"vintage" porn stars pornoclips

Trick Time with Michael Christopher

adorable Michael Christopher gets interviewed by Trick Time (1984) director Joseph Yale (and Fred Halsted gets in a question or two).

"vintage" porn stars music in gay porno pornoclips

Bruno’s theme(?)

Bruno’s World – Director: Rip Colt (1975) Bruno & Toby


Warehouse in L.A.

director: William Higgins (1982)
Starring: Michael Christopher, Giorgio Canali, Mike Dean, Dusty Sands, Morgan, Cliff Austin, Terry Craig, Frank Johns, Rick Kennedy, Ed Michaels, Lance Whitman

The Best Little Warehouse in L.A.

"vintage" porn stars music in gay porno pornoclips

how i got the answer

oh my. you’d think before I go pulling boxes out of closets, loading up VHS tapes, and banging the VCR remote over and over again to get that last bit of life out of the batteries, I might check a previous post (How he got the story) to see if I already have an answer to the question of where have we heard that dang song! (the non-porno version – They Lied to Me). But nooooooooo! So, while I was at it, figured recording/converting to digital (and posting the full 20-minute short film) was in order, and you can see how long you can last with that dang song playing before you turn the sound off!

How I Got The Story

NOVA Films, How I Got The Story, starring Michael Christopher and Beau Matthews

"vintage" porn stars music in gay porno pornoclips

Good Times Coming

I just nabbed this VHS from eBay for a good price, even though I am supposed to be thinning my collection, not expanding it. A quick pop in the video player to see if it’s in good shape, and oh – “what’s that music?” Taking a suggestion from a reader, I clicked on Shazam on my phone….

i fast-forward, hit play, click Shazam again, and…. over and over, NO RESULT – TRY AGAIN… then I get to the Lance clip and the very familiar “Make Love To Me”… and….nada! so it must be some William Higgins / Costello Presley concoction/creation? (who’s doing the Costello Presley documentary?)

director: Dan Allman (60 minutes) (1982, compiled from shorts)

starring: (in order of appearance) Mark; Lance and Thor; Jamie Wingo, T.N.T., Chaz (Holderman); Lance again (solo); T.N.T. and Jeff Holden

P.S. – at some point, and I got so frustrated I don’t remember where, it i.d’d Keep On by Touch.


The Experiment

“They’d been good buddies all their lives, but for one night they were going to be lovers. They’d get a little drunk, and they’d explore every sexual variation two guys have ever encountered together. And tommorrow they would forget – The Experiment.

Or would they?”

Director: Gorton Hall (1973)
Starring: Dave Craig, David Blair, Eva Faye, Gorton Hall, Jimmy Hughes, Joey Daniels, Mike Stevens, Peter Thomas, Robert Weaver, and Tony Ross .

from Jaguar Productions, primarily producing from 1970-75, when they hit legal and/or financial troubles, and ceased operations again until a handful of films late 70’s (video re-posted from 2002)

Joe Gage pornoclips

Joe Gage – Closed Set II

was asked a bazillion years ago about posting this so enjoy! from director Joe Gage (duh!) – no actor/model credits, but of the 19 guys, you can see – J.D. Warshaw (who you should recognize from 501 ), Daniel Holt, Joe Gage (allegedly, although I personally haven;t yet spotted him), Richard West, and Tom Law. The intro uses the same music and sound effects from the first Closed Set, but then it sounds like a boombox in the room playing random music. The last 20 minutes tries to recreate the last scene from the original – not possible to be that hot, but it’s alright. What do you think?

anyone want to add to the cast listing, (or the musical soundtrack!) comment below or email me, please! (like the redhead from In the Name of Leather – what’s his name?)