"vintage" porn stars pornoclips

David Gold

more David Gold (as COLT model)

As you may know, he did no film work for Colt, just stills that appeared in Honcho (July 1980 cover), Mandate (May 1980), a COLT photoset, but not much in COLT publications that I can find. A few years later, around 1988/1989, he did a film with Palm Drive Video, Dave Gold’s Gym Workout; another, Cigar Blues, is also credited, but I suspect is just a compilation of 5 men including Dave, in his case, showing clips from Workout. A brief clip below, all I have after having cold the VHS back in 2006 – grrrrrr!

and if anyone has better pics of him in socks, please please let me know!

Al Parker bear pornoclips

bears need not apply

do NOT, i say DO NOT laugh at Daniel Holt trying to chop wood. This is a clip from Al Parker’s Rangers, that inexplicably starts with 3 “lumberjacks” chopping wood (Al Parker, Daniel Holt, and Zeke James), they decide to call it a day and go back to some cabin, and somehow lose the bear – ZEKE! – , and gain blond Chris Allen for the 3-way. Nice 3-way, don’t get me wrong – but you introduce a character in porn, you see them have sex in porn, Al! We have to wait 4 more years fro the Zeke scene to appear, out of any context, in A Night Alone With Al Parker – which I sold stupidly and have yet to re-aquire. Just check out the 3-crotch pic, where you see the tease of Zeke’s orange bush getting grabbed by Al – who would cut this scene out!

ZEKE’s only known film appearance, delayed by 4 years before the public could see!

previously: Parker, Holt, and James and Bear + Parker cock, and Rangers

"vintage" porn stars pornoclips

On Your Knees Sailor

Director: Jason Sato (1982)
Starring: Mike Jones, David Hughes, David Ross, Dick Cooper, Jess Walters, Jim Stevens, Mickey Squires, Ron Jacob, and Ryan Kilgore – this scene: Ryan Kilgore and Mike Jones

Oddly, or interestingly, Kilgore seems to be playing two different roles – here, as the Captain who “punishes” Jones; and in the next scene with Mickey Squires as a hooker – or perhaps he’s a Captain who also makes some extra cash on the side??

"vintage" porn stars pornoclips Richard Locke

Sins of Johnny X

Sins of Johnny X directed by: Taylor Benson (1975)
Starring: (this scene:) Dave Daniel and Ty Winslow – rest of film, Clay Grant, and Kurt Williams

Arch Brown in the name of leather pornoclips


aka The Leather Bond – my theory, based on nothing, is that the name got changed when it went to video as the early 1980’s and Reagan’s Meese Commission and the “war on pornography” wanted to take the s/m-ness out of the title. Again, theory based on nothing. I don’t even know if there was any actual bondage: as I think the lose theme threading the scenes together is a leather cock ring. The clip is super short – if any interest, I can dig the video out and nab more.

Director: Arch Brown (1975)

Starring: Kristoffer Streate, Myerson Grant, Robby Peterson, Larry Quill and Anton Lewis.

previously: LEATHER BOUND

"vintage" porn stars pornoclips

training session

hard to believe this film starring Rocco Rizzoli and Jon King wasn’t released until 2009 – “All scenes are from the Colt Vault and have just now been released for the very first time on video.”


I think they’re only other scene together is The Exhibitionists – Members Only

pornoclips Steve Scott

scene 4 – Gold Rush Boys

Director: Steve Scott (1983)

the full running time is 72 minutes running time – but many VHS and DVD versions seem to have only 60 minutes!

Starring: Kurt Williams, Mike Braun, Ben Barker, Nick Jarrett, Joe Reeves, Rick Faulkner, Lee Adams, Jay Cole, Brian Nichols, Paul Monroe, J W King

This scene with Joe Reeves (best known for his scene in HUGE 1 and Boys of Company F.) is a highlight – handsome, lightly hairy body, very affectionate and sensual for a whore house! Joe chooses the new guy, Kurt Williams. Slow body licking, oral, and then Joe tops, all the while kissing and holding Kurt. Many version of the VHS and later DVD have this scene chopped up – but not here!

you may remember there was some discussion in the comments section for the other Kurt Williams about this film and this scene.