing on one of the floats. He was a hot mother-fucker with a body built for sex, and a rugged face with sexy bedroom eyes.”

NOVA films pornoclips

Cleanin’ Up

Cleanin’ Up – Gerry Hart & T.J. Morgan – in a “short” that’s included in the Nova Film’s Kyd Stuf (you can imagine what the Meese Commission, eBay, and others thought of that title!

Irregardless, I think jeans guy is super hot, and love the white pants on the other guy! enjoy

“Bored with waiting for his dad to get back to the office, Gerry wanders out into the carpentry shop. Boredom dissolves, however, when Gerry spots Hunky T.J. cleaning up the shop. When T.J. responds to Gerry’s flirting with a hard thick cock, Gerry begins performing tricks that make both young guys very happy.”



Forced! – 1971 – starring Rod Derringer, S. Granger, S. Morrison, Vince Bruno, and Carl Ford- this scene Rod & Vince

I am working on a “pornstar videography” of Vince Bruno, (hubba hubba!) but as I was working on this clip, I thought this should be a stand alone post. No particular reason, other than the videography was (as usual) taking longer than I hoped, and this is a cool scene. Not a lot of info on Vince (AKA Vic, Victor, and more), nor about his apparent gap in movie-making from early 70’s to late70’s/early 80’s – more on that later.

Vic Bruno on Letterboxd

Francis Ellie P M Productions pornoclips

Death of Scorpio

The Death of Scorpio – (1981) – Francis Ellie

Story of a jealous artist’s (Shawn Gregory) revenge. He lures his ex (Michael Stone), and 2 friends separately to his home to have sex, then poisons them. Filmed in Soho (NYC).

Starring: Scorpio, Shawn Gregory , Michael Stone (AKA Michael Munsey ), Ron Flash, Bill Williams, Rick Hades.

I was never much of a Scorpio fan, so it’s fitting that the finale from this film, scene 3, doesn’t have him in it, but Shawn Gregory, and Michael Stone (AKA Michael Munsey)

from Casey’s letterboxd review“Shawn Gregory and Michael Munsey, the gorgeous mustachioed stars of IN SEARCH OF THE PERFECT MAN, are reunited and again have electric chemistry. Gregory is an artist distraught over the dissolution of his relationship with Munsey, which he blames on mutual friends Giuseppe Welch and Scorpio. He hatches a plan to murder them and Munsey with poisoned drinks (how poetic), but of course not until after he’s had one final bang with them as a send-off.”

YorjYefferson’s VintageGayVids review

Palm Drive Video pornoclips

Nasty Blond Carpenter

Nasty Blond Carpenter – (2000? 1988) – Jack Husky

bonus – article about wrestler Chris Colt – Colt’s gay films a purposeful dig – Jack’s wrestling partner in a film or two from Palm Drive.