"vintage" porn stars

more Joe (AKA Paul)

busy day, JohnnyLlama why do you have me researching Joe Porcelli – just teasing – this is one of those pics that has two elements i don’t usually care for – headband (ARRRRGGGHHHHH!!) and peek-a-boo cock (UGGGGHHHH!!) – but it’s JOE!

"vintage" porn stars


don’t know the origin of this pic – appeared in numerous magazines, like Mandate April & June of 1980, HONCHO August 1980; and the best of which of course was COLT MEN 12 with Noel Kemp – when he modeled for MAN’S IMAGE, he went by the name PAUL – anyhoo – more Joe Porcelli

print porn models Target Studios

Jimmy and Steve

what I love about this series from Target Studios, is the bold indifference to trying to make a real fake western scenario – instead of both guys in Cowboy hats, perhaps boots, a kerchief, maybe a saddle in the background; here, one is vaguely a cowboy, the other a motorcycle guy – just gay outfits, in some seedy locale, getting naked.

"vintage" porn stars

beard or mustache?

bearded ones from Tightropes 2; of course he’s also appeared bearded in Gold Rush Boys

PAEAN Studios print porn models

Martino, Rick

  • Sculptures – (1978) – “Paean Studios proudly introduces RICK – ‘Mr. Southern Italy'”
  • Kevin – (1978) Janus Studios
  • COLT MEN 23 (1990)
  • TARGET: RAMROD #4 – Leathermania (1979) – not yet confirmed
  • HONCHO – (March 1979) – centerfold
  • HY CHASE SPECIAL Vol 1, No 1 (1980?)
  • HONCHO – (June 1979) – denim feature
  • MANDATE – (May 1980) – The Leather Look COLT feature
  • HONCHO – (Oct 1980) – 2 2-page photos!
  • HONCHO – (Feb 1981) –

RICK MARTINO on retrostuds
RICK MARTINO at smutjunkies

or call me Kevin

NOVA films pornoclips


Director: Robert Walters (?) (1979) (NF142) starring Ty Arthur and Bill Lake

Ty Arthur in a wet suit almost makes the music bearable! But seriously, turn the volume off – there’s not even any dubbed in sex noises. The special effects, however, are awesome! Those underwater shots! And Bill Lake’s swimsuit (is that a swimsuit?)!

more from BJland on Beached!

"vintage" porn stars

Paul & Mike

from a 1977 magazine I sold back in 2004 DECKHANDS – from the 1977 film Challenger, pt 3, all part of the Challenger series that included Al Parker in another scene (like the magazine). I have a clip of this film, but it’s called Crocked Crotch Watcher and the soundtrack is just, well, clearly not the original, if the original even had sound; sounds like some 60’s tunes, possibly earlier. For another post….