Mickey Squires pornoclips

So I’m a cocksucker

Director: Jason Sato (1982)

The last clip from this film got kinda poo-pooed, and that’s OK! But let’s try another – “Rammed” with Mickey Squires and Ryan Kilgore – interesting to see these in 8MM format as late as 1982! And Mickey as “trade”! Two quick observations – Mickey getting rimmmed is always good, and did someone say “facial hair mishap”?

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One reply on “So I’m a cocksucker”

Facial hair mishap? I’m sorry, I totally believe Mickey Squires has the power to change his facial hair by will alone. He’s just that much of a stud! Ha ha! Holy continuity error Batman!

Great clip! Hot nipple play. The Brig gets a bad rap, but it has it’s moments.

Also, I’ve never seen an 8mm film box cover before. Very cool!

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