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Rocky Genero (AKA Dan Pace)

who you may remember from such films as

  • Leather Lovers (1978) –
  • California Lineman (1979) – part of the California Fox film
  • The Frenchman and the Lovers (aka The Harder They Fall, aka The Trouble Shooters (1979)
  • L.A. Tool & Die (1979)
  • Hell’s Dungeon (1979) w/ Fred Halsted
  • Waterhole (part of the Mustang collection (Cosco) (1979)
  • Pieces of Eight (1980)
  • Sex Machine (Marathon) (1980) ???
  • Jockstrap (1981)

So this was another of those posts in the drafts folder for months, if not years – always tweeking, always finding another lead to another magazine, or a better link. This morning was one of those times – PAEAN magazine – magazineS, I learned, and had to ad another pic. But enough, need to hit publish, and can add, edit, etc if need be, later.

and of course we seen him in these magazines:

  • The Leathermen (1978) – cover and 10-page spread
  • CALIFORNIA LINEMAN (1978) – Cosco
  • HONCHO January (1979)(Zeus photos)
  • ZEUS – Men In Bondage (1979)
  • MUSTANG II (1979) Cosco
  • PAEAN 3 (1979)
  • MANDATE April (1980)
  • Pumped Up Vol 4 No 4 (1980) (Paean Studios)
  • IN TOUCH 60 (1981)
  • MEN OF ACTION (1982) – pics from Leather Lovers 8-page spread of Daniel and Norman
  • NIGHTHAWK IN LEATHER (1983) – pics of Rocky with Fred Halsted from Hell’s Dungeon
  • HONCHO January 1999

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his page at GEVI

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Waterhole – Dan Pace (aka Rocky Genero) & Clint – full 10-minute short film

5 replies on “Rocky Genero (AKA Dan Pace)”

This is another great and detailed post BJ, kudos to you for these. I remember sending you a link to some Zeus promo shots of Dan that were printed in the B.A.R. a while back, the one of him hanging from the rope with his meaty dick flopped out of his shorts was one. But the image in the newspaper wasn’t very good quality, so I’m glad to see you found the actual pics to post here instead.

It’s fantastic that someone took the time to scan every page of the first few decades of the Bay Area Reporter (volume 1 number 1 was April 1st, 1971) and make it free for anyone to read. I wish they’d do that for every gay rag and, especially, the magazines too! because there’s a wealth of information, pics and ads for places that don’t exist anymore, from a historical standpoint these kinds of scans represent our collective history as gay men and LGBT people more broadly. I can get lost in scanning around these copies sometimes, especially when I figured out how to use the search function which is imperfect but does yield some results if the word can be scanned in its entirety in an article or ad. The link to all the issues on the archive page is here, should you or anybody else be interested:

I’ve found a similar site for 70s and 80s issues of the Out Front, which is the longtime gay rag for the Denver metro area and Colorado region; there’s also a site called “Houston LGBT History” that has scans of a lot of the real vintage gay mags, like Mattachine Society era and some later than that, both local and national (although his site is laid out confusingly, at least for me). Also the link to the covers and full issues of Drummer that I know you’ve shared at least once here. Now I wish somebody would do the same for copies of Honcho, Torso, Inches, Mandate, Manshots etc. because for a nerd like me that stuff is fascinating.

He’s Baressi-ish, but I really wouldn’t compare. They each stand alone.

That pic from the cover of The Leathermen is WOW with the two cock rings. Also, love the rope swing pic. (Thanks Zephyr!)

Truly a man’s man. What an incredible profile BJ. Thanks!

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