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Also known as Stan the Man. I found a loop of him and sexy daddy Jeff Cameron (as David) in “Vintage Bareback: Hairy Muscle Daddy Pt. 1” from Lavender Lounge. It’s a originally a David Warner Company loop and it’s called “Thrust of the Lumberjack”(Adam 102)
I believe I also recognize Stan as Chippendale Stan Sobum from a photo.

BJ, do you know how to contact GEVI? I want to share new information with them.

thanks for the info. I used to be in contact with the guy on GEVI (in fact, I shipped him a box of videos on loan some years back so he could get info straight off the tapes), really nice guy – then I remember something about he might sell the site, and I can’t for the life of me find his contact info and can’t figure out on the site any contact info.

(but if you figure it out, first get him to change that pic on Jeff Cameron (Bullet) listing – egads! the pic he’s posted, it’s in the tip of my tongue, but it’s defiantley not Cameron!

That’s a shame.
Yeah the incorrect photo of Jeff Cameron, irritates me like hell.
We will search on, who knows, but thanks anyway.

Hey BJ! I’ve found another picture of this muscle bear today on Joe Gage’s website:

Have you ever got around to seeing “Thrust of the Lumberjack, Adam 102”? I’m going to, one of these days. Don’t be too hard on Woody from GEVI. He has a herculean task. Who can blame him, if he makes the occasional mistake, like using Eric Stone’s picture for Jeff Cameron’s profile? He has since corrected his error:

Evidently, there are two performers with the name of Eric Stone. RuPaul liked the fact that the late Eric Stone was very hairy. Remember when Woody thought that Roger and Malo, was the same guy? He remedied this situation as well. : )

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