PAEAN Studios

does the carpet….

this post would ordinarily wind up in the drafts folder, languishing for months, if not years…. but I’m working on something completely different, so in the meantime, here you are, wondering why I am showing neither cock, balls, butt , butthole, or any of the other body parts I like to feature – today we are looking at this carpet, because I HAVE SEEN IT IN A BUNCH OF PHOTOS BUT HAVE NEVER FIGURED OUT THE CONNECTION, BUT PERHAPS IT’S PAEAN STUDIOS?????

and now I am seeing a bunch of PAEAN pics with this carpet – harder to notice in the Black & White photos because, well, we are looking at the men, not the backdrop. But I can’t believe I’ve missed THIS ONE, below!

now I have to find more pics of HIM from PAEAN!!!

PAEAN Studios

Paean Studios

kinda of a reminder / placeholder to do more research into Paean Studios – The ad above from a 1975 In Touch magazine made me realize they were around before I had thought – what I think I have on my hard drive and hard copies of magazines are from 1977 at the earliest… This ad reminded me Jean Claude, possibly better known in COLT photos, was in LUSTY No 1, which I ignored in the several posts I’ve made on that digest-sized magazine – but you’ll see an image below from when I sold that magazine (why? WHY???) ….. more…..later?

PAEAN Studios Palm Drive Video pornstar - videography


who you may remember from such films as:

Vincent for PAEAN Studios, Vito Milan for FOX Studios, and Brutus for COLT and Palm Drive Video. The first 3 studios all late 1970’s (even though COLT did publish a few pics in the 1980’s – see below), and then his work seemed to focus on Drummer (Wings Video I would include with Drummer) and Palm Drive. According to Jack Fritscher, Brutus was the most frequent model ever featured on the cover of Drummer. Sounds like another research project, as I have yet only to find the 2 featured below!

who you may remember from such magazines as:

  • Pander (1979) – Vincent – from PAEAN Studio
  • Men of Action No2 (1979) – Vic – Action Male Studios
  • PAEAN 3 (1979)
  • NUMBERS (1980) – cover model “Hot Cop”
  • Drummer 70 (1984) – Brutus
  • COLT Videoview (1986)- Brutus
  • Drummer 144 (1990) – “I, Brutus: Muscle-Cop Road Warrior,” poem
  • Drummer 157 (1992) – Brutus
  • Colt Calendar Men 4 (1994) – Brutus

update: added pic and added ID –

Brentwood PAEAN Studios pornstar - videography Zeus

Mark Brandon

AKA Mark Wolf

who you may remember from such films as:

  • Desert Lineman (1976) – Brentwood
  • Mark Brandon (1977) – David Carter loops
  • Bodybuilders Holiday (1977) – David Carter

Mark Brandon at GEVI

Brentwood’s Desert Lineman (1976)

A lot of print and only 3 films? 2 from David Carter? “posedown in the living room leads to showdown in the bedroom” !! and, and – NO FILM with him bearded???? How can that be? Must need more research! ZEUS – no filmwork?

who you may remember from such magazines as:

  • Brentwood Film Review #9 – Desert Lineman (1977)
  • Lusty #1 (1977) – Paean
  • Encounters (1978) – Paean

  • IN TOUCH Jan/Feb (1978) – as Mark Wolfe
  • ZEUS presents Mark Wolf (1978)
  • Action Male – Vol. 1 #5 (1978)
  • Men of Action – ONE (1978)
  • Bunkhouse Vol 1 No 1 (1978) – cover
  • HONCHO – December (1978)
  • Paean #3 (1979)
  • Zipper -(1979)
  • The Art and Pleasure of CRUISING THE CONTINENT – cover only?
  • Pumped Up (1980) – Paean



PAEAN Studios print porn models

Martino, Rick

  • Sculptures – (1978) – “Paean Studios proudly introduces RICK – ‘Mr. Southern Italy'”
  • Kevin – (1978) Janus Studios
  • COLT MEN 23 (1990)
  • TARGET: RAMROD #4 – Leathermania (1979) – not yet confirmed
  • HONCHO – (March 1979) – centerfold
  • HY CHASE SPECIAL Vol 1, No 1 (1980?)
  • HONCHO – (June 1979) – denim feature
  • MANDATE – (May 1980) – The Leather Look COLT feature
  • HONCHO – (Oct 1980) – 2 2-page photos!
  • HONCHO – (Feb 1981) –

RICK MARTINO on retrostuds
RICK MARTINO at smutjunkies

or call me Kevin

"vintage" porn stars PAEAN Studios

PAEAN 3 – 1979

ugh!! I am trying to be brutal in sorting through and selling stuff, but this one I’ve got stowed in the “on hold” folder for now – Marc-Paul (Paul Barresi and clean-shaven Mark Wolf), Dan Pace; Max-Butch-Clay (Don Talon, Butch McAlister, Clay Russell) – Don, er, Max, is a photographer who can’t help but join in with Butch and Clay.

eBay auctions PAEAN Studios Paul Barresi


Nice little digest-sized publication from 1977 – here’s the Bay auction – LUSTY No 1 – 1977 PAUL BARRESI – PAEAN