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Jobsite – scene 8

scene 8: construction guys working on converting the abandoned bar into a gay bar all take a break – 7 guys

Director: Kennith Holloway (1984)

Eric Ryan barking orders as foreman – the “circus” music before the action starts – “shut up ya little shit and grab my dick”“if they’re gonna go for it, I’m gonna go for it” – and of course, the pop music kicks in….

I may have to do a quick look at the entire film, to see if it needs the “what pop songs are on the soundtrack” treatment – in this scene is an instrumental of…

"vintage" porn stars pornoclips Wakefield Poole

Apartment for Rent

3rd and final scene from Moving!

Director: Wakefield Poole (1974) – starring Peter Fisk and Tom Wright

This scene is best known for the fisting portion, as Poole wanted to honor his partner’s (Peter Fisk) interest in it. But I found the buzzing off of Tom Wright’s hair to be what turned me on! Maybe because I was anticipating the former, and didn’t know about the latter. Saw it for the first time (uncut) in 2002 at a Poole retrospective, and got to meet Mr. Poole!

previously on BJland (2009 post); and even more rambling about Peter Fisk; and some more rambling on Moving! (2011 post)

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Joe Gage music in gay porno pornoclips

Closed Set II – soundtrack

Closed Set II

Director: Joe Gage (1984)
so – “we” nearly got all the songs identified back in January 2020 thanks to zephyr – (and by “WE” I mean he – all but 3 or 4!!! ) – check out more details in the comments over on the original post

  • unknown song #1 Left Overs – The M.G.’s – (1:30 – 4:15)
  • Don’t Stop Your Love – Booker T – (4:15 – 17:58)
  • unknown song #2 -“Drivin’ Wheel” – Emmylou Harris (from “White Shoes” 1983) (17:58 – 20:40) – from contributor “JustMe”
  • I Love A Rainy Night – Eddie Rabbitt – (20:40 – 23:26)
  • Looking Out My Back Door – CCR – (23:26 – 24:47)
  • Let’s Get Over Them Together – Moe Bandy & Becky Hobbs – (24:47 – 27:24)
  • Paradise Tonight – Charly McClain & Mickey Gilley – (27:24 – 30:14)
  • Slow Burn – T.G. Sheppard –(30:14 – 33:16)
  • Somebody’s Gonna Love You – Lee Greenwood –(33:16 – 36:25)
  • Jose Cuervo – Shelly West – (36:25 – 38:58)
  • ad for something called Delwood – (38:58 – 39:52)
  • Who’s Cheatin’ Who – Charly McClain – (39:52 – 41:54)
  • How Could I Love Her So Much – Johnny Rodriguez – (41:54 – 44:35)
  • Sundown – Gordon Lightfoot – (44:35 – 47:44)
  • Here Comes The Hurt Again – Mickey Gilley – (47:44 – 50:18)
  • Holdin’ The Bag – Moe Bandy & Joe Stampley – (50:18 – 52:38)
  • When I’m Away From You – Bellamy Brothers – (52:38 – 57:28)
  • Houston Means I’m One Day Closer To You – Gatlin Brothers – (57:28 – 1:00:14)
  • unknown song #3 – Leaving the Past – Booker T. & The M.G.’s – (1:00:14 – 1:03:10)
  • unknown song #4 – Frustration – Booker T. & The M.G.’s – – (1:03:10 – 1:14:25)

edit: OOOOOPPPPPPPS! heehee! I was so busy posting this, I neglected to actually play the movie in the background while working on this – Of course the opening theme, The M.G.’s – Left Overs (Bucaramanga), is playing throughout the original Closed Set! and is one of those “trademark” Joe Gage sounds that can instantly get me horny I heard it so much in the porno theatres back (ahem) years ago.. I need to re-post that trailer…it’s linked in the link above.

Al Parker music in gay porno pornoclips

flashback music project

Al Parker’s Flashback

Director: Al Parker and Steve Scott (1981) – 68 minutes running time is this time from my notes back in 2009; this version I’ve uploaded seems to be only 65 minutes – hmmmm.

Starring: Al Parker, Kip Noll, Scott Taylor, Kirk Mannheim, David Wilcox, Chris Noll, and Steve Taylor (as Mr. Ross)

Al Parker is making a porn video and need more guys to star in it, besides himself

OKAY – so the movie is above, and we wanna do our best to figure out the soundtrack – below are a bunch of spots for us (you, the readers, and me, the porno-crazed blogger) to update – post in the comments and I will update this page accordingly – if you want to note what’s going on during the music you’ve identified, or how far into the film, that would help – hope it’s fun!

  • Aeo [Part 1 & 2] – Brian Brigs – opening scene with Al and photographer Kirk – (looped at least twice)
  • Violation – Saint Tropez
  • Was Dog A Doughnut — Cat Stevens (credit: zephyr)
  • Voices Inside My Head (vocal & inst.) – Common Sense (credit: zephyr)
  • Oxygène Part I – Jean Michel Jarre
  • Oxygène Part 2 – Jean Michel Jarre
  • Voice’s Inside My Head – Common Sense (credit: zephyr)

a utube tribute Al Parker Flashback

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"vintage" porn stars pornoclips

Tough Competition

Director: Casey Lee Klinger and Richard Morgan (1984/5?) 82 minutes running time (watch this; some versions are shorter!)

Starring: Kyle Carrington, Scott Avery, Dan Parks, Doug Weston, Stephen Kolis, Jim Bentley, David Leslie, Jeffrey Lanse, Rydar Hanson, Joey Roma. music by Rutherford Sound

In this opening scene, Kyle Carrington wins a swim meet and is interviewed by TV reporter Doug Weston in the lockerroom.

From what I can tell, Carrington’s porno career is limited to 2 original movies – Tough Competition and Popular Mechanics; scenes from which make up a 3rd, The All-American Man; and then those same scenes find their way in at least 8 other compilation tapes. In some newer versions of Tough Competition, notably from MIDNIGHT MEN, it does not have the full-length solo of Carrington in bed and in front of a dresser mirror oiling up. The music is provided by Rutherford Sound.

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"vintage" porn stars pornoclips

strings attached

No Strings Attached

remember mid-80’s when they tried to sell porn stars as dancers, and these no-sex videos came out?

Starring: Rocky Armano, John Rocklin, Johnny Davenport, Douglas O’Keefe, Jason Lowe

I sold my copy back in 2002 – from my notes: Clocking in at only 30 minutes running time; 5 guys dance (solo) and strip, in a different outfit each. While each is clearly excited once each is naked, there is NO SEX!

I think this was originally produced for mail order only, gay porn stars featured with the idea of appealing to women (one scene has a female fan watching John Davenport – shown above).

"vintage" porn stars music in gay porno pornoclips

Making It Huge

The Crawford Academy of Performing Arts

Director: David McCabe (1985)

Starring: Jim Bentley, Tony Rosario, Michael Christopher, Daniel Holt, Cole Taylor, Jeremy Scott, Blake Cass, Rydar Hanson, Rich Parsons, and in non-sexual roles Mark Edwards, Terry LeGrand

From previous post of 19 years ago I recall that I must’ve heard/seen this video dozens of times at the porn theatre on 3rd Avenue and 13th, and always associated The B-52’s Legal Tender with that movie. But back in 2001, when I purchased a video copy of Making It Huge, none of the soundtrack was there! In fact, they had done such a poor job of re-editing with a porno-standard Casio-synth soundtrack, that all dialogue was off! An awful job, and I forgot to keep one of these bad copies for posterity. But check your own copy if you have one. Anyway, from what I remember, these are a few of the tunes in the movie:

  • A Girl In Trouble (Is A Temporary Thing) – ROMEO VOID
  • Send Me An Angel – REAL LIFE
  • Legal Tender – B-52’S
  • Edge Of The Razor – STEPHANIE MILLS

Alas, even in this original better version, they got lazy, and re-looped the same 5-8 tunes throughout the movie – anyone interested in checking this out for sure to see if I missed any tunes, I can arrange a full movie download.