"vintage" porn stars pornoclips


Director: Rip Colt (1983?)

Big Horn Peak – part of the Easy Entry collection (1983) – Neal Shaw partnered with Michael Christopher, “share the grandeur of nature and spend a day like rams, locking horns in endless combinations.”

"vintage" porn stars pornoclips

Working It Out

Director: John Gamble (1977?) – starring Chuck Stewart and Jim Craig (AKA Big Max, Mike Spanner)

sigh. there is supposed to be 2 parts. alas, this is what I could find on a DVD compilation called “HOT JOBS” – not sure if the VHS version has both parts, or only this 7-minute version… well, at least it’s something!

“The movie was lighted and filmed by John Gamble to professional standards, and the color, content, and continuity are the result of painstaking editing and feature-film-quaility lab work.”

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Night at Halsted’s gloryhole

AKA Greatest Glory Hole

Director: Fred Halsted (1980) – Gary Sikes, Ben Barker, and….?

and a nice movie trailer

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Pool Party

AKA Pool Piece – (1977) Chuck Samson (who’s also modeled and performed with Roger) and Don Scott (who seems to have only made this one film) – “Chuck fantasizes sex with pool boy Don. Don shows up and they get to the real thing.”

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"vintage" porn stars pornoclips Target Studios

In and Out

AKA Full Circle (1979) Bruno and Rod Mitchell – “Rod gets around and this time he’s on Fire Island helping his workout buddy Bruno through his paces. But Bruno’s idea of a good workout has nothing to do with sit-ups and Rod has a few ideas of his own as well!”

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