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As many of you know, I have been cleaning out my harddrive of dupes and whatnot, and any clips where I also have the full movie digitized, I delete – but first I check the pornblog, especially for “WMV” files (which I convert to “MP4” files), and delete after knowing it’s already up. Back in 2010, I posted this clip – Mike Morris is better than banana – and then recently replaced it with an updated mp4 version. I was unaware that I was replacing the Pieces of Eight version, with sound and original soundtrack with an apparently silent version – which may well have come straight from an 8MM film, which was then converted to tape in one of those awful compilations, like from EZ Rider, or Grandpa’s Favorite Porno Loops.

Anyway, t’s a bit complicated, but here goes – the short film, Desert Fox with Mike Morris and Dave Daniels was released in 1978 as an 8MM short – like a bunch of others that Halsted and his partner Joey Yale produced. Sometime later, two “movies” – VHS/BETA releases included this short in both Pieces of Eight and California Fox. Pieces of Eight attempts to string the 5 or 6 loops together with a vague storyline of Rocky Genero (a.k.a. Dan Pace) as a stripper whose vivid fantasies while reading skin magazines helps him get ready to go onto the stage. But then California Fox is also released, with that overlapping loop – Desert Fox, plus another, The Legend of Big Meat, and the two California Lineman loops – but no attempt at a cohesive storyline.

So – all that and 2 copies of the Desert Fox loop – big deal! BUT BUT – why are they 2 different lengths?? The one above, from Pieces of Eight adds a bit of the intro from the film, “Rocky” looking through the porno magazine Desert Fox – but as you’ll see below, the silent loop is actually 2 minutes longer, and I can’t quite figure out what the difference is in terms of content – so, kids – whadyathink?

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Ben AKA Michel

speaking of French porn….

Ben Chapin (porn/model name at Target, etc.) – AKA Michel Guillot – his photographer name, and presumably real name

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DUDE! – Le Beau Mec

very very very excited that Le Beau Mec has been “restored” and it’s screening in NYC this Friday (one night only – grrrrr!!), and apparently has in other cities. So, I figured I would finally digitize my old VHS before it’s too late….. but of course, that means finding it in the porn basement. A couple years back i actually organized 90% of my tapes, into boxes with codes and an excel spreadsheet… maybe it would be accurate a few years later after I’d been pulling out tapes for box cover scans or clips???? maybe? The spreadsheet tells me I have 2 copies! That’s good… and the first box it was supposed to be in…. success! Then, upstairs to the PC, VCR, and converting program, and…. it’s not rewinding properly.. and the program can’t record, and and, UGH! Long story short, I gave up, turned everything off, powered down, rebooted and came back the next day to see…. recording program IS working… VCR was able to rewind all the way to the beginning…. and then… well, how’s the first 24 minutes of the movie, and very very unlikely to get this tape to give me more? UGH! and searching for the other copy? not where it was supposed to be, not in the odds and ends boxes of pulled tapes, and, well, no where – so far. For now… there are some poorly recorded parts, and then 23ish minutes in, abrupt end – but a peak, right?

  • opening sequence with sexy cabaret dance; apparently this, and a later sequence, was choreographed by Rudolf Nureyev (director Wallace Potts’ lover at the time)
  • he reminisces about having sex in the woods with a fellow soldier while in the French Army
  • getting serviced in a trashy hotel by a trick, smoking, bored, (VERY BORED! – i LOVE IT!) yet somehow hard and hot as the hairy guy works on him and himself, showing off his uncut crotch well
  • did I mention the soundtrack – love all of it, the voiceover, the music – probably due to the many many hours wandering around the porn theatre with these sounds in the background – this soundtrack being the soundtrack to my own “adventures”

“Karl Forest is the subject of this pseudo-documentary autobiography of a hustler-turned cabaret dancer — from tender love-making in a forest to playful quick-scene fun with a mobster, a cop, and a soldier. The voice-over, in both French and English, explains his thoughts on life as a gay man in Paris. If I had a nickel for every cigarette he smokes during the film… Fave scene is him getting (oral) from an older man. Sitting in a chair, smoking and slightly bored, he gets more turned when he spots money in his trick’s pocket. The trick is not handsome, but his own is more than adequate, and his pleasure in crotch-servicing is more than enough to get you excited. The realness when you notice his toupee is beginning to slip off because of his forceful plunges into Forest’s crotch makes it that much more exciting.” – NIGHTCHARM’s top ten queer porn videos. —– heehee! that was a list they asked for from me back in 2004 – and I got a lot of crap for not including ANYTHING after 1988!



Friday 28, April – 7:30 PM

YES! YES! New York premiere of the stunning new restoration of LE BEAU MEC (1979)



Director: Dick Martin (1975)

Pedaling Muscles (1975) – starring: Kentucky Man, Joey Vox, Erik Kahnler, Mike Stern

– OK, so I admit – its the bicycle shorts, and the name – Kentucky Man – that got me intrigued on this one – which one is he/which shorts is he wearing?


known only by select gay hardcore aficionados



Friday 28, April – 7:30 PM

YES! YES! New York premiere of the stunning new restoration of LE BEAU MEC (1979) – grrrrrrr! If it played Saturday there would be an outside chance I could manage it – but, alas, can’t make it. But PLEEEEEEEEASE someone of yous go, please!!

directed by: Wallace Potts

Starring: Karl Forest, Cedric Dumont, Franc Chazal, Philippe Renaud, Carmelo Petix, and Rene

LE BEAU MEC was well-reviewed when it premiered at the legendary Adonis Theater in Times Square, but wasn’t released on VHS until 1984 and remained known only by select gay hardcore aficionados. Luckily, the original elements were found a few years ago and the film has been restored to its breathtaking glory. A must see for gay erotica enthusiasts….” – I’m a gay enthusiast!!

note photographer Michel Guillot

ahhh, and I think it’s the opening sequence where Forest dance’s to Philippe Nicaud’s C’ex, right? (that’s not the clip below) I remember loving the music in the film, too. Gosh, to see this up on the big screen again!! GRRRRRR!

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California Hot Dog

This was supposed to be a quick post – the 2 8MM color box pics, mention it’s got a funny title – In the Gardener – and of course, the star, Hal Paul – who, it turns out, barely shows up in the last 10 years of blogging (and I didn’t check the prior version). So I figured, add a few more pics, and oops – WHO IS THAT? The gardener, that is; the guy under Mr. Paul (sorry, I love calling him that, I imagine him as my hairdresser as he presses his crotch against my resting arm as…. I digress) Scroll down to one of the other pics, where Mr. Paul is paired with sexy Mark Brandon and you’ll see why I was initially excited. Nope, not him – but that’s why I had to add more pics, to show I thought about it, did my research, and realized nope, too bad – we still don’t have bearded Mark Brandon in a moving picture.

California Hot Dog loops

and yes, I remember the Pleasure Piercing discussion some months, years, when was that? back.


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OK, so not everyone here is nameless – there’s Dusty Dillon above, Nick Battle, below