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senses working overtime

You’ve probably seen this 3-way all over the internet for years – it’s from a loop – Overtime Training – which was part of Tom DeSimone’s 1980 release, Flesh & Fantasy. And nooooooooooo, not gonna call it Flesh & Fantasy 1, even though a “Flesh and Fantasy 2” was made nearly 20 years later. Original title, regardless of Catalina or whichever corporate overlord owns the rights today.

Director: Tom DeSimone (1980)

Plot: workers complaining about asshole foreman; foreman hears them and a confrontation begins, which of course leads to foreman being ‘forced’ into sex with the pair – Check out foreman Randy Gutzman – he’s in only one film? Go ahead, click the link, you’ll see 5 titles, but they are all the same scene from Flesh & Fantasy. I mean, those puppy dog eyes asking for more! Too bad, right?

pornoclips pornstar - videography

Ken Alexander

who you may remember from such films as:

We know him as Ken Alexander – but I have to admit, I can’t quite place my fascination with him – thick slab of meat? “Dad bod”? mustache? combo….. ? Anyway, for the squeamish, the first video is just the first 3 minutes of The Crisco Kids – before the action gets too heavy. I love how Ken is somehow put off, offended (at first) at the customer grabbing at his ass…. but minutes later he’s reaching for the Crisco!

alias TOM KENT / Jim Stewart?

who you may remember from such magazines as:

  • Knights of the Night 1 – The Crisco Kids (1975)
  • Knights of the Night 2 – Brutal Birthday (1975)
  • Knights of the Night 5 – Depth Charge (1975)
  • Heavy Hitters
  • Hard Working Men
  • Hard At Work
  • Leather & Levi Guys Vol 1 No 1
  • Leather & Levi Guys No 2

pornoclips pornstar - videography

Chris Adams

who you may remember from such films as:

  • Gemini (1977)
  • Heavy Equipment (1977)

CHRIS ADAMS – only 2 films??? that’s crazy! And in one, Gemini , they sometimes left off the “s” at the end of his name in advertising materials. And in both films, some of the action takes place on a construction site, so we get the hardhat Chris – yum! He also went by Chris Marlin (NOVA?), which I question because I have so far found no NOVA films, and the magazines are other publishers. And then his last (known) alias was Rusty Baldwin (COLT) – he did some amazing pics with Mike Davis.

Imagine, a few magazines, just 2 films, and you’ve worked with Jack Wrangler, Al Parker, Frank Evans, and Mike Davis!! That the Colt photos seemed to not appear until 1986 seems odd, so I am possibly missing an earlier appearance(?) in print somewhere(?)

Heavy Equipmentlucky-chris-adams with Jack & Al

who you may remember from such magazines as:

  • BLUEBOY Vol 23 (AUG 1978)
  • Man Alive #2 (1978?)
  • Man Alive #4 (1978?)
  • Sex Scenes – #2 SHOWER HOT as Gary, with Frank Evans
  • Stud – #4 – with Frank Evans – same pics as above, but as “Chris”
  • The Jock Book – Vol 2 (1977?)
  • COLT STUDIO PRESENTS #8 – The Great Duals (1986) w/ Mike Davis

Clay Russell pornoclips

Warehouse Load

Warehouse Load – part of the Men at Work magazine and film loop series (1978) – with two of my favorites, Clay Russell and Ron Stevens. I don’t remember where I got the clip, but try to ignore the music, or turn it off completely – there’s no dialogue or even fake grunts.

I just wish I had better versions of the images from the magazine – the ones from the 8MM flyer are great, but I only have bad shots of, not from, the magazine…. of course, this post, cleverly title Russell_RonStevens, shows one image I love 3 times in case you miss it the first two!


loadface make me dizzy

“Frank Ross captures the most basic instincts of eight lustful studs.” in BRUTE (1992) OK – I know I coulda nabbed a bit more from the film, should more of the filth; but somehow, at 3am, the ending with the AWESOME camerawork made the most sense…cuz me be crazed


Ken Helmsman

Ken Helmsman (1977) – Model’s name and title of loop – one of the DAVID CARTER loops

“Ken is an Olympic Decathalon athlete of Italian background.”

The pic above is from a magazine I sold a ways back – Honcho Presents David Carter Guide To Physical Fitness

While I wish I had made more scans of the magazine’s contents, I really think if there were more Helmsman, I would’ve nabbed them. And he looks soooooooooooooooooo familiar, I am sure we will find him pop up somewhere else (I hope!) David Carter pops up in the Men of Action / Action Male magazine series; also in a Bunkhouse issue, if I remember correctly – so maybe Ken is there somewhere? Maybe a Man’s Image….?


Carpenters Tool

The loop is called Carpenters Tool (BHT-1), AKA Jeff & Larry (1980) from the LeSalon release Body Heat; the video release brought all 6 in the Body Heat series together. Potential next class project – find all 6 loops, and find all corresponding magazines (if they exist). Speaking of class projects, someone should do a book on Le Salon – the bookstore, the porn empire – that managed to distribute so much 70’s stuff – in effect preserving, but not necessarily recording the details, of some great early gay porn.

trivia – while composing this post, I saw that the first pic (8MM) I had already uploaded to my webhosting service back at the end of 2017 – but alas, can’t find a post with that image! Long lost draft? evolved into something else? who knows!

Now, the magazine gives us a little more – at some point they change gear – or Larry does… or is that Jeff…? Anyway, it’s a 1980 Pantheon publication, photographed by Colin Myer, called HEAT – and it’s nice to have both the stills and the video action – enjoy!