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Brad Dillon

Brad Dillon – AKA Steve Packard, Dusty – only two films?? looks like Cycle Jack (found in the Fox Studio collection Bore ‘n Stroke ) and Working Off (found in two NOVA Films collections, Fistfull and The Jock) – both are “solo” efforts.

A little more prolific in magazines: Male #1, Dusty 4-5 and Strap #3 – all solos – but then look at this pic of Mr. Packard I had somewhere on my hard drive – with another guy!! who? where? where can we find more?

edit: just after hitting “publish” I noticed the text on this page – apparently he’s done work for COLT, and I’ll bet the pic above is from that/those session(s) – whatyathink? I have some photos on the hard drive labeled “Steve Packard” – but a different, bearded guy – appear to be COLT or Target…. so…

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He’s an early fave of mine from the early 80’s with his bad frat boy looks but I froze my right-clicking when I came to the duo pic with the bearded guy. Whoa! What a hottie with his hairy face and very nice equipment below. More info on him please! The mag is on the retrostuds website (as I’m sure you know by now).

Alas – yes, I saw the Retrostuds page, and cross-referenced all my eBay “STRAPS” downloads, but can’t find ANYTHING on the duo!! but we’ll figure it out!

Wow, I really need to give you and Woody from GEVI, credit. I thought I was the only queer, who knew there was another, earlier porn guy, with the name of Steve Packard.

I remember seeing a photo in a Colt magazine, which celebrated various male duos. This picture had Mike Davis driving a jeep, while cruising a naked guy in the desert. The naked, bearded guy was hot. He reminds me a lot of actor/football player, Merlin Olsen.

On August 31, 2007, you posted these two Target pictures, of the same dude:

Like the other “Steve Packard” aka Brad Dillon, neither of them, ever actually had gay sex on film.

However in 1976, the original, #1 Steve Packard, posed for a number of photos for the Target publication, “Javelin #2: Fire Island”.

Here are six “intimate” photos of him with Brand aka Brahm van Zetten, another nude model, who never had all-male action on film. (Click to enlarge.)

I do agree with you, that Steve Packard #2 was a dashing, hot looking guy. I usually don’t like hair parted in the middle, but the blow-dry look, really looks good on him. The same could be said about his tattoos. I think these two Colt pictures are especially sexy.

I’m also curious who the kneeling, bearded, well-hung guy, nudging his dick is, in the 8th picture down that you posted.

Here’s another intimate Colt picture of Packard, with a model who appears to be giving him head (simulated?). I’m certain, it’s Mike Davis. Notice, he isn’t bearded.

Like I’ve said before, I always cherish masculine men having sex together, whether it’s simulated or not, on film or in print. For that reason, I consider both “Steve Packards” and Brand, to be gay porn stars. (Others might disagree.)

Here’s a link to the Retrostuds website that “Richard” mentioned above:

; )

wow! take me 3 days to absorb everything in your post – but isn’t the MANDATE spread the best!!!! grrrrrr~!

Agreed! And thanks for bringing this topic up! Your posts always make it difficult for me to shut up. That’s why I’m often late. It takes me a while to collect my thoughts, and organize exactly what I want to cover. LOL ; )

I FOUND THE PICTURE! I FOUND THE PICTURE! What a surprise! Here’s the Colt picture in the desert, that I mentioned above. The one with Steve Packard #1, with Mike Davis driving a jeep. It’s a little grainy, but still hot. I love the expression on Davis’ face. He really knew how to work it for the camera. Wow, Jim French must have had Mike Davis, as a standby model, at the ready. He used him for so many picture duos. Some, where you can only see the back of his head. No doubt, French must have had Davis’ telephone number, in his pocket. : )

; )

great photo – looks familiar, but Steve Packard? i’d need more evidence to convince me – the beard – perhaps, but only bearded pic? or am I mistaken?

Yes, it’s him. I’m talking about Steve Packard #1. Not Steve Packard #2 aka Brad Dillon. Steve Packard #1 was listed in the magazine that I used to own.

hmmmmmmm – took me awhile – the face, still can’t tell, but the dick, and tanline match!

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