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On Your Knees Sailor

Director: Jason Sato (1982)
Starring: Mike Jones, David Hughes, David Ross, Dick Cooper, Jess Walters, Jim Stevens, Mickey Squires, Ron Jacob, and Ryan Kilgore – this scene: Ryan Kilgore and Mike Jones

Oddly, or interestingly, Kilgore seems to be playing two different roles – here, as the Captain who “punishes” Jones; and in the next scene with Mickey Squires as a hooker – or perhaps he’s a Captain who also makes some extra cash on the side??

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ZZZZzzzz… Oh excuse me! Where am I?

Oy! That was a long, 15 plus minutes! I think I aged a bit! This was the first time; I actually viewed this scene, all the way through. It’s available free online.

I imagine I must have rented this back in the day. I mean, it does have Ryan Kilgore and Mickey Squires in it. That must have caught my attention, right?

It’s a good indication of its quality that I can’t remember. I tried viewing Mickey and Ryan’s scene before online, but I still couldn’t get through it! Sheesh! : /

I felt obligated to view it because of you, BJ honey! You should feel flattered! You’re always so generous and gracious! It’s the least I could do, but BOY! Thanks anyway! : )

This is a perfect example of porn being so clinical and mechanical. : (

There’s no sensuality, heat, chemistry, or pacing! You can’t appreciate the body texture of the two performers. It’s filmed too far away, and the lighting is awful – totally dry!

The photography in porn is SO important! The music is the killer – salsa tinged dance music? What the hell? What do you say to that, zephyr?

It’s especially disappointing, considering that this is Ryan Kilgore’s only talkie! He may not be a Porn Divo, but he sure as hell is great eye candy! Why cover up his beautiful eyes with shades? : (

The director Jason Santo doesn’t have a clue. This is rather surprising because “Big Men on Campus (1978)”, does have some hot moments in it.

I’m guessing that Santo’s friend, Tom DeSimone, must have helped out.

It goes without saying that Kilgore’s Colt films, and his print works with Target, are a lot better! Don’t give up on him, viewers! : )

Being such a mushy romantic, I’m not really partial to forced coercions, harassment, humiliation, S & M, bondage, bootlicking, fetish, etc. But I’m pretty much open to anything, if it’s done right, to my surprise!

I admit to liking the “leather-lite” sequence in “A Matter of Size (1983)”. But Jason Santo is no Matt Sterling – an undeniable talent of sleaze! Raunch needs to be sensual! : P

I even enjoy some bareback action and orgies, when it’s not too gross or disgusting. : )

And yes, I do have my favorite scenes with Mormon Boyz! Sue me!

You’re not always in the mood, for romance. : (

But I’m curious to what you think about this film example, which pretty much covers the same theme as “The Brig (1982)”.

It was released in 2010 by Bound Gods and KinkMen, starring those two wonderful Porn Divos, Tyler Saint and Vince Ferelli. I’m sure you’re aware of them, and this film! It’s available online.

It was released under three titles. The official one is “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” (how original!), “Bound Gods” and “Tyler and Vince”. The unlisted director knew what he was doing!

It’s a guilty pleasure of mine! (I’m gonna burn in hell!)

I can’t deny it got me going! But I admit to fast forwarding, the more sadistic scenes. The chiaroscuro lighting is fantastic! : 0

(I hope these links work!):

This is a perfect example of how important the photography is, in porn! The director makes the two stars’ bodies, glisten! : P

I especially like this picture below! God forgive me! The devil made me enjoy it!

This one is nice too, though I wish Vince’s ass wasn’t red from abuse!
: /

I’m a good boy, honest! : I

As I’ve said before, when it comes to porn, nothing is written in stone! There are always exceptions to the rule – never say never!

I hope I didn’t scare you or your readers, BJ honey!

; )

I can’t get into Mormon Boyz, but at least the Amish aren’t forcing their asses on us. I had a long several-years dialogue with a physicist that was curious enough, but toward the end I found out he is *techno-Amish*. I thought he just sounded just sort of converted, but he knew NOTHING about American and European culture except that neither was as great as Amish Culture. I tried to be nice about it, but then he wrote a post called “Shakespeare Sucks”, with ludicrous remarks about Hamlet, which I’m sure he hasn’t seen and probably hasn’t read. But then he wrote that “Juliet is a vapid bitch” and Romeo “is clearly multi-perverted” and that they “committed fornication”. Well, the rest of the world seems to think that’s the Love Scene. So I think Amish Boyz is something we won’t ever have to suffer.

I told him this was a rather “febrile and sweaty” effort, and I wouldn’t know what to say about it (since he thinks he’s also the smartest person who ever lived.) He said “touched a nerve, didn’t it?” I said, plagiarizing Joan Didion in an old 60’s Vogue review of The Sound of Music (which she got fired for: “No. It was like being trapped on a dance floor and crooned at by a drunk”.

That concluded my Amish adventures for a fucking lifetime. I can’t believe that, with all the places in the world to see, people actually pay for vacations in “Amish Country”. Who needs it?

Too off-topic, I know. I don’t like most of those harsh things either, but I’d have to except *Fetish*, as I couldn’t live without certain of them.

The Brig is one of a relative few porn films in my physical copy collection where I have the actual videotape that was sold at the porn store, as opposed to the bunches of films I recorded onto blank videotapes, sometimes two, three or more onto one tape by adjusting the tape speed. That’s part of why I never taught myself how to transfer video to digital file, I’m afraid that my decision to emphasize quantity of films over the quality of the tape would be apparent on anything other than my VCR. I think The Brig was on sale and that was why I bought it, maybe 19.99 as opposed to the 50, 60 or 80 bucks that high end videotapes were selling for back in the late 70s and throughout the 80s too. Now everybody expects everything for free lol, but some people actually did shell out that much money for first run videos once upon a time, not to mention the magazines.

Gevi credits someone named Enzley Cohen for the music but it seems almost certain that all ol’ Enz did was select which existing music to steal, and make sure as much of it was instrumental so as not to draw too much attention from the labels during these last few years of porn films using whatever they wanted. It’s a hodgepodge of songs, I didn’t recognize any of them from this scene but at least one sounded like Herb Alpert or maybe Chuck Mangione (the one obsessed referred to as ‘salsa-tinged dance music’ around the boot-licking part of this clip). All randomly placed here and there without much continuity to it, similar to some of the early Falcon videopacs and just fade one song out and the next one in. Could even be some fusion like one of the Jeans later (Jarre or Ponty) but alas I’ve never used shazam so unless something jumps out at me (or I recognize song lyrics) it’s just another in an endless stream of question marks for me.

I’d agree with much of obsessed’s review above, the whole film is a bit of a disappointment (maybe that was why the tape was on sale?) but it’s not completely lacking. Some of the guys and set-ups are pretty hot but the lighting IS all off, the shadows are a big distraction in this scene. Mechanical, going through the motions, not much heat or connection between the participants, all that could be forgiven if the dicks were hard enough and highlighted by the camera angles, but that didn’t seem like a priority for the director or cameramen in any of the scenes as I recall them (will have to rewatch the rest at some point).

I’m reminded of one of those Men On Film sketches on In Living Color, where they are reviewing Die Hard and one of them says that it just left him kind of limp? That could describe both the physical appendages in The Brig and my overall takeaway from the film I think. Pre-viagra that was to be expected in a lot of the porn from this era as we all know, with some notable exceptions – I don’t remember ever seeing David Ashfield’s dick at anything but 80-100% hard, and what a beauty he had. Derrick Stanton as well, who swung by the section of reddit where I’ve been reviewing vintage films now that I’m a moderator, and typing up big long walls of text (imagine that lol). Or at least someone saying he’s Derrick but I kinda believe him. In addition to his fucking Casey Donovan while Casey is handcuffed to the tree in L.A. Tool & Die, he also told me that he has quite possibly the most memorable cumshot in the entire film … at the very beginning, when Richard Locke comes into the shack and finds Michael Kearns blowing a dick-without-a-face, says the line about ‘he’s just about ready to pop” and then strokes the dick off until it spurts all over the place, that was apparently Derrick as well. And Joe Gage, for whatever reason, didn’t credit Derrick in the film at all, relegating him to being one of “the Gage men” apparently. Those reviews (and the comments from Derrick) are on the subreddit ‘vintage gay vids’ which I’m reluctant to add any more links here to what I’ve been doing elsewhere, since I dropped so many youtube links last year on poor BJ’s blog to my now deceased yt channel, which are now just litter.

I guess Derrick was credited at the end of L.A. Tool & Die for the scene fucking Casey Donovan in the woods, but not for the shack intro segment. Sorry for the lengthy comments BJ, sometimes I try to keep them brief but when I see other super long comments it makes me want to whip mine out … my lengthy comments that is ;) (well, and my dick too for your extra hot posts)

I love all you all’s lengthy comments! I enjoy them and learn new things. I never knew Derrick Stanton was responsible for that incredible cum shot in LA Tool & Die. Wow. I hope it’s true.

While I admit that The Brig does have some problems, it still holds a special place in my heart…or maybe my dick? Mickey Squires is so hot and I love the solo scene with Robert Blake. Leave Me Alone! Ha. I certainly would not have been so unresponsive as Blake’s cellmate was!

And yet I never noticed that Ryan Kilgore plays two different roles! Is this a possible explanation: maybe these film loops were all initially released individually and then later collected together?

I also never noticed the unnecessary sub-title: “A Place in San Francisco.” What?

No matter what you think about “The Brig,” this was a fun post. It got us all thinking and talking…and maybe stroking.

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